ADA Strikes Again: First Burritos, Now The Kindle

At least the Kindle case is not as ridiculous as the recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) restaurants in San Diego are not ADA compliant because wheelchair-bound patrons cannot see their meals being made. This prevents them from “fully participating in the selection and preparation of their order.” We’re not joking. (This is the same 9th thats going to hear the Arizona Immigration case) How in the world did we come to this>>?? Where did these people come from?

The Civil Rights Division informed the schools they were under investigation. In subsequent talks, the Justice Department demanded the universities stop distributing the Kindle; if blind students couldn’t use the device, then nobody could. The Federation made the same demand in a separate lawsuit against Arizona State.

The Washington Examiner reports today on a promising new education program that provides Amazon (AMZN) Kindles to students to reduce paper use in universities — and how the the Department of Justice stepped in to squash it. The DOJ actually threatened to sue the schools, including Princeton, Arizona State and Case Western Reserve, to halt the programs because it decided the e-book reader does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Blind folks can’t see the gizmo’s– get it? Glad to know Eric Holder is on the job… sort of..

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Humanity Needs to Start Farming Bugs for Food, From United Nations Policy Paper

Yummy Grasshoppers

Yummy Grasshoppers

 “We’re looking at ways of grinding the meat into some sort of patty, which would be more recognizable to western palates,” he says. Oh you just do that!~

Michelle is really going to love this one. Just Cannot wait till this is at our favorite dining Hot spots. 

Tons of edible, sustainable protein swarms all around us, free for the taking. In a new policy paper being considered by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Belgian entomologist Arnold van Huis makes the sensible recommendation that the western world eat more insects.

Farming edible insects like mealworms and crickets would produce far less greenhouse gas — 10 times less methane and 100 times less nitrous oxide — than the large mammals we currently farm. Insects are metabolically much more efficient, which makes them far cheaper to feed and raise; and, since they’re so biologically different from humans, they are less subject to contagious disease scares like mad cow. They are high in protein and calcium, and, with over 1,000 edible species, offer plenty of delicious variety. Read more here

Loonie 9th Circuit Court to release rapist- not enough Black Jurors

No other reason given by Court..DNA positive…and yet…. let him rape and plunder again. If that is not enough on this topic– Obama wants to add an even more wackier 38 year old who has never been a judge to this very court-  Read here: Goodwin Liu coming your way

9th Circuit To Release Rapist?

The Sacramento Bee reports that the looniest court in the land, the 9th Circuit, has overturned the conviction of a rapist. It’s not that anyone thinks that the man isn’t guilty of the rape and robbery of a 72 year old woman, it’s just that the court believes that there weren’t enough black jurors in his case:

Steven Frank Jackson was found guilty by a Superior Court jury of breaking into a 72-year-old white woman’s apartment and repeatedly raping her and sexually assaulting her in a number of ways.

Saliva found on her breast yielded a positive match of Jackson’s DNA, and the victim identified Jackson at the trial as her attacker in the early hours of April 29, 2002.

The jury pronounced him guilty of a multitude of sexual crimes and one count of burglary, and on Sept. 30, 2004, at age 39, Jackson was sentenced to a “three-strikes” prison term of 310 years to life. The verdict and sentence were affirmed by a state appellate court and the federal district court in Sacramento. The California Supreme Court declined review.

But both were overturned last week by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals…Absent a retrial, he will go free.

In a 2 1/2-page memorandum the three judges state that the reasons the prosecutor gave for his peremptory challenges excusing the two prospective African American jurors “were not sufficient to counter the evidence of purposeful discrimination.”

The 9th Circuit judges note with some indignation that “two out of three prospective African American jurors were stricken,” and then declare that “the record reflected different treatment of comparably situated jurors.”…

“The decision took us completely by surprise,” said Sacramento County Chief Deputy District Attorney Cindy Besemer. She said Deputy District Attorney Scott Triplett had “excused two jurors for reasons other than race. The 9th Circuit’s order doesn’t cite any evidence which conflicts with the findings made by (two) lower courts.”

