Alliance of Youth Movements and Feature Story on Glenn Beck

Douglas Stewart has done amazing work on the Egyptian uprising, as well as Google and  our governments  involvement. I have used many of his resources for our Egyptian Postings.

Ameristroika is on our blogroll.. do visit his site. Glenn Beck’s Google story he did yesterday on T.V. as well as radio, February 14, was from his stuff. So a big hat tip. Here is a cross posting from his site.

By Douglas Stewart

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck radio show Glenn began to address the State Department link to Google employees and the Alliance for Youth Movements. He recapped this as well on his T.V. Show.

In the segment following the interview with Zuhdi Jasser Glenn cites those investigating the issue. He mentions by name Ameristroika founder and Director Douglas Stewart and reads the Intro to Stewart’s “Google Egypt” Series that started here.

The Full series has been taken over to Associated Content and to date Three (3) parts are currently available. Please read and stay up to date.

The Intro: State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell (featured  and read on Glenn Beck radio program 2/14/2011)

Google Egypt: Ghonim Not the only One-The Other Google Employees

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything and Transition-The Revolution is now Centralized

Just added: Video can be found at: Ameristroika Update


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