The Amazonian Guard – Gaddafi’s All-Female Security Force

No sharia law here. One would not find this anywhere else in the middle east. Sure beats the alternative.

Controversial Libyan leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi is a man with precise, if peculiar, tastes. Case in point: His notorious “Amazonian Guard,” an elite force of female bodyguards.

Choosing the members of the Amazonian guard is a little more involved than simply placing a mildly coherent Craigslist ad. For one, every member must, allegedly,be virgin hand-picked by Gadaffi, and must then undergo extensive martial arts and firearms training at a special academy before becoming official members of the force. For more on the Amazonians Here

The bodyguards dress in military-inspired guard, wearing either khaki jumpsuits or fatigues with red berets… as well as make-up, polished nails and jewelry, even when on the job. H/T and more: Mediaite

‘Entourage of Deadly Virgins’

It has been reported in various news including AFP and Reuters that they had already defected/escaped. Some are in Italy and are claiming that they were gang-raped by Gaddafi and his sons constantly.

Russia blames Google for stirring Egypt unrest

ERIC SCHMIDT, FORMER GOOGLE CEO: My view of Mr. Soros is that he is one of the most important people in the world today in terms of the impact he has had.

The world’s governments are getting sick of google and its shenanigans.

 We should be as well. Glenn Beck takes a shot first as to why we should be wary:

First they are working really, really closely with the government. That is OK. They have a close relationship with the NSA. OK. They work closely with law enforcement. Cool with that. Last year they signed a $27 million deal with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I don’t even know what that is.

But they have been accused of receiving preferential treatment and a $6.5 million contract with the General Services Administration. They are working hard to bring net neutrality, the kind that we’ve talked about on this program that hard left groups like Free Press are advocating for.

Three reasons to be wary of Google

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO, he resigned two weeks ago, he is on the White House council for science and technology, co-chaired by John Holdren. They also have privileged access to NASA airfields.

Second point — they are working way too close with hard-core leftists. Eric Schmidt is on the board of an organization called the Politics of Trust Network. You might recognize a couple of other names on that board like Van Jones, oh, and Drummond Pike, the former CEO and founder of the Tides Foundation.

In 2010 the Google, Inc. charitable giving fund of the Tides Foundation gave over $145 million directly to nonprofits and academic institutions. Google has made donations in the seven figure range to George Soros is doing that, too, one of farther left political action groups in America.

They also gave money to the Trickle Up Program, a big recipient of cash from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. And speaking of George Soros, here is Eric Schmidt saying this about George Soros. Full story here at  Fox News

Russia is getting tired of google as well:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s deputy blamed Google Inc in an interview published on Tuesday for stirring up trouble in the revolution that ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.

“Look what they have done in Egypt, those highly-placed managers of Google, what manipulations of the energy of the people took place there,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin told the Wall Street Journal.

Russia has so far resisted placing restrictions on the Internet, but analysts say there are a group of hardliners close to Putin who would like to impose controls similar to China’s.

Chinese President Hu Jintao called on Saturday for stricter government management of the Internet and warned top Communist Party leaders that China was facing deepening social conflicts that would test the party’s ability to maintain firm control. Reuters

China is sick of google as well. Google said it left China because of censorship… sure… China knew what google was up to. Simple. 

China’s Top News Agency Launches State-Controlled Search Engine

China’s government-run news agency has launched its own Internet search engine, The new search site will be operated by a joint venture company controlled by the Xinhua News Agency and China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone carrier in terms of subscribers, according to the Associated Press (NewsAlert


Union Boss Trumka Talks to White House EVERY DAY and Visits a Couple Times A Week

Any surprise?

H/T and more over at: Infidel Blogger’s Alliance

Recall our earlier post with Video: 

Union Boss Trumka Admits: Unions Are About Massive Social Change, Making ‘Progressive’ America; Not Wages For Workers

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Google is at it again: Iraq-Baghdad and the New Islamic Omma Party

I have done a number of stories on the connection between Google executives, Hillary Clinton and the State department in fermenting unrest in the Middle East.  Obama Egypt Google and the State Dept: Revolution

Douglas Stewart  did much of the original work that Glenn Beck used in his expose on this despicable story. State Department, the Alliance of Youth Movement, (AYM) and Obama- perfect combo. He has now developed another great expose. This time it is Iraq.

So Doug from Ameristroika ..take it away.

Once again we have uncanny insight and concern about the unintended consequences of a joint project between the State Department, Google, and the Alliance for Youth Movements. The griefs of the Iraqi protesters  are economic and they are being pushed by the “new” Islamic Nation Party (Omma) However, the State Department is ecstatic at the recent success in Egypt. Yesterday, citing Egypt specifically, they announced that they would more than double their funding for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s).

Secretary Clinton announced that the Department would be bringing together groups from “more than 20 nations” in order to “take advantage of this historic moment.” However, that may be an understatement. After Monday’s announcement from the Omma Party I received an email text message from a private security contractor currently working in the region. “Coming home. Bad news-we got a caliphate on our hands.” Welcome to the new “civil society” sponsored by the State Department. Rather than encourage citizens to run for office and compete in the war of ideas, the pro-democracy agenda is pushed through fomenting anger and raising hell.

While the world focuses on protests in Bahrain little or no time has been given to the newly formed Islamic Umma (Omma) Party and the connection to the violent protests in Iraq . It was initially reported that the group consisted of ten Saudi’s petitioning the Saudi King in order to move towards democracy and advance social justice.

However, the new Islamic Umma Party isn’t new at all. Founding member Abdel Aziz al-Wahaibi runs, the groups sister site and both are created and serviced by Plex Plus , a Jordanian based firm. It is at that we find a much deeper agenda for uniting the Arab world under the “Islamic Nation”.

One of the stated goals released earlier this week was to sweep the Iraqi occupation into the “dustbin of history”. They site exactly what is needed: Young Leaders, Simple Logos and sharing [electronic] Media, i.e. Social Networking in order to “overthrow the government”. Protests in Iraq are absent from our media even as “2,000 stone throwing demonstrators attacked local government offices, setting fire to some buildings, including the governor’s house.” In Nasir, dozens stormed into a municipal building setting it on fire- In Mosul a spokesman for the provincial government was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. That was yesterday. Today a Kurdish party building was attacked by more than 1,000 protesters.

Full story here:  Associated Content Yahoo>

Gov Scott Walker threatens to fire State employees

Great Sean Hannity program last night. Scott is staying strong! This is an important day and we shall see how the unions act.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker threatened tonight to terminate those state employees who do not show up for work.
Governor Walker was on with Sean Hannity on Monday night.

ht:: gateway pundit

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