Obama’s psyche and that which makes him rage

Great Story from Human Events… 

“Good question indeed. What drives Barack Obama’s rage against America? Our President is hell bent on slashing our nuclear stockpiles, while lunatic regimes in Iran and North Korea want a robust program of their own.

Obama derides entrepreneurship, business, and our free-market system, as he pushes an unprecedented Washington power grab in the auto, financial, healthcare, and energy sectors. He even supports oil drilling off the coast of Brazil, but not in the country he was elected to lead. And that list doesn’t even scratch the surface of Obama’s governing sins.
What gives?

Is Barack just another run-of-the-mill liberal who distrusts private industry, craves bigger government, and who is uncomfortable with America’s status as a super power? Perhaps. Or is there something more to Obama’s agenda, something more sinister? Dinesh D’Souza thinks there is, and he’s not shy about identifying the psyche of Barack Obama: Anti-colonialism.

In an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, D’Souza breaks down the premise of what may be the most controversial book of the year, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Don’t miss what he had to say. You may see Obama in a whole new light.” More at Human Events

See our earlier post: Obama’s Father and his view of Problems Facing Our Socialism 

Here is an interview with Dinesh D’Souza

Oh that Kenyan story…..His Cousin Odinga who believes in Sharia Law. About 2:45 we hear about that “transparency thingey”


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