Federal Court Orders Port Chester, New York, to Implement New Voting Methods

Am I the only one who can recall the failed Clinton’s nominee Lani Guinier to the supreme court? She supported “Cumulative voting” in order to achieve a “reparation election” of minorites to elected office. Once the fire storm erupted, Clinton withdrew her name, claiming he was not fully informed of her opinions. She, of course, was an old time school chum of Hillary’s. It’s about “one man, one vote.”

So you can imagine my surprise when I caught this tidbit  last night on Fox. Apparently, there are few of us who share the concern of where we are headed with this. A good reminder for us of Hillary, in case we get carried away, thinking she would have been so much better.

“Cumulative voting” is a method of voting . Under cumulative voting , each voter gets to cast six votes, but not necessarily for six different candidates. He can vote for six different candidates, cast all six votes for one candidate, or any combination in between just as long as he casts no more than six votes for that contest.

The voters of Port Chester, New York, went to the polls on Tuesday, June 15 using cumulative voting and early voting. They did so because the Village of Port Chester was ordered to do so by a federal court. According to Amy Ngai of FairVote, this was the first time such methods of voting were used in the State of New York.

This change in voting methods was in response to a lawsuit filed in 2006 by the U.S. Department of Justice claiming Port Chester’s at-large method of voting had diluted the voting strength of Latino voters.  According to the NYTimes.com coverage of the election, Latinos comprise 49 percent of the approximately 28,000 residents of Port Chester, although not all of them are U.S. citizens.

Excellent history since our founding and background regarding the process for States to determine process for voting found here though I disagree that there is nothing wrong with Cumulative voting: Newamerican here

8 Responses to “Federal Court Orders Port Chester, New York, to Implement New Voting Methods”

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    […] and trash the Constitution, take a look at an earlier past post that I still find chilling,  Federal Court orders Port Chester to implement new voting methods. “Cumulative voting” is a method of voting . Under cumulative voting , each voter gets to cast […]


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  3. Karen Howes Says:

    Gee, how shocking that the object of this is to get more minority (read: Democrat) votes.


  4. Angel Says:

    hey there…as long as Black Panthers allow us to vote this time around!:)


  5. Peter Says:

    If you don’t like cumulative voting, you better get organizing to defeat Bill Brady, the Republican candidate for governor in Illinois, as he supports bringing cumulative voting back to Illinois — the state had it for 110 years, and many people think it was better for voters.

    Not sure why you think winner-take-all voting is so great. How about opening up all those noncompetivtie districts to real competition and better representation?


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for your comments. I am not sure about the “winner take all” comment. I fail to see how the non competitive districts become more, by my voting numerous times for the same candidate. 100 people on the ballot- I get to vote for someone 100 times. Illinois has not been the bastion of the democratic process as I recall.


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