Obama’s psyche and that which makes him rage

Great Story from Human Events… 

“Good question indeed. What drives Barack Obama’s rage against America? Our President is hell bent on slashing our nuclear stockpiles, while lunatic regimes in Iran and North Korea want a robust program of their own.

Obama derides entrepreneurship, business, and our free-market system, as he pushes an unprecedented Washington power grab in the auto, financial, healthcare, and energy sectors. He even supports oil drilling off the coast of Brazil, but not in the country he was elected to lead. And that list doesn’t even scratch the surface of Obama’s governing sins.
What gives?

Is Barack just another run-of-the-mill liberal who distrusts private industry, craves bigger government, and who is uncomfortable with America’s status as a super power? Perhaps. Or is there something more to Obama’s agenda, something more sinister? Dinesh D’Souza thinks there is, and he’s not shy about identifying the psyche of Barack Obama: Anti-colonialism.

In an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, D’Souza breaks down the premise of what may be the most controversial book of the year, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Don’t miss what he had to say. You may see Obama in a whole new light.” More at Human Events

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Here is an interview with Dinesh D’Souza

Oh that Kenyan story…..His Cousin Odinga who believes in Sharia Law. About 2:45 we hear about that “transparency thingey”

Arizona’s Medicaid Program Will No Longer Cover Liver, Heart, Lung Transplants

Here it comes: Rationing… Nothing less than a death sentence. I have been a bit under the weather, but trying to rise to the occasion of blogging a bit. Sick enough to listen to the radio, which only calls me to action, and the Blogorama world. Look for the Highlighted points, and you will get the drift. 30 million added to Health insurance, with mandates which would be mostly added to Medicaid, what did he think? Of course it would bankrupt the States. But that is what he wanted. He thinks we will beg for a Federal plan. P.S. As Premiums rise this year because of mandates, the call for repeal wall falter. The Insurance Companies have been intimidated into not speaking about the rise due to Obamacare. It will be blamed on greedy Insurance companies. They have been set up.

In a memo announcing a number of benefits changes for adults 21 and older, the state’s Medicaid agency said it was responding to “significant fiscal challenges facing the State and substantial growth in the Medicaid population.”

As of October 1, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System will no longer pay for liver transplants for patients with Hepatitis C; certain heart and bone marrow transplants; or lung and pancreas transplants.

The new transplant exclusions took effect Friday as part of broader Medicaid coverage changes mandated by the State of Arizona in response to budgetary pressures. (Arizona’s Fiscal Year 2010 enacted budget directs AHCCCS to eliminate various medical and health services for adults. See page 20 of the bill).

In addition to eliminating most organ-transplant coverage, Arizona’s Medicaid agency also is eliminating most dental care for adults as well as coverage of podiatrist services; insulin pumps; percussive vests; bone-anchored hearing aids; cochlear implants; orthotics; gastric bypass surgery; certain durable medical equipment; “well” medical checkups; some non-emergency medical transportation; microprocessor-controlled lower limbs and joints; and it is limiting outpatient physical therapy to 15 visits per contract year. (See list)

More at CNS News

Obama Guts Homeland Security- mainly NYC

When I heard about the “alert on Terror” or whatever it is called now, I just could not resist in recalling all of the destructive acts Obama and his minions have done to make us less secure– particularly NYC. So I thought it only appropriate to let us think about what was done previously to put us at risk. Here are a few earlier posts last Spring. Even Collins was stunned. Today Hot Air says “watch your back” in Europe– better yet, watch your back in USA .Thanks Obama

The Obama administration will announce today it has slashed anti-terror funds for New York City, despite the attempted Times Square bombing less than two weeks ago that underscored the enormous threat to the city.Read more: More at New York Post

“In view of the fiscal horizon, we must make bold and systematic strategic decisions,” New Coast Guard Head Papp wrote in the memo, dated Nov. 10, 2009. Obama announced his intention to nominate Papp on Dec. 22.

In the memo, Coast Guard Commandant Papp said he wants to eliminate teams that are trained to respond to and prevent terror attacks. These teams also train other Coast Guard forces on counterterrorism operations.

The memo, marked “sensitive — for internal Coast 

Guard use only,” was obtained by The Associated Press.

He also calls for cuts to the Coast Guard’s largest homeland security operation, which patrols critical infrastructure and other sensitive security structures on or near waterways. And he would decrease the number of specialized units stationed in key coastal areas where an attack could be devastating.

Obama has already proposed closing five of the 12 specialized units in 2011.

Papp’s outline is significant because it could mean major changes for the more than 200-year-old agency that took on substantial homeland security duties after Sept. 11, 2001. Obama’s 2011 proposed budget cuts for the Coast Guard have already caused outrage from some lawmakers.

Big Sis is at it too. Cutting the Coast Guards elite team that patrols our ports.

At a recent hearing, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), ranking member on the committee, said she was shocked that the Obama administration’s budget for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2011 cuts funding for the U.S. Coast Guard while asking for $200 million for security for the Sheikh Mohammed trial.

 When asked by ranking minority leader Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) why the DHS budget spends money on securing the trials of terrorists in the U.S. while cutting funding for U.S. Coast Guard, Napolitano defended the Obama administration’s stance on the matter.

Collins said “Decommissioning part of the Coast Guard’s 13th elite maritime security safety teams that protect waterfront cities makes absolutely no sense given the threats to our ports,” adding that she believed the Senate would not fund security for terror trials in the U.S. Check outJanet Napoliotano not consulted on terror trials/

Check Out: Coast Guard wants to slash homland Security


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