Sen. Schumer Nullifies Judicial Branch

The three branches of Government are difficult to understand. Considering he chairs the Senate Judiciary, he might want to keep the Supreme Court in mind once in awhile, as annoying as it is.

Sen. Schumer complained that the Roberts Court turned back the clock 100 years in the Citizens United decision. Apparently what he really meant was the Supreme Court is no longer relevant as far as he’s concerned. Three branches of government to work together. That is the House, the Senate and the Presidency. H/T: Tammy Bruce

2 Responses to “Sen. Schumer Nullifies Judicial Branch”

  1. thomasbleser Says:

    Actually this separation of powers principle was new to the world in 1776 when many other newly independent states followed Virginia in this regard. In 1789, division of powers between national and state governments was added. You won’t learn a thing by studying documents from the 1789 national convention, and Edmund Pendleton’s Autobiography contains the only hint of how Montesquieu’s Spirit of Laws found its way into American political institutions at the state level by way of Patrick Henry’s oratory at the Virginia Constitutional Convention of May 1776.

    There were many references to a mixed constitution (executive one-man rule of a monarchy, judicial small group rule of an aristocracy, and legislative majority rule of a democracy) in the classics, especially in Polybius and Aristotle, but there is nothing explicit in Montesquieu’s misunderstanding of the English Constitution (like Polybius’ misunderstanding of the Roman Constitution) to suggest that our own three way separation of powers derives in any way from ancient political theory by way of Montesquieu, although Hamilton’s “The Farmer Refuted” indicates that Montesquieu was one of the five most influential philosophers studied by the founding fathers in general.

    Just remember, Chuck, there are now THREE branches, of government: (1) Leg-kiss-sort-of, (2) Expletive, and (3) Judean, but I guess the incumbents of these institutions pretty much do as they please these days without bothering to look at their constitutional job descriptions.


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