Obama’s Wisconsin Strategy? The Chicago Way?

This is a disturbing find. It is amazing. You do not like the results of the election last November? Then simply vote them out the next election. The reports regarding the Wisconsin issue fail to focus that the Democrats are acting like a third tier Banana Republic. Negotiate, Negotiate.. We had an election.. we had a result.. now are we to have Democratic Nullification? Remember– Elections have consequences, You lost.

H/T: and more can be found at: From Your Daddy’s Politics

An add found on Craigslist.org calls for Union Swine to bloody the Tea Partiers in the Madison counter protest today. It also refers to assisting with the Egyptian revolution that recently took place. Click to enlarge.

Vote tally Count Budget Funding

Here is the updated link for the April 9, 2011 Budget Vote:


This is the February Vote Below:

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From  Gov Track

Number: House Vote #147 in 2011 [primary source: house.gov]
Date: Feb 19, 2011 4:40AM
Result: Passed
Bill: H.R. 1: Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011
Totals Democrats Republicans Independents All Votes
Needed To Win
Yea: 235 (54%)
0 235 0
Nay: 189 (44%) 186 3 0
Present: 0 (0%) 0 0 0
Not Voting: 9 (2%) 7 2 0
Required: Simple Majority of 424 votes (=213 votes) 

(Vacancies in Congress will affect vote totals.)

More information: Aye versus Yea Explained

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U.S losing control of its Financial System to others

The dispatches are grim coming from Bunkerville this week. While our attention is drawn to other matters, the march toward the merging of a world-wide financial system is almost complete. More troublesome, is the wikileak memo which highlights the pressure that China is putting on us. We must pay attention to this. Egypt, Wisconsin and the budget are tame concerns compared to what is happening to us in the dark of the night.  Here are just a couple of the stories this week:

Yahoo newsChina approved for 1.2 Billion investment in Morgan stanley

As the U.S. Federal Reserve grappled with the aftershocks of financial crisis, the Chinese, like many others, suffered huge losses from their investments in American financial firms — from Lehman Brothers to the Primary Reserve Fund, the money market fund that broke the buck.

The cables, obtained by WikiLeaks, show that escalating Chinese pressure prompted a procession of soothing visits from the U.S.Treasury Department. In one striking instance, a top Chinese money manager directly asked U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for a favor.

In June, 2009, the head of China’s powerful sovereign wealth fund met with Geithner and requested that he lean on regulators at the U.S. Federal Reserve to speed up the approval of its $1.2 billion investment in Morgan Stanley, according to the cables, which were provided to Reuters by a third party.

Although the cables do not mention if Geithner took any action, China’s deal to buy Morgan Stanley shareswas announced the very next day.

New World Order coming with the merger of the New York Stock Exhange and Europe Excanges?

Market Watch<

Average investors, regulators and politicians are worried that the NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Boerse merger will mean that someone besides America will be the world’s key financial center.

Dodd Frank Fiasco- now we are on the hook for the derivatives market

Only seven months too late, official Washington is starting to acknowledge flaws in the architecture of the Dodd-Frank law passed last July. Tuesday, for example, Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo admitted in testimony to the House Committee on Financial Services that by forcing much of the derivatives market through central counterparties, the government would now be creating new too-big-to-fail institutions and new potential sources of systemic financial risk.

…yesterday Mr. Tarullo said the government would have to watch these new entities very closely: “This heightened oversight is important because financial market utilities such as central counterparties concentrate risk and thus have the potential to transmit shocks throughout the financial markets.” Oh, and because these “utilities” are backed by the government, taxpayers will end up paying if they fail.

The Fed Governor added that the Federal Reserve Board “also was given new authority to provide emergency collateralized liquidity in unusual and exigent circumstances to systemically important financial market utilities. We are carefully considering ways to implement this provision in a manner that protects taxpayers and limits any rise in moral hazard.”What this means is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange can take huge risks and know the Federal Reserve will bail them out.

Confidential diplomatic cables from the U.S. embassies in Beijing and Hong Kong lay bare China’s growing influence as America’s largest creditor.

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