Vote Tally Count Patriot Act Passes 275-144 UPDATE Final Senate, House

Here is a link to the latest vote, May 22, 2015. Cloture failed.

Here is link to the Roll Call of the Votes regarding the Patriot Act  May 26, 2011 in blue below: Note: the latest two were the final House and Senate Vote.

 Below were earlier votes:

February 17, 2011

A 90-day extension of three provisions of the Patriot Act received final legislative approval Thursday, passing the U.S. House 279-143.

Now goes to the President: Final total vote link here at: Gov Track

Below are earlier votes.

UPDATE: Senate Passes Patriot Act, but only till May, returns to House

From Senate Gov

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress – 1st Session

as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate

Vote Summary Click on Blue below for individual votes

Question: On Passage of the Bill (H.R. 514 As Amended )
Vote Number: 19 Vote Date: February 15, 2011, 06:08 PM
Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Bill Passed
Measure Number: H.R. 514 (A bill to extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011. )
Measure Title: A bill to extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011.
Vote Counts: YEAs 86
NAYs 12
Not Voting 2

Vote Summary

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By Home State

The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would extend through May three key provisions of the Patriot Act that are set to expire later this month. The move is designed to buy time for lawmakers to fully debate and hold hearings on the controversial counterterrorism surveillance law.

The bill passed on an 86-to-12-vote, with two senators not voting. Most lawmakers from both parties voted in favor of the measure, but the opposition was also bipartisan; among the dozen lawmakers voting against it were nine Democrats, two Republicans and one independent. Washington Post


This is the earlier House Vote below:

From Gov Track: Click on Blue sort below for individual votes

H R 514 RECORDED VOTE      14-Feb-2011      7:03 PM
QUESTION: On Passage
BILL TITLE: To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011

Number: House Vote #36 in 2011 [primary source:]
Date: Feb 14, 2011 7:03PM
Result: Passed
Bill: H.R. 514: To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of…
Totals Democrats Republicans Independents All Votes
Needed To Win
Aye: 275 (64%)
65 210 0
No: 144 (33%) 117 27 0
Present: 0 (0%) 0 0 0
Not Voting: 14 (3%) 11 3 0
Required: Simple Majority of 419 votes (=210 votes)

(Vacancies in Congress will affect vote totals.)

Vote Details






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On a largely party-line vote of 275-144 vote, the House sent the measure — a proposed nine-month renewal of three provisions set to expire in two weeks — to the Democratic-led Senate for consideration.

The action came a week after House Republican leaders failed to get the bill approved under a fast-track approach normally reserved for non-controversial issues.

They came up seven votes short of the needed two-thirds majority because of the unexpected scope of opposition that included 26 Republicans, a number of whom are backed by the anti-establishment Tea Party, and 122 Democrats. Foes complained the provisions amount to a federal over reach.

The Patriot Act became law after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Expiring provisions permit: obtaining roving wiretaps on suspected terrorists who switch their mode of communications; tracking foreigners who may have loose ties to militants but are acting as “lone wolves” in plotting attacks, and accessing certain business records. Reuters

Obama urges Cable Companies to Carry Al-Jazeera

So, how many out there are still wondering about our Dear Leader and where his heart lies? Now he wants the Cable Companies to carry Al-Jazeera. If this is not the clincher, I do not know what it will take. Juliette Kayyem is behind this and she is with Homeland Security? OK. She is the “first Arab-American”.  Sure she does. Got it. I checked out her husband. A standard Bush hater. More on him later. Hilliary thinks its a great idea too! Try AJ out.. our link is on the upper left hand side of our home page.

Kayyem comes from a Lebanese-American family and was the first Arab-American inidvidual to work as a homeland security adviser on the state level.DHS, “Secretary Napolitano Names Juliette Kayyem as Assistant Secretary,” March 5, 2009(1)She was also the only Arab-American to serve on the National Commission on Terrorism, which examined “the changing threat of international terrorism” from 1999 to 2000.Los Angeles Times, “Arab American named to US terorr panel,” July 31, 1999(2)Los Angeles Times, “Arab American named to US terorr panel,” July 31, 1999National Commission on Terrorism, 2000(3) Washington Post Who runs Gov

Via American Thinker:

Al-Jazeera is filled with anti-American propaganda. It is also awash in anti-Semitism. The material broadcast stokes terror and violence.

Why would the person who Barack Obama appointed to be the Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, Juliette Kayyem, advocate American cable companies carry the channel-a channel that cannot help but inflame tensions and anger and one that is not known for unbiased accuracy.

