Fidel Castro Now a Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theorist

Must admit, we have been enjoying the last rays of summer, so  missed this when it hit. This was an interesting find, Castro taken a leap into this abyss. We did a story back in June.. so here is a link back to it, with the list of attendees. I think the comments from the Miami blog says it all. It is interesting that most folks mock at those who inquire “What is this all about?”  Leaked list of attendees at the Bilderberg Go for it here  It links out to a Bilderberg  site- feel free to roam about there into the Heartland of Bilderberg.

From the  Miami New Times:

Fidel Castro has a new favorite book: Daniel Estulin’s The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, which is more or less full of conspiracy theories.

The Bilderberg group basically amount to an annual meeting of 130 of the world’s most powerful and influential people. Everyone from the Clintons to Colin Powell and Condelezza Rice have attended at one point or another. But because of the meeting’s secrecy, it’s ripe ground for conspiracy theorists.

Usually it’s political extremists on both the left or the right who make a muck about the group. Some think it aims to promote capitalist domination, others think it’s setting up a socialist New World Order.

Castro himself made no direct comments about the group, but the quotes he selected, interestingly, seem to line up more with the “socialist one world government” school of Bilderberg theorists.


Tom says:
130 of the worlds most powerful and influential people meet every year to just hang out and BBQ. Do you really believe that Mr. Kyle Munzenrieder? Thanks for nothing Kyle, way to be a tool.

Mark Penrose says:

Just because Obama and Hillary secretly went to a meeting in 08 when the entire worldwide media lost track of both of them for 2 days , doesn’t mean there is anything to be suspicious of

Miami New Times


2 Responses to “Fidel Castro Now a Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theorist”

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