Bob Beckel threatens Pam Geller on Fox

How much longer is Fox going to put up with Beckel? Frankly, while I enjoy watching Hannity, when it comes to the great, great, great panel as exclaimed– I flip the switch and catch a few morsels of some left-wing nut jewel– just to stay current. Move on, Beckel, move on. The sun has set on your drivel. 

Here’s something you don’t hear very often from a Fox News Contributor “You’re a woman, you better be careful about saying who I carry water for,” but that was the threat Bob Beckel made to my friend, Pamela Geller editor of Atlas Shrugs and Big Journalism contributor during a heated exchange on Eric Bolling’s Fox Business News show Money Rocks last night

Geller: I would like to address Mr. Beckel’s point. I don’t know why you’re carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world today. There have been 20,000 documented radical Islamic attacks since 9/11. Each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric…

Beckel: You better be very careful. You’re a woman, you better be very careful about who you say I carry water for, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. And don’t start putting me in the middle of your crap!

Geller: Don’t you point to me!

Beckel: I’ll point to you all I want!

Geller: Don’t you point to me. You’re a misogynist.

Beckel: You’re getting yourself fifteen minutes, you get yourself fifteen minutes of fame because you’re (Bolling) picking on a bunch of Muslims.

Geller: You’re picking on a bunch of women. You’re a woman hater.

Beckel: A woman hater? A woman hater?

Geller: Look how you’re talking to me. It’s outrageous.

Beckel: You are nuts.

Geller: Yeah, I’m nuts.”

More at Big Journalism here

Rasmussen has O’Donnell nine back of Coons in Delaware

All I can say is remember Scott Brown.  For some inspiration, let’s take a look at one of the most moving vids evah. As others mocked us, don’t you know what happened? An interesting tidbit: Whoever wins gets sworn in the Next Day! Because this is Biden’s old seat, this is a special election as well. It could be a pivotal seat with the nasty bills they may try to pass after the election and before the new Congress.

More From:  Hot Air

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Delaware voters finds Coons with 49% support, while O’Donnell earns 40% of the vote. Castle, a longtime congressman who lost to O’Donnell in the state’s GOP Primary, picks up five percent (5%). Another five percent (5%) remain undecided.

AFL-CIO says “Our long term job is to re-establish popular control over corporations”

It is hard to imagine that I would live to see the day when it is all out war on the producers of jobs. All one has to do is look at General Motors to see what the Unions can do for its workers. Three people to move a wrench, benefits out the kazoo… and its good-bye to America-we are moving on or going bankrupt. What a group…. 

Obama and Trumka - perfect Marxists

Obama and Trumka - perfect Marxists


Trumka and Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, Eric Alterman, journalist and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and moderator Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of the Nation, led a panel discussion—Which Way for the Working Class? Elections 2010 and Beyond—Friday afternoon in New York City. 

Via the AFL-CIO’s official blog is a summary of a speech Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO gave on September 24th. Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers 

“we need to fundamentally restructure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government.  That’s a long-term job, but one we should start now.” 

In the short term, said Trumka, the labor movement has to “recapture the moment and take control of the national conversation.” Building for the future, 

Trumka said it is vital to channel working-class anger away from Fox News and Tea Party extremists who are delivering a cynical, deeply dishonest and incoherent message—that big government is somehow to blame for the current crisis that the budget deficit will eat our children, and that illegal immigrants took all the good jobs.   

However, he added, “The good news is they haven’t bought into right-wing ideology. They are just confused about who to blame.” 

Alterman said workers are so beaten down by the economy, “[p]eople don’t ask for raises anymore.” 

 He also said that the labor movement and the progressive community face a tremendous challenge because there is an alliance of the corporations and high-powered government politicians against the interests of working people. 

More at the Blog here of the AFL-CIO

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