Said Musa, Christian in Afghanistan to be hanged for conversion UPDATE

Update: “I got confirmation today that he is out of the country,” Aidan Clay, International Christian Concern’s, told The Christian Post Thursday

Said Musa, the Afghan Christian who was facing the death sentence for converting from Islam, has been released from the prison in Kabul. But others remain in Prison. Here is an updated post I did: Christian converts remain in prison

More here at: Christian Post about Said Musa.

Here is a moving post from American Spectator that asks the question: Why are our soldiers dying? Said Musa is soon to be hanged for converting to Christianity in Afghanistan. Included in the story, is Said’s written letter asking us for help.

We hear little if anything about the wars we wage. A few stories about Said Musa have trickled out over the last few months, mainly by bloggers.

I make sure I visit Fallen Warriors on our blogroll every day,which lists the recently killed military men and women. I want to keep these faces fresh in my mind. These are the ones who were willing to give it all for a better Afghanistan. It gives me energy to keep writing our little blog in hopes it may make a difference. I search for the stories that have not yet, or should be making the headlines. This was one.

Do follow the embedded “Published”  link  and read his letter.

American Spectator

What are we doing allying in war with these barbarians? What evidence have they given us that they are actually a better government than the Taliban would be? How does propping them up as a government in Afghanistan, even if we win the war there, benefit us or humanity?

It has recently been reported from Afghanistan that a one-legged Afghan Red Cross worker and physiotherapist, Said Musa, 45, is shortly to be hanged by the government, or what passes for the government, for having converted to Christianity.

No defense lawyer will represent him. Some were reported to have dropped the case after receiving death threats. He has been held for about eight months in Kabul prison and reportedly tortured.

He was arrested last May while trying to find sanctuary in the German Embassy following renewed waves of persecution of Christians. He is said to have been offered a reprieve if he denied Christianity but has refused to do this. All this has been known in the West for some time.

The case raises several points. First, where are the protests from that oft-referred-to force, the moderate Muslims?

Second, where are the protests from secular humanists?

Third, where are the protests from the major Christian church leaders? The likes of the caprine Archbishop of Canterbury, for example, or the World Council of Churches, generally more than ready to jump on any trendy political bandwagon?

The Said Musa case has drawn some protests from some evangelical Christian groups. One group has published an extremely moving and courageous letter from Said Musa on the Internet. Yet for the most part the matter has been observed, like innumerable other recent cases of the persecution of Christians, with reactions ranging from rabbit-in-the-headlights paralysis to indifference.

Full story here at:   American Spectator

Girl Scouts, the EPA and the ‘Forever Green Pledge’

If this is not right out of the 1930’s. Getting the youth to make pledges based on the belief system of the government. First it starts here, then….

The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) developed the campaign with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But Michelle Tompkins, a spokeswoman for the national office of the Girl Scouts of the USA, told the pledge was not a case of the organization aligning itself with the Obama administration.

“The pledge shown on our Web site is just…to show girls a possible way of advocacy, and there will not be – we won’t take sides either way on this matter,” she said. Surely you jest! Here is the Pledge

EPA Site :  Linking Girls to the Land–LGTTL partnership offers travel opportunities, funding, awards, resources, and trainings to support this vision.

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America has launched a campaign called Forever Green that included an online pledge girls could sign, promising they would encourage public officials to pass emissions-reducing legislation

But after asked the organization about the political advocacy on Tuesday, the pledge was removed from the Girl Scouts’ Web site. The language should not have been so “inflammatory,” one official said.

One of the tenets of the pledge was to, “Inform my elected local, state, and federal officials about my views on environmental policies and urge them to support legislation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and promotes energy efficiency and renewable technologies.”

More at CNS News

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California to Dole Out $2B in Homeowner Help

So now we hear that our money is being given to California when it was supposed to rescue the financial System? Time for California Liberal loonies to live with what they wrought. This goes to show how little oversight the Federal Government has on all the money it has been doling out. Apparently, it was just passing out money with no strings attached.


State officials hope to fend off foreclosure for about 95,000 borrowers and provide moving assistance to about 6,500 people who do lose their homes. More than 100,000 struggling homeowners could get help from a $2-billion program that California is launching, including about 25,000 borrowers who owe more than their properties are worth and could see their mortgages shrink.

(NEWSER) – California has launched a $2 billion program designed to help struggling homeowners keep their houses. The program will be paid for by federal funds originally intended to help rescue the financial system in 2008, the LA Times reports, —if the state can get lenders on board. So far only one of the five major mortgage carriers in the state has signed on.

California’s housing agency “went out of its way to meet the needs of the financial industry in terms of providing a generous incentive,” says the director of the Center for Responsible Lending, “and even after taking their extensive input into the design, the banks are still not stepping up to participate.” Another observer called lender involvement “pretty dismal.”

More atNewser

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