First Death Panel Comes to Arizona – Man Dies

Man Denied Life-Saving Liver Transplant Because of Cuts in Arizona’s Medicaid Program

According to the Arizona Republic, 32-year-old Francisco Felix was in the hospital, ready to receive a liver that was donated to him late Monday night. But the liver went to someone else Tuesday morning because Felix couldn’t find $200,000 overnight to pay for the transplant.

Back in October we posted: Arizona Medicaid no longer covers Tansplants

The new transplant exclusions took effect Friday as part of broader Medicaid coverage changes mandated by the State of Arizona in response to budgetary pressures. (Arizona’s Fiscal Year 2010 enacted budget directs AHCCCS to eliminate various medical and health services for adults. See page 20 of the bill).

In addition to eliminating most organ-transplant coverage, Arizona’s Medicaid agency also is eliminating most dental care for adults as well as coverage of podiatrist services; insulin pumps; percussive vests; bone-anchored hearing aids; cochlear implants; orthotics; gastric bypass surgery; certain durable medical equipment; “well” medical checkups; some non-emergency medical transportation; microprocessor-controlled lower limbs and joints; and it is limiting outpatient physical therapy to 15 visits per contract year. (See list)

More at CNS News


As previously reported, the state’s health-care system for the poor stopped paying for most organ transplants on Oct. 1 because of budget cuts enacted by the State Legislature.

The Arizona Republic reported that Felix is the first liver-transplant patient known to be affected by changes in the state’s Medicaid program, but he won’t be the last. More at CNS News


4 Responses to “First Death Panel Comes to Arizona – Man Dies”

  1. F Grey Parker Says:

    From my editorial here

    To tell someone they are going to get their life-saving organ transplant and then deny the procedure after that fact is as close to pure evil as anything I have ever seen.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Agree…Thanks for stopping by. There is nothing more precious than Health and Life and it must be protected as such.


  2. ComradeMatrix Says:

    oh just let me load up on the liqueur and please pass the bong now…I can’t take it no more!


    • bunkerville Says:

      Meds, Matrix, time for the 4 pm meds.


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