Clinton’s niece living on food stamps

Daddy Roger Clinton not helping out

Daddy Roger Clinton not helping out

Let me think about what she said. She uses a “Government Benefit Card”…a rose by any other name. How about Welfare– on the dole.. oh, and of course Obama’s Auntie Dearest is living in public housing in Boston- what did happen to her deportation?? With one in eight getting “THE BENEFIT”, no wonder my wallet  is getting microscopic in size.

While Chelsea Clinton has been spotted flashing her bling (her engagement ring, of course), it seems that her cousin Macy is struggling to make ends meet.

Former President Clinton’s niece, Macy Clinton, said she is in such a rut, she uses a government benefit card to get food from her local grocery store. She blames her financial trouble on former President Clinton’s brother, Roger, who she says abandoned her.

“It’s hard, because I’m a Clinton, too, but I have to be on food stamps, and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day,” Macy Clinton told “Inside Edition” in an interview that aired Tuesday.

Clinton has an estranged relationship with her father, whom she has met only twice.

Yeas & Nays called Clinton’s camp for comment, but did not hear back.


One Response to “Clinton’s niece living on food stamps”

  1. bostonblah Says:

    this is so disgusting i cant stand bill and hitlery ,how disgusting a POS can you be? bill clinton makes 300,000$ to speak for 1 hour at a college, my mom has to work 3 jobs and she wont make 300k in 16 years let aone 1 hour, and these people live in one of the richest communities in the country near westchester ,called chapaqua NY ,and they can not even help out their 14yo niece who is on foodstamps? plus that C U next tuesdays salary as secretary of state, and all the books they sell and speeches they are worth 100’s of millions, and they let their own flesh and blood go hungry, that should speak volumes about their character,and we are paying for bill clintons family to eat as taxpayers funding her food stamps ,because he is a deadbeat white trash coke head POS too,just like his white trash brother and wont help her, and they have only 1 butt fugly daughter,there is so excuse they should be ashamed,ASHAMED!!
    they are supposed to be public servants and are supposedly there because they want to help and serve the public ,but they are such greedy,and avaris filled scumbag POS”S they dont even want to help their own family and are fine letting the tax payers foot the bill while they live in a mansion in westchester , these people make me sick
    that would be the day i let own neice,my own brothers kid suffer cause my brother is a deadbeat, an innocent little girl, when they are multi multi millionaires, i bet they didnt even invite her to her own cousins wedding, they are the scum of the earth ,some public servants, they are totally corrupt $#!t bags who are only in government to rob us blind and to have their hand in the till like rest of that scum


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