Net Neutrality Died with the election loss of ALL 95 House and Senate Supporters

A nice surprise buried in the post-election glow. I am sure it is not the last we have heard of this, but it sounds like our newly elected  Republicans are not ready to roll over to the Czars. A good slap down.

The F.C.C. had sought to force Internet Service Providers to stream content at any cost, for free, to all of the world. This was easily shot down by the U.S. Court of Appeals earlier in the year. The election results however, have all but ended the idea. Internet Radio as a viable alternative to Satellite Radio, is dead.

A report from CNNMoney’s David Goldman, indicates that ALL 95 House and Senate candidates who pledged to support Net Neutrality, LOST! With no congressional support, and no judicial support, the F.C.C. is now left to try to overstep its authority on its own, and hope it sticks. Already, services such as Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) can cut off a streaming application if it determines the application to be using too much bandwidth, and can charge additional fees for popular music streaming applications.

The Federal Communications Commission tried to implement Net neutrality rules but got smacked down in April by a court ruling saying it did not have the authority to do so. As a result, it is preparing a proposal asking Congress to give it new authority to regulate broadband Internet service.

The widespread Democratic losses made an already uphill battle even tougher. More than a dozen incumbent congressmen who had voted for a similar Net neutrality bill in 2006 were voted out of office on Tuesday, most notably Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., a 28-year House veteran. Read More:  Seeking Alpha

3 Responses to “Net Neutrality Died with the election loss of ALL 95 House and Senate Supporters”

  1. FCC, Senate Coming after the Internet – ‘Net Neutrality’ – Copyright « BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] no power to do this. The Dictatorship has begun. Read and weep about our earlier post on the 9th:Net Neutrality died with the election loss of all 95 house and senate supporters oh, we thought we had a […]


  2. Angel Says:

    our climb is uphill but guess what..we won a huge victory my friend and we will not submit now!


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