WikiLeaks: Hill is the Vill

It use to take a village but wow how things have really gone global.  The WikiLeaks fallout hitch Hillary to the mantle of ‘Villain’.   Right now she is bearing the brunt while Obama lingers in the shadows  as in his usual mode of disaffected watcher.  In the meantime the fall out goes on.  But just what will be the results?  In the words of Rahm Emmanual, just wait “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

The demons and the damage done:

-> Government officials tell us that Assange’s act  poses a threat to our national security by undermining America’s foreign policy. One may as well ask: What foreign policy? As American Thinker puts it, this just proves what we know: so-called leaders and politicians are liars, schemers, crooks, egomaniacs, and incompetents. Obama is more of threat to our national security than Assange will ever be.  The media will keep us focused on Assange though away from the details of what Obama is currently doing to us.

-> Calls for Clinton to resign..maybe Obama helped WIKI on purpose to get rid of Hillary as a primary contender?  If he didn’t he certainly must find the situation to his benefit.

-> Provides the Department of Homeland Security with a  security breach to use as an excuse to shut down the internet or limit internet capacity.

Comrade Matrix wonders; “When is WikiLeaks going to leak the list of people with special interests who give them money to selectively leak?”

More important than what is released is who bears the brunt.  Looking behind the leaks is far more interesting than just calls for Assange’s head.

P.S. Assange even says Hilliary must go!

4 Responses to “WikiLeaks: Hill is the Vill”

  1. Eric H. Dodge Says:

    Hmmm… In line with what I was saying yesterday, this seems to help bolster my opinion that Obama is somehow behind this stuff. Just after the Presidential pulse of Hillary was warming up, we get leaks that potentially wreck her future. Sounds like sabotage to me. Sometimes, I hope that the future holds true clarity on all of this stuff… As the common thought process goes, a President isn’t judged in earnest until long after they are out of office. I only hope that we are able to dig out all of the dirt and I pray that we can do that sooner than later.


    • ComradeMatrix Says:

      I think you’re on to something Eric. The more calls I hear for her to resign the more I think there’s more to this.


  2. Lockandload Says:

    Matrix.. you picked through the weeds and found the truth. Yes, getting ready to move on to shutting down websites..a National security need. That I should live the day for this, what a ride.


    • ComradeMatrix Says:

      I know you’ve been talking about that for a while and I think this is just the thing they were looking for to justify their actions. Like ‘no smoking’ lead to ‘food police’, people ought to be more concerned about other peoples rights they are so willing to give up. It might just lead to their own denial of freedom as we are seeing all too frequently with this regime.


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