“Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process”

Yes, registration of guns, control of Ammo… thats how they are going to go about it.  How about this? EPA going to ban lead ammunition
Now for the hearing–this should help get out the base for November elections.
Senate Judiciary Committee
Full Committee
DATE: September 14, 2010
TIME: 10:00 AM
ROOM: Dirksen-226


September 7, 2010

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing entitled “Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process” for Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

By order of the Chairman. http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearings/hearing.cfm?id=4771

Here is how they are going to get around the 2nd Amendment:
California Democrat proposes mandatory gun registration
A CA Democrat is proposing a new law requiring residents to register their shotguns and rifles or go to jail.
Feuer is no friend of firearms owners: his previous legislative effort, which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law, required all new handguns to include “microstamping” technology that can imprint serial numbers on spent ammunition casings.
The proposal comes as the U.S. Supreme Court considered a landmark civil rights case, McDonald v. Chicago, which decided in a 5 -4 decision said that the  Second Amendment rights in the federal constitution trump state anti-gun laws.
 But California is proposing mandatory registration — and not a flat ban, as Washington, D.C. once tried and the justices rejected — and even legal scholars specializing in this area disagree about whether registration is constitutional. And the plan is to make the cost of registration prohibitive.
“Even though the constitutionality of such a measure is a close call, it is a horrible public policy choice,” says Gene Hoffman, chairman of the CalGuns Foundation. “Just as Canada is about to do away with their long gun registry after squandering $1 billion, California wishes to attack law abiding gun owners for firearms not used in crime.”


3 Responses to ““Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process””

  1. KingShamus Says:

    They mention the Governator’s silliness on guns in the article.

    Damn, what a complete bust this guy has been.


  2. Angel Says:

    love the image!! Thank u for fighting the fight and God bless you this Sept 11 and always my fellow patriot!! 🙂


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