Hezbollah Recruitment Ring Busted Outside Tijuana

Getting a little close for comfort, Janet, don’t you think? Oh, that’s right…A.OK on the border.

H/T:The Astute Bloggers

3 Responses to “Hezbollah Recruitment Ring Busted Outside Tijuana”

  1. Breaking all the Rules: Blame Bunkerville « Ameristroika Says:

    […] aside as conspiracy theorists. Well, its not a “conspiracy” and its not a theory. Bunkerville cites this just to make sure it doesn’t slip into the backdrop of the border debate. However, I […]


  2. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Some how having janet in charge doen’t give me much comfort. It is no secret that terrorist are crossing our unprotected borders. But apart from a few of us bloggers, nobody seems to care. Maybe the Republicans should think about creating a new era House Committee on Un-American Affairs. Who could we get to play the part of McCarthy? LOL


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