Belgium protesters are not anti-government; they want one

H/T: The Agitator. Look at the bright side, their politicians have not yet left the country as did ours leave the States. A great way to protest. I am sure this picture should do the trick in their quest! Now this is a new approach. More than eight months after inconclusive elections, Belgians realize the lack of a government could hurt their economy. Some think a semi-naked protest or a sex strike could prod negotiators.

“It’s really important that we demonstrate in Belgium that finding an agreement in a multicultural society is actually a cornerstone of building Europe,” Lamberts said. Sure! LA Times

Belgians take part in a mass striptease as a symbolic protest against Belgian politicians.

Hoping to shame their politicians, Belgians take part in a mass striptease in central Ghent. Belgium has failed to agree on a new coalition government since inconclusive elections in June.

Hezbollah Recruitment Ring Busted Outside Tijuana

Getting a little close for comfort, Janet, don’t you think? Oh, that’s right…A.OK on the border.

H/T:The Astute Bloggers

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