Alert!Judiciary taking up confirmations of some wacko bench nominees

Here they go…once again… they were suppose to headed out of of the most troublesome for me is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee: Goodwin Liu. The 9th is already liberal loonie land. This was suppose to be dead in the water. Always rush this stuff through hey Zero we are sick of this. It will end soon, but not soon enough

Hot air has a list of all of these fine folks Push the button here for the sad story

So a few questions ole Liu didn’t answer? Lets hope on this one. Here is an earlier post: Berkley’s Goodwin Liu for 9th Circuit.

Given that Liu is only 39 years old and has never been a judge, it could be that his most relevant experience for getting an appointment to one of the nation’s most important courts was his participation in Barack Obama’s “transition team.”

Of course, Liu’s cavalier flaunting of the Constitution’s plain meaning is a big plus for Obama as well.

 Liu wants to “reinvigorate public dialogue about our commitments to mutual aid and distributive justice across a broad range of social goods” and then have the courts recognize “a fundamental right to education or housing or medical care…as an interpretation and consolidation of the values we have gradually internalized as a society.”  In other words, the Constitution and its core American principles of limited government and liberty should be legislated away and then finally swept away by courts.  Goodwin Liu’s desire to “construct, contest, and enact…distributive commitments in our public culture” is a view greatly to be feared in a judicial nominee.

Note to Mr. Liu: If he wants to enforce a “social citizenship tradition”, he might better try to become a judge in France or Sweden.  Our Founders understood the principles in the Constitution as timeless restraints on government due to the inherent nature of people and power, and they would certainly object to a characterization of the document as providing “rights to government assistance.” A lifetime appointment, More here at Human Events Can it get much worse

Fiorina slams “Senator Ma’am” in TV ad

Good work, Carly. In case you haven’t caught this, here tis. Now if only Christine O’Donnell could have a couple of good ones, things might pick up in Delaware. Still asking…Christine? We sent you a couple of million… let’s get cooking…time is a wasting! Time to cast a spell and conjure up a good ad! Hat Tip:  Hot Air

Carly Fiorina releases her first TV spot in the general election today, and takes aim at Barbara Boxer’s insistence on being called “Senator” in a rebuke during a military briefing from a general that C-SPAN caught. This might not have been a worthwhile campaign issue if Boxer had taken an opportunity in the first debate with Fiorina to apologize for her haughty tone. Instead, Boxer more or less doubled down on her snotty remark, giving Fiorina the opportunity to question Boxer’s priorities — and her altogether unearned attitude of entitlement:

Sebelius Says People Don’t Like ObamaCare Because They’re “Confused”…

I know, us knuckle draggers just don’t get it. Before we were stupid… so I guess this is a step up. Confused? Today, no preexisting conditions kick in for many, no limits to pay out. No, I am not cold-hearted. But manyof you chose to spend your money in other ways than buying Health Insurance. You were in good health, why buy it.   The issue is that many did not kick into the kitty as I have for many years.  Thus my money in the kitty goes to you to pay for your care.  Better yet, my rates are exploding to cover you. Think of it like life insurance. Can I get life insurance when I find out I have a terminal illness? I didn’t pay into it, I don’t collect. Why? Because it is not fair. 

Kathleen Sebelius on PBS’s Tavis Smiley says the American people are confused about health care because of all the misinformation put out by the opposition.

Smiley: “Most Americans are not agreement with health care reform, why would not they [Republicans] not take those numbers, make their case that most Americans don’t agree with what’s happened on health care and then start the cry, start the effort to repeal those measures?”

Sebelius: “Well, I think unfortunately a lot of the American people are still confused about what’s in the bill and what’s not in the bill”

Hat Tip to Hot Air Pundit

White House attacks GOP “Pledge Plan” so what else is new?

Boehner- low profile please

Boehner- low profile please

As for me, Lock and Load, I would have rather the GOP kept out of this whole thing. When you are on a winning roll, why give the to other side something to attack on?Bickering at this point may only turn off the “turn out” of important Independents. We have them, so leave well enough alone. Pence is running around on  TV and Radio about “Social Values” are included. Just what we needed. I had read the GOP had caved on various issues to him. Please, why must we go there now?  The left is itching to make you the face of the Republican party. Win first, my friend, and Mr. Pence, please stay out of it. The left will trot you out and abortion, et al, will be front and center. Keep your eye on the target. I know, you won the straw poll at the Values Meeting in Iowa, but that was then. This is now.

The White House immediately attacked the House Republicans’ election agenda rollout Wednesday evening, claiming the 21-page “Pledge to America” plan will “take America back to the same failed economic policies that caused this recession.”

Pfeiffer wrote. “Instead of a pledge to the American people, Congressional Republicans made a pledge to the big special interests to restore the same economic ideas that benefited them at the expense of middle-class families.”  Now that put my laugh-o-meter on 10!

More at Politico

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