AOL Buys Huffington Post -Does George Soros’s money come with it?

Huffington with Code Pink Founder

Huffington with Code Pink Founder

UPDATE:  Perhaps this may be the deal with this merger.  In our earlier post: FCC Orders Newsrooms to Partner with Soros Funded Non Profits

Using Huffington’s  Investigative Fund is part of the FCC requirement in the deal with NBC and Comcast Merger. As they say, follow the money. Now back to our Post.

The only reason I could think of that AOL was paying $315 million which is an absurd amount was that it must come with George’s hefty donations, as well as others.  Another search engine hijacked by the left? We now know about Google. The right may have talk radio, the Progressives are taking up the search engines. Which would you rather have?

Hot Air:

AOL has agreed to purchase The Huffington Post for $315 million, the two entities announced in a joint news release Monday.

“As part of the transaction, Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, will be named president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, which will include all Huffington Post and AOL content,” the statement said.

The new group will have a combined 117 million unique visitors a month in the United States and 270 million around the world, according to the release, which cited December 2010 data from the marketing research company comScore.

In 2009, the Huffington Post announced the creation of an “Investigative Fund” to do investigative journalism. The hilarity of the HuffPost doing real journalism is illustrated by the fact that almost six weeks later they haven’t produced anything [1] and by their Z-list celebrities who had previously used a related tag [2].

And, while the announcements [3][4] mentioned the name of the Fund, they didn’t mention the Soros connection: From American Spectator (link):

The program’s startup budget will be $1.75 million. The money will be provided by the Huffington Post and the Atlantic Philanthropies. The Bermuda-based Atlantic Philanthropies is headed by Gara LaMarche, who used to be a vice president of liberal uber-philanthropist George Soros‘s Open Society Institute. LaMarche is a member of Soros’s Democracy Alliance, a billionaires’ club that is organizing to impose socialism on America.


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7 Responses to “AOL Buys Huffington Post -Does George Soros’s money come with it?”

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  4. Hellpig Says:

    What a waste of cash ..only the commie progressives read that rag …


  5. Anonymous Says:

    So who does “real journalism”? Fox News and World Net Daily? The American Spectator?

    You right wing “bloggers” are hysterically insane.

    Funny, how Arianna Huffington is taking advantage of the free-market system, and you wingnuts have a problem with it.

    Let me guess, you can only profit in this country if you’re an old white Republican? Or maybe just a clueless, middle-aged, half-term governor from Alaska?


    • Bunkerville Says:

      You are welcome to make your comments and express your views. There is no need to be insulting, Mr/Ms Anonymous


  6. Anonymous Says:

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