Justice Department declares war on doctors

I really really tried to follow the logic of this arguement. Have a go at it, and let me know how it works out for you. All I know is that we are beginning the beginning of the long nightmare of Obamacare. And Eric Holder will be front and center in assuring his office will be front and center.

Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before the House Judiciary Committee’s oversight hearing on May 13. In a landmark action against Idaho physicians, the Justice Department has unambiguously stated that refusal to accept government price controls is a form of illegal price fixing.

As I’ve long suspected, “health care reform” has emboldened the Justice Department to take a more active role in enforcing government price controls against physicians. Today the Antitrust Division, joined by Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, forced a a group of Boise orthopedists to accept price controls for worker’s compensation and HMO contracts as part of a settlement accusing the doctors of “price fixing”

The FTC has hinted at this when it’s said physicians must accept Medicare-based reimbursement schedules from insurance companies. But the DOJ has gone the final step and said, “Government prices are market prices,” in the form of the Idaho Industrial Commission’s fee schedule. The IIC administers the state’s worker compensation system and is composed of three commissioners appointed by the governor. This isn’t a quasi-private or semi-private entity. It’s a purely government operation.

What’s more, the Antitrust Division has linked a refusal to accept government price controls with a refusal to accept a “private” insurance company’s contract offer. This lives little doubt that antitrust regulators consider insurance party contracts the equivalent of government price controls — and physicians and patients have no choice but to accept them.

Despite this, Antitrust Division chief Christine Varney, an Obama political appointee, insists she’s trying to protect “competition”

Read more here at csmonitor

Hat tip to Maggies Farm for a good snag. Maggiesfarm We are moving right along are we not?


2 Responses to “Justice Department declares war on doctors”

  1. Comrade Matrix Says:

    How much more before we start calling this what it is – Tyranny. And now all the gold coin dealers are pissed. I love how they say ‘little know provision’ in the bill. Hell – it was ALL LITTLE KNOWN!


    • bunkerville Says:

      “refusal to accept government price controls is a form of illegal price fixing.”–hard to wrap your mind around it. a price control is not a price fix????


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