New World Order coming with merger of U.S. and Europe Stock Exchanges

From Bunkerville:God, Guns and Guts Comrades:

So there really is a Trilateral commission that we conservatives were often mocked upon. So there is a cabal. And it is almost complete. With the merger of the two stock exchanges, yes, one unified financial system. Other stock exchanges are in talks as well. And the “Media” was in it up to their eyeballs. Next of course, will be the currency. Watch for the abandonment of the dollar.

Based on his recent public comments, Fed Chairman Bernanke seems determined to give the U.S. dollar the reputation of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak: an unwanted relic of the past that everyone agrees must go, but stubbornly clings to a privileged position. The dollar is currently the world’s ruling currency, but, as with Mubarak, I believe that growing public discontent will spur regime change quicker than most pundits expect.
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Market Watch<

Average investors, regulators and politicians are worried that the NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Boerse merger will mean that someone besides America will be the world’s key financial center.

What they will notice, eventually, is that the merger will require globally coordinated regulatory and accounting rules. Since the world’s current “best practice” is the American system, the NYSE-Boerse deal will force other parts of the world that have been reluctant to rise up to the U.S. standard to make that move.  Surely you jest! Do you really think we are that ignorant??

Canada Free Press From David Rockefeller:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years.  …It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.  But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.  The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”—David Rockefeller (from a speech given to the Trilateral Commission in 1991)

To paraphrase the above quote, Rockefeller is thanking various print-media propaganda outlets for keeping certain facts “under their hat.”  Facts such as how the Trilateral Commission and other NGOs have worked so diligently to destroy the USA’s power and prestige, and replace it with a global government run by a banking cabal and an “intellectual elite.”

Alliance of Youth Movements and Feature Story on Glenn Beck

Douglas Stewart has done amazing work on the Egyptian uprising, as well as Google and  our governments  involvement. I have used many of his resources for our Egyptian Postings.

Ameristroika is on our blogroll.. do visit his site. Glenn Beck’s Google story he did yesterday on T.V. as well as radio, February 14, was from his stuff. So a big hat tip. Here is a cross posting from his site.

By Douglas Stewart

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck radio show Glenn began to address the State Department link to Google employees and the Alliance for Youth Movements. He recapped this as well on his T.V. Show.

In the segment following the interview with Zuhdi Jasser Glenn cites those investigating the issue. He mentions by name Ameristroika founder and Director Douglas Stewart and reads the Intro to Stewart’s “Google Egypt” Series that started here.

The Full series has been taken over to Associated Content and to date Three (3) parts are currently available. Please read and stay up to date.

The Intro: State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell (featured  and read on Glenn Beck radio program 2/14/2011)

Google Egypt: Ghonim Not the only One-The Other Google Employees

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything and Transition-The Revolution is now Centralized

Just added: Video can be found at: Ameristroika Update


U.S. Forest Service now embraces Global Warming

Wander over to Motor City Times for a great catch and links on what our Forest Service is up to. Looks like the Regime finally got to these folks. Amazing isn’t it? Love the Environmental Justice bit. All now on the same page. Here are a few:

Motor City Times:

The Forest Service is proposing new (read stricter) rules for managing our national forests

“Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said from Washington, D.C., that it’s in everyone’s best interest to have forests that stay healthy amid climate change and economic demands.

“Rather than responding to the political pressure of the time, it would be much better to say to the scientists, ‘What is the best way to make this forest the most resilient it can be,'” Vilsack told The Associated Press”.

 Washington Examiner

If you ever wondered why politicians and government bureaucrats so readily embrace the global warming (if its warmer than usual) or climate change (if its cooler than normal) hoax, look no further than the latest release form the USDA’s Forest Service.

The Forest Service even throws in a little Environmental Justice for good measure as well

Obama, Egypt, Google and the State Dept: A Revolution

Let us take a look at some of our earlier stories regarding the Obama Regime and the Egyptian Revolution. It is clear from the evidence that he, Google, and the State Department have been agitating throughout the world. Be careful of what you wish for. We have been getting lots of hits on earlier stories, so here are snippets from some of our posts.. feel free to roam around the blog and go to the original posts. Be sure and wander over to Douglas Stewart’s Ameristroika whose quoted research is on the Glenn Beck’s Google reports.

Obama and a Search Engine get you am Egyptian Revolution:

Wikileaks published a secret cable that detailed the U.S. government’s involvement with an Egyptian dissident.

UPDATE: WSJ 2/7/11:  Google Executive emerges as a key figure in the Revolt:Read Here

I have posted several stories about the April 6 group or “Alliance for Youth Movements”. Hillary Clinton set up these meetings Hilliary Video with Face Book and the Google Executives in order to teach youth around the world how to agitate.  Sorry, no clean hands Obama. When I heard that the Google Exec had gone missing in Egypt, I was just waiting for him to bubble back up, and that he did. An earlier story:State Dept was holding meetings with Egyptian Dissidents This says it all:

“What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down,” Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Money CNN Didn’t Van Jones say something like that?

