Barney Frank’s ‘special one’ heckles Bielat

Here is a real find. First class all the way. Now we really would be dancing if we could pack up ole Bawney.

Sean Bielat, gets heckled by a Barney Frank “supporter” while talking to the media. While watching this video, we realized that we recognized this “supporter”. We received confirmation from two eyewitnesses that the mysterious cameraman was none other than Barney Frank’s pot-growing boyfriend, James Ready. Great catch from First Things Yes, let’s pack up Barney and the rest of those Pelosi Solder of Fortunes followers.

Please support Sean Bielat in his quest to defeat Barney Frank by donating to his campaign here.

Sarah Palin says ‘soon we all will be dancing’

Here is a link to Sarah’s full speech From Hot Air – just scroll down. Yes, we will be dancing! Yes we can. Are we fired up? Yes indeed. It is our Country and we are taking it back! I caught most of her speech yesterday and it was so nice to hear her “breath of fresh air”. A lot of good quips.

Where in the World is the GOP? Michael Steele?

I keep hearing how swell the G.O.P. is doing. Here is a Bunkervite’s view from PA 7 which is Sestack’s old House Seat in PA. This district has been Red since  forever. However, with the sweep of Obama last time around, Sestack was able to capture the seat with some dirty tricks on the eve of the election. I hope things are going better in your neighborhood. There are Dem Lentz signs everywhere, nothing heard from Meehan. Scary from Philly Mag that Comrade Matrix cued up: “A new poll in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District is a shocker”

 “This is the scenario that Republican strategists were fearing, that the race would tighten and get increased scrutiny, that Pat Meehan would actually have to campaign,” Last I heard, Michael Steele was out caravaning around in a Bus. Maybe best.

Lock and Load Posted last week , about the Chamber of Commerce attack,  and mused that I had not heard anything about the Republican Meehan efforting to make a snag. There are endless attack ads on his Dem opponent, Lentz. It is a stupid ad, but I must give the “Chamber” a shout out for running it endlessly. To add to my discontent, Pat Cadell, who claims to be a Dem pollster, was wailing on Hannity radio, that the Republicans were leaving behind many seats they could capture. He called for a National message from the GOP and the same folks who spent millions in trying to derail Obamacare. While Clinton and Obama were sucking up the air waves, there were no Republicans taking the stage..

The Monmouth University poll released late last week shows Republican Pat Meehan with a slim four-point lead over Democrat Bryan Lentz. The race is now considered a toss-up with the momentum clearly with Lentz. A month ago Meehan’s internal polling had him up double digits.

Adding to Meehan’s problems, this poll did not include conservative Independent candidate Jim Schneller, who is expected to pull votes from Meehan. If Schneller had been included, it is reasonable to conclude that Meehan would be tied or trailing Lentz in the Monmouth poll.

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