Midwife sliced off newborn baby’s FINGER as she tried to cut the umbilical cord

Coming to our town soon~ Obamacare– you betcha!

Jasvir, 28, of Wolverhampton, who had already been through a four-hour labour said: ‘The midwife was using really sharp scissors to cut the cord from the maternity pack, which we think were the wrong equipment.

‘When she cut the eight-inch cord she cut through the finger as well, but didn’t even notice at first.

‘My husband told her she’d cut the finger off and she replied, “No I haven’t”, so I had to say to her, “Look at all the blood”.

A new mother was left ‘hysterical’ when a midwife sliced off her baby girl’s finger as she cut her umbilical cord.

The newborn had to be rushed 17 miles from the delivery room to another hospital to have the left digit sewn back on.



One Response to “Midwife sliced off newborn baby’s FINGER as she tried to cut the umbilical cord”

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