From an op-ed by Kayyem in the Boston Globe:

FOR THE past few weeks, a parallel plot line to the revolutions in the Arab world has been playing out in the media. With rare exceptions, the largest American cable and satellite providers simply do not provide viewers access to Al Jazeera English, the cousin to the powerful Qatar-based world news network. AJE has launched a full-fledged campaign – including advertisements quoting, of all people, major US news figures – to convince cable carriers to open their programming. But most have declined: Burlington, Vt., is the closest city to Boston where viewers can see the network on television.

AJE’s battle with the cable carriers is major news in the Middle East. Not carrying the network sends a message to the Arab world about America’s willingness to accept information, unfiltered, from the very region we spend so much time talking about. These television wars began not in Tunisia or Egypt, but in Iraq.

We have enough terror apologists in the media already without an entire station devoted to obscuring the truth being beamed into America’s homes.

From: Weasel Zippers

New York Court Rules: Tax the ‘Out of Staters’

So much for the “I love New York” bit. I think I will pass on  the Hamptons this Summer. I did so much want to spend some time there. Hey, it is only the rich. But as the saying goes, first they come for them and then for you know who~!

A New York court ruled last month that all income earned by a New Canaan, Conn., couple is subject to New York state taxes because they own a summer home on Long Island they used only a few times a year. They have been hit with an additional tax bill of $1.06 million.Tax experts and real estate brokers say this ruling could boost the tax bill for thousands of business executives who own New York City apartments they use only occasionally. It could also hurt sales in the Hamptons and New York’s other vacation-home communities.

Mr. Pinto ruled that the couple’s Long Island vacation home qualifies under the law as a permanent abode because it was suitable for living year-round–whether or not the couple actually stayed in the home wasn’t relevant. Under the ruling, if an owner doesn’t spend a single a day in a home it could still count toward a permanent residence.

“People will think twice about spending any summer time in New York,” says Robert Willens, a New York-based tax consultant. “The amount of tax they could be subjected to is likely to outweigh the benefit.”…

Judge Joseph Pinto, a New York administrative law judge, made the novel ruling in a 2009 case that was affirmed last month on appeal by the New York state tax appeals tribunal. Mr. Pinto seized on what is meant by a permanent residence, which is the benchmark for whether all, or just the in-state portion, of an individual’s income is subject to New York state tax.

From: Coyote Blog

Swiss vote to keep their guns in a safe place: Their home

Good decision guys. We have been following this story, and always nice to have a happy ending. Looks like the gals will still get to enjoy their weapons as well~

Swiss voters came out strongly in favor of their right to bear arms Sunday, with a clear majority rejecting a plan by churches and women’s groups to tighten the Alpine nation’s liberal gun laws.

In a newspaper interview Defence Minister Ueli Maurer argued that women are more likely to approve the initiative because of an inability to handle firearms.
So much for that theory~~ 

Here is a link to a  super great Swiss slide show: Here

More at:  Urs Swiss info

Official results showed more than half of Switzerland’s 26 cantons (states) voted against the proposal to ban army rifles from homes and impose new requirements for buying other guns.

“This is an important sign of confidence in our soldiers,” said Pius Segmueller, a lawmaker with the Christian People’s Party and former commander of the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. Washington Times

“The Swiss gun law is very strict; let us not create unnecessary new ones,” said Jakob Büchler of the Christian Democrats.

Mexican truckers say they cannot meet U.S. EPA Standards

Last month we posted a story: Obama to lift ban on controversial border trucking program  with Mexico. Now there is a new wrinkle to this story. It turns out the Mexican diesel fuel does not meet the EPA standards. Anyone want to make a bet  there is an EPA waiver? I don’t think we need to have Mexican trucks and truckers roaming our roads. These trade agreements are killing us. I will stick with the Unions on this one. The timing is sure interesting. Here is an earlier snippet:

The Obama administration announced a proposal last week to resurrect a controversial program that gives Mexican cargo trucks access to American highways.  (New York Times, Jan. 6, 2011) This announcement comes after a two-year ban of the cross-border trucking program with Mexico and was made the same day President Obama appointed William Daley to be his White House Chief of Staff.  (NBC Chicago, Jan. 6, 2011) Daley, who served as Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, is considered one of the “architects” of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which took effect in 1994.  (The Washington Post, Jan. 6, 2011)

According to a NAFTA arbitration panel, a cross-border trucking program included in the agreement requires the United States to allow trucks from Mexico and Canada access to American highways.  (Secretariat File No. USA-MEX-98-2008-01

From: All Headline News  :

Mexican government says it will ease its trade sanctions against U.S. imports only after its trucks are allowed to cross the border

Sanctions? Juan really…

Juan Carlos Munoz, president of Mexico’s National Chamber of Motor Transport of Freight, said Mexican trucks cannot meet U.S. environmental emissions standards, which effectively shuts them out of the market.

Mexican oil companies “do not have sufficient capacity to supply the diesel suitable for these new technologies” required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Munoz said after meeting with Mexico’s transportation secretary.

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