Obama and a Search Engine gets you get an Egyptian revolution

Please, give me a break. If I hear one more time how Obama is reacting to what is happening in Egypt! He is up to his eyeballs in the overthrow. On Friday, Wikileaks published a secret cable that detailed the U.S. government’s involvement with an Egyptian dissident.

UPDATE: WSJ 2/7/11:  Google Executive emerges as a key figure in the Revolt:Read Here

I have posted several stories about the April 6 group or “Alliance for Youth Movements”. Hillary Clinton set up these meetings Hilliary Video with Face Book and the Google Executives in order to teach youth around the world how to agitate.  Sorry, no clean hands Obama. When I heard that the Google Exec had gone missing in Egypt, I was just waiting for him to bubble back up, and that he did. An earlier story:State Dept was holding meetings with Egyptian Dissidents This says it all:

“What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down,” Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Money CNN Didn’t Van Jones say something like that?

Google executive who has gone missing in Egypt has been “symbolically” named the spokesman for an opposition group, in an attempt to free him from being held by Egyptian authorities, CBS News reports.

Wael Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the middle east, flew into Egypt last week to participate in the demonstrations against the government. At some point he went missing, and one of his last tweets ominously read, “we are all ready to die.”

The demonstration where he Ghonim may have been captured was organized “largely” by the April 6 movement, CBS News reports. The April 6 movement is a youth movement in Egypt formed almost three years ago.

Read more: Sf Gate

Earlier we posted how the State Dept was holding meetings with Egyptian dissidents. Digging more into the meeting of the Alliance of Youth Movements with these dissidents, what a surprise. The Executives from Google and Facebook were in attendance. Attendee List (Sorry- Scrubbed and changed)

Here is what happened at theAlliance of Youth Movements meeting. UPDATE: The Link has now been scrubbed and changed.

These discussions contributed to the construction of Creating Grassroots Movements for Change: A Field Manual and the launch of a new organization, The Alliance of Youth Movements that will work to help other organizations use online technology to advance their causes.

Earlier Story: Google Restores social network

Drug Shortages in Great Britain – Coming soon with Obamacare?

Patients are being forced to wait for vital drugs – including treatments for cancer – because of desperate shortages of medicines across Britain.

Welcome to the death panels.. I mean drug shortages. This is what happens when you get the Government involved. Trade deals involved?   One can only guess at the amount that the Government was willing to pay for the drugs since there have been major reductions in health benefits in Great Britain. Prime Minister Cameron is attempting to privatize/overhaul the system in order to keep it from bankrupting the Country.  British Health System has Breakup

More than 50 drugs are now in short supply because doses which were intended for NHS patients are being sold to speculators who sell them in Europe for a profit.

Women being treated for breast cancer have been forced to trek across the country in search of the drugs Femara and Armidex.

Others have been put on inferior treatments because the pills they had been prescribed cannot be found in time.

Patients in Newcastle upon Tyne, Essex, Oxfordshire, Teeside have all reported shortages of Femara, with some women being switched to alternative treatments, while others have been given just a few days’ supply of the treatment at a time.

Jayne Hatfield, from charity Breast Cancer care said: “At a time when they are dealing with a diagnosis and treatment this is an enormous extra worry.

“It is really shocking for patients that because of the way the drugs market works they cannot get the drugs they need.”

Stocks of 56 drugs, including treatments for cancer, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, depression, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and epilepsy have now run low.

Under European trade agreements, drug suppliers are able to import and export drugs between European countries.

For many years, the UK benefited from imported drugs supplied from Spain and Greece.

But since the value of the pound dropped, the reverse has happened – with wholesalers and some chemists engaged in ‘parallel exporting’, selling drugs to other EU countries which will pay more.

BAPT is urging the Government to do more to protect Britain’s supply of drugs. In France and Germany, obligations have been placed on drugs manufacturers to ensure the health of the public takes precedence over trade laws.

Full story The telegraph

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