Beware the Earmark Ban.. Clothed in the FDA Food Modernization Act

The Current hits one out of the park today. Defensive Lessons:  Political Theater     This is an old Alinksy trick of scattering our attention and having us move in all directions, thus overwhelming us. A great sport’s analogy is used.. slide on over for a great read. Beware of S.510 the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. It is a Trojan Horse. 

A vote against the earmark ban, brands you as one who supports pork.  It’s a trap.  Now you don’t pull your guards one way and send the running back the other way.  That is completely counterproductive and will accomplish very little.  The guards are the ball carrier’s blockers.  This is why I believe that the key bill they want to push through during this lame duck session is the Food Safety Modernization Act.  You don’t waste your blockers when you trying to score and the earmark ban is the blocker for the Food Safety Modernization Act.  It’s designed to open the way for the passage of this destructive bill.  They’re using it as a tool to get what they want and move forward with the progressive agenda.  As for the other issues and bills they are nothing more than a tool being used to misdirect and confuse us.

Follow the earmark ban; it’s leading you to the play and revealing their plan.

The Current

9 Responses to “Beware the Earmark Ban.. Clothed in the FDA Food Modernization Act”

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  2. Matt Says:

    I’ll have to get over to John’s place and read this. Looks great.


  3. Vote Count tally FDA Food Safety Modernization Act « BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] our post: Beware the Earmark Ban Clothed in the FDA Food Safety and Modernazation Act Here is a Summary of the Bill  Gov track Summary The Bill now moves forward for final vote. Here […]


  4. KingShamus Says:

    The most wacky stuff is often clothed in the most normal crap.

    Man, this lame duck session is awesome!


    • bunkerville Says:

      Love it– just gave away another 4.5 Billion.. what are these guys smoking?? Awesome.. that is the operative word of the day.


  5. John Carey Says:

    Thanks for the kudos Bunker. It is much appreciated.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Excellent one is a comment:
      The effect of the bill is to grant sweeping powers to the FDA. (For example, in a vaguely-defined food emergency, control of food is handed over to the Department of Homeland Security. This is in keeping with th goal of WHO.The Government control of the food supply and distribution. I am sure we will be down the line in the food chain, after the third world and China. It seems such a benign bill, but the most dangerous yet.


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