President Obama Owes Los Angeles a Big Apology Over Traffic Jam

So Obama ties up traffic in LA for over three hours! So much for the fund raiser -how many votes did he lose with this stunt?

UPDATE: Over 11,000 of you folks have been gawking at the traffic  jam. come on. Someone figure it out!

I must admit, when I know, it wasn’t nice but….. for once Holyweird got a personal taste of this malignant narcissist that they love so well. It’s all about him. But then I read some of the comments made from the readers on her page and well, I had remorse. So here tis….

“This is the worst traffic jam I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been trapped here for over three hours because President Obama and a group of Hollywood insiders are having a fancy fundraiser. 

Someone apparently decided that Obama’s $30,000-a-plate dinner at the house of “West Wing” producer John Wells necessitated shutting down most of the major east-west through streets in Los Angeles.

As of this writing, they are saying that large stretches of Olympic Boulevard will be shut until 9 p.m. I have also seen indications on the road and on the radio that huge portions of Pico and Santa Monica boulevards are also closed.

Those of you who are familiar with Los Angeles know that closing these three streets mean the entire city will be gridlocked. On LaPeer and Olympic, I was literally barricaded in on a small, residential block for over an hour with at least 50 people for over an hour.” Read more here at the wrap

For some great comments from the peasants of LA– glad to know they are alive and well. Easy to forget. Go to Gateway Pundit Maybe there is some hope for California!

13 Responses to “President Obama Owes Los Angeles a Big Apology Over Traffic Jam”

  1. Joe Lyford Says:

    Regardless of what things are like in France the problem in the US is that we have a non-viable form of mass transportation (cars). We have this because big oil likes it that way, and the voting masses would rather wave flags and brag about how other countries “hate us for our freedom” without noticing that we waste the better part of nearly every day COMPLETELY HELPLESS festering in our cars on a road system that goes practically completely offline at the most minor of occurences.

    So next time you are tempted to mount an additional stars and stripes flag on your vehicle, consider that those flags are most likely going to dangle impotently as you sit helpless breathing fumes at the mercy of forces beyond your control and put that money on a candidate (since Citizens vs. United all candidates are now OFFICIALLY for sale to the highest bidder so make it count) and demand they promise an alternative to roads that have to be repaved every few years, take up enormous amounts of real estate, serve a system that requires us to pay registration fees, car payments, gas prices, (half our taxes go to pay for a military who’s primary purpose is evidently to violently secure access to oil on the other side of the world).

    That’s a whopping chunk of your paycheck, personal freedom and life just for taxes better spent on schools and medical coverage.

    Add the massive spending out-of-pocket to keep your car and fuel it, and it’s getting to be a lot like slavery.

    The problem isn’t Obama. The problem is the corporate stranglehold we allow oil to have over our lives. Sitting in a traffic jam 2+ hours a day is NOT freedom folks. Our taxes would be better spent on trains. At least those people in France had a viable alternative to sitting in that 20 lane mess. Most of us in the United States don’t. And that’s not Obama’s fault any more than it’s Richard Nixon’s. It’s making the Koch bros rich though. Maybe you should ask them. While you’re at it, ask which candidate they support this November and vote for the other one.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, half of America does not live in the cities. In fact, those that bring food to our table, live out in no man land with zero public transportation. They are suffering,and our food prices will skurocket aloong with our home heating what with shuttimg down all of the coal planbts. This at a time when most folks are on the ropes.


      • Joe Lyford Says:

        I didn’t say anything about shutting down the coal plants or hurting farmers so I’m not sure what you’re responding to here. It’s true that coal and fossil fuels are going to cease to be viable eventually whether it’s me that says it or someone else. Coal and oil won’t run out, but will eventually become so expensive to extract (either because of toxic affects on people or weather impact in the case of coal or cost in the case of oil) as to be solutions only for the richest private and public sectors of society (government, and moreso private corporations). As weather patterns become more violent and unpredictable we’re going to start having massive road transportation failures.

        When that happens we’ll have to drastically address emissions regardless of how much coal is still in the ground. There’s still a lot of oil underground but it will become more and more expensive to extract – we’ve arguably hit peak oil already, and delaying renewable fuel research and infrastructure transfer to a sustainable energy form will be catastrophic. So I’m not saying stop using oil. I’m saying stop wasting it, and use what’s left to find and build an energy solution while we still can. Think about it. There’s oil behind every car, home, power station, water plant, hospital, and grocery item. Right now the single biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world is the US Military. And what are we using it for? Not to research and/or build domestic solar infrastructure – but to grab the last reserves of extractable fossil fuel to feed the dying system.

        There may not even be enough fossil fuel and coal resources to accomplish something as massive as a retooling of our energy infrastructure and the building of a transit infrastructure. Whether spending a trillion dollars a year to operate a fossil fuel military to procure fossil fuels is more insane than simply allowing things to progress as they are and running the unsustainable system we have to it’s conclusion then die off when it collapses doesn’t seem worth arguing about.

        One thing’s for sure; addressing the insanity of our current unsustainable system is not going to shut down coal plants. Problems with our coal plants and severe environmental impacts will.

        And you seem to assume a new infrastructure would exclude rural areas of our country. It didn’t when we had a train system before, it didn’t when we built the automobile system either. True, our entire city-rural landscape is the result of supply routes and transportation access. But our current supply routes are critical whether you’re using trains, cars, or giant green chickens. And it will create a whole new industry and jobs that Mitt won’t be able to ship overseas.


      • Joe Lyford Says:

        Should also add that we (and those who bring food to our tables) should insist that whatever infrastructure renewal takes place is done by civic engineers with our tax dollars, and not by private corporations friendly with Mitt Romney, the Obama Administration, or whatever giant banker runs for office in 2016. They’ll still do it with our tax dollars…but if monopolies control it they’ll raise prices on the consumer and make sure that the average working Joe and small farmers can’t afford to use it.


      • Karen Says:

        Hey, dog-breath. I just stumbled on this POS blog post. You blurt that half of America does not live in the cities. In reality (a place with which you are unfamiliar), 80.7% of Americans do live in cities, according to the 2010 census. Just 19.3% don’t live in cities. So take your ignorant, racist, tea party b.s. about Obama and shove it.

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  2. Z Says:

    the writer got an image to SHOW TRAFFIC to illustrate the point….I LIVE HERE, and SITTING 3 HOURS IN A TRAFFIC JAM ISN”T FUN, FOLKS…it feels like that picture, believe me.. That is definitely not L.A., that’s true, but to close ALL THOSE STREETS mentioned in the article and not expect horrible gridlock is just plain stupid.
    Why don’t they have the president fly in to LAX and have the guests COME THERE to a swanky hotel in the area, at the airport? voila. NO, got to make sure everybody’s miserable…as if they aren’t miserable enough that he’s in town at ALL?


  3. Dan Clark Says:

    I found out online that this is a picture in 1980 of “The worst traffic jam ever” on a highway between Paris and Lyon, France


  4. Tony Fernandez Says:

    Who cares? The traffic was as bad as that picture. Do you want an actual picture of the traffic nightmare? Because I guarantee you that it is not much of a difference.

    Besides, the picture actually is Los Angeles. That’s the San Diego Freeway over the Sepulveda Pass. It has been photoshopped, but that pass exists in Los Angeles.


  5. D Right One Says:

    Where in LA is there a twenty lane interstate?


  6. Max Says:

    Typical right-wing trickery.


  7. cekryb Says:

    I don’t know if you’re using the photo as irony, but that photo is not LA:


  8. Mike Says:

    this photo is not Los Angeles.


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