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National Education Association Orders Members to Read Communist Guide Book

The National Education Association (NEA) is the premier teachers union group in the country. Recall how the NEA wanted to School kids to honor Red China and Mao in October? NEA-Lets remember Communism

 Read here  The outrage made them remove it from their Calendar. The March continues. They are not done yet.

Here is how they describe Alinsky’s books:

NEA recommends the following Saul Alinsky books to those members of our Association who are involved in grassroots organizing, especially Association Representatives (ARs) — also known as building reps or shop stewards — and leaders at local affiliates.

Saul Alinsky is widely recognized as the father of, and pre-imminent expert in, grassroots organizing, which is why we recommend that ARs and local leaders become familiar with his theories & materials.

Saul Alinsky is also “widely recognized” as a communist sympathizer, socialist theorist, and left-wing radical. I guess the NEA “forgot” to mention that, eh?

A look at the NEA website reveals a shocking recommendation to its members. The union that represents the teachers that we send our children to every school day suggests that its members read the communist-like manifesto of famed left-wing agitator Saul Alinsky.

That’s right, the NEA wants its members, America’s teachers, to become programmed by the ideas and policy prescriptions in a communist manifesto.

And while making the recommendation, the NEA also absent-mindedly seems to forget that Alinsky was an avowed socialist that wanted to remake America from a representative democracy into a communist state.

The left-wing tracking site reminds us of what else Alinsky “widely recognized” for:

Alinsky’s brand of revolution was not characterized by dramatic, sweeping, overnight transformations of social institutions. As Richard Poe puts it, “Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties.” He advised organizers and their disciples to quietly, subtly gain influence within the decision-making ranks of these institutions, and to introduce changes from that platform.”

THIS is the un-American agitator that the nation’s largest teachers union wants to expose the teachers we send our kids to, folks. This is why these unions need to be defeated.

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Russia: Christian Pastor Executed for Converting “Too Many Muslims” in Dagestan

While we enjoy our freedom of religion, I want to keep in mind that there is one that tolerates none other. And that is the Muslim Faith..which has become more of a political movement under the heading of a religion. We are the infidels…those to be destroyed. So while we have this civil debate over the building of the mosque on Ground Zero, with dubious financial support, let us not forget what they are about.

Pastor Artur Suleimanov, 49, was shot by unidentified gunmen recently while leaving Hosanna Christian Church in Dagestan on July 15.

Suleimanov was a Russian pastor who founded the biggest Protestant church in the Northern Caucasus region. The church has 1,000 members, 80 percent of whom were previously Muslim.

He was murdered recently after a media report said he deserved to die for converting too many Muslims.

Dagestan, located in the Caucasus mountains, is home to 2.6 million people, 91 percent of which are Muslim. Missionaries from outside Dagestan had not matched Suleimanov’s success, who was a native of the region.

Because the country borders Chechnya, it is often caught in the crossfire of a longstanding conflict between Russia and Chechen Sunni Islam separatists leading to many civilian deaths. Read more here

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Town Catches Pool Permit Dodgers With Google Earth

Here is looking at you. Amazing, yet we can’t seem to see anyone crossing our border down Arizona way?? Well, Sis is working on it  like a “laser Point” yes, its true, she said so.

New technology often has unintended consequences. In the case of Google Earth, a popular program that combines various satellite and aerial images to create a navigable 3D globe, it’s being used by one town to catch unpermitted pool owners.

Far cheaper than peeking over everyone’s fence, the town of Riverhead in Long Island used Google Earth to check out who had pools but never filled out the proper paperwork. Scofflaws were told to get the permits or pay up. The town has collected almost $75,000 in fines so far.

Hm, what other tax and permit evasions could municipalities catch if they just used a little Google Earth?

Google Earth used to find unpermitted pools on Long Island [AP]

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