State Dept was holding meetings with Egyptian Dissidents: Included is the full interview with James Glassman that Glenn Beck discussed.

Undersecretary James K. Glassman was i nterviewed on Nov. 24, 2008, and the questioner shows his concern specifically about Egypt. He asks the Undersecretary, speaking of Egypt and Turkey, “Don’t you run the risk of unleashing something here that is going to come back to bite you, especially with our allies?

Glassman explains that they support pro-democracy movements and that sometimes “puts us at odds with other governments.” It almost looks as if they were thinking ahead. But the interviewer’s response is immediately cut-off. Undersecretary Glassman clarifies how the State Department works:

“What we do in public diplomacy and what is often done in official diplomacy. We are communicating and engaging at the level of the public, not at the level of officials. So you know, it certainly is possible that some of these governments will not be all that happy that – at what we’re doing, but that’s what we do in public diplomacy.” Following up with “And I think this is an important part. We as a government have been engaging with such civil society organizations in places like Egypt for a long time.”

So the State Department was well aware of the risks they were running, in so far that they lined up the perfect dissidents and organizers, threw a convention for them, and sent them home to start the revolution. It seems everyone knew about this except us…until now.

Short version:  Associated Content Yahoo

Google restores social network in Egypt for Obama:

Internet service in Egypt is now totally shut down and there are reports that cell phone service has again been cut, but that won’t stop people from finding ways to reach out and express themselves.

One creative solution is from engineers at Google, Twitter and SayNow, a company that Google recently acquired, who have created a way for people from Egypt to Tweet via landline.

According to the Google blog, “Anyone can tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855) and the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt. No Internet connection is required.” Huffington Post

Obama lifts ban on Muslim Brotherhood leader: Getting ready for a new Egypt? :

Today we learn that the Barack Obama administration has decided to lift a ban preventing Muslim Scholar Professor Tariq Ramadan from entering the United States. Ramadan, an Egyptian currently living in Switzerland, is a leading member of Europe’s Muslim Brotherhood branch and the grandson of the movement’s founder Hassan al-Banna. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization for Hamas and some of the groups that recently merged into al-Qaeda, including Ayman al Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Ramadan was invited to teach at the University of Notre Dame in 2004 but the George W. Bush administration revoked his visa, citing a statute that applies to those who have “endorsed or espoused” terrorism. Israel Nation News

For more on where Obama is in all of this : Obama Aiding Terrorists in Egypt from rjjrdq

Napolitano meets with Muslim Brotherhood Leaders:

Last month, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and her senior staff privately met in Washington, D.C., with a select group of Muslim, Arab, and Sikh organizations. Among the mix were three organizations directly associated with an outlawed terrorist entity — the Muslim Brotherhood.

This meeting was the beginning of an Obama administration program aimed at devising a new information-sharing framework with the Muslim organizations — some of them regarded as extremist because of their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The group is to meet regularly with DHS senior aides and with Napolitano.

Who all is involved in the Egyptian Uprising? :

From The Nation: Who is behind Egypt’s revolt?

….according to one account the April 6 group has more than 80,000 members on Facebook. The two groups, which work together, are nearly entirely secular, pro-labor and support the overthrow of Mubarak and the creation of a democratic republic.

The April 6 movement wasn’t unknown to the United States and its embassy, we know from Wikileaks. In December, 2008, US Ambassador Margaret Scobey reported that the embassy was well aware the Egyptian dissidents, including April 6, had spoken of a plan to organize together to topple Mubarak, noting that “several opposition forces” had “agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011 presidential elections.” Scobey wrote that the details were “so sensitive it cannot be written down,” though she called it “highly unrealistic,” she helped arrange for some activists to attend a youth meeting in New York from December 3–5, 2008, called the “Alliance of Youth Movements Summit,” organized by the State Department. A representative of April 6, presumably Maher, visited Washington and met with thinktanks and officials on Capitol Hill. Read more at The Nation

Mexico City 2009 Summit

Due to the success of the original AYM Summit, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, organised a second AYM summit to be held in Mexico City the following year.[6]

Clinton gave her support in Mexico City just six months prior to the Summit: “Young people around the world are poised to lead this kind of innovative citizen empowerment, which is why the United States is supporting a summit here in Mexico of Alliance of Youth Movements, to connect up young people working to end to end violence throughout Latin America, whether it’s domestic violence or dating violence or lawlessness in the streets of your community, we must all take a stand against violence. And this is a new tool that will help.”[7]

However, the main goal of this conference was to encourage the use of Social Networking to “Effect Change”, with particular emphasis put on Twitter, Facebook and viral video websites such as Howcast. [8]


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