Beef Industry: U.S. May Need ‘Strategic Hamburger Reserve’ after Obama EPA Implements New Regulations


Out to destroy one more

Out to destroy one more

No real surprise here. One industry at a time being destroyed. Whether it be fishing, oil, energy, financial………These unelected Czars just proclaim it shall be so? Sebelius at DHHS, just waves her wand and gives “waivers” for Obamacare to certain businesses? Obama disregards the court, and continues to deny oil drilling? Sounds like dictatorship to me.

“It is unlikely these realities are lost on the EPA, making one wonder if the real goal of the agency is to do away altogether with economic activity throughout the bread basket of this country and turn it into a vast national park,” she added.

“From where I sit, (the Obama administration) appears to be aimed at destroying the cattle industry in America as we know it,” Tamara Thies, the chief environmental counsel at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, said on Capitol Hill last week.

It is ironic that as we work to become less dependent on foreign oil, Obama policies are likely to make us more dependent on foreign beef. Maybe we’ll need to start a strategic hamburger reserve after the Obama administration is finished with us.”

They are even after the Amish: EPA goes after Amish Farmers: Here

Thies’ comments came at a hearing conducted by the House Republicans’ Rural America Solutions Group about the EPA’s proposed regulations on the industry, which include the toughest dust regulations in history – one which would significantly impact the rural economy by imposing steep fines on cattle producers who, Thies said, most likely cannot afford them. More at CNS News

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