Save “Are” Teachers

Nice to know our kiddies are getting a good lesson in community organizing. A bright future in this profession.

Terry Hoffman, a language teacher, organized the kids.

It might behoove Hoffman to spend more time teaching grammar.

Fortunately she is retiring.
In Massachusetts, teachers were telling kids that they would lose their homes if they did not get more money.

Teachers have no business organizing kids to promote their personal agendas (pay raises for themselves). I believe such actions should be grounds for dismissal.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Peter Orszag touts the wonders of powerful rationing board

Let us not forget for a nanosecond what we are in for if we are not successful this fall and repeal this monstrosity of a Healthcare bill.

Via Breitbart and Naked Emperor News 
It’s stunning how the truth has found its’ way to the light of day once the massive health care legislation finally passed. When Sarah Palin talked about “death panels” she was then, and is now, scoffed at by the media and members of the Democratic elite. Now we see the President’s Budget Director touting the wonders of the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will be ultimately responsible for denying treatments they deem excessive and setting Medicare reimbursement rates. This the group with the power to decide the pain killer vs. the operation question.  Members of the panel will not be accountable to the electorate as they will be appointed by the President.  As Orszag makes clear in the video at Breitbart this board will be very powerful.

The IPAB drew significant opposition from the health care industry though this was not made widely known to the public during the debate. The powerful IPAB advisory board represents a significant shift in decision making away from your doctor and towards Washington:

Medicare providers and suppliers could be subject to significant payment cuts if the proposed IPAB is enacted and overall Medicare spending continues to increase at its current rate. A group of providers and advocacy groups, including the American Hospital Association, joined in a January 11, 2010, letter opposing the IPAB, noting that it would not be accountable to anyone but the president (who appoints its members). Shifting payment authority from Congress to an independent commission would be a significant change, and is viewed as one of the most meaningful measures in health reform legislation with respect to bending the cost curve in health spending.

In spite of the power invested in the IPAB, a recent report by the President’s own Medicare Advisory cautioned costs will continue to rise under the new health care law. The report further predicted cuts to hospitals and other care providers could force some into the red while others will be driven from the Medicare market entirely.

There can be little doubt, a shortage of providers faced with increased demand for services will lead to rationing and/or higher costs. While advocates of health care legislation argue there is rationing in our current health care system, this rationing is done primarily by the insurers driven by free market forces.  There is a distinction between rationing by political bureaucracies and rationing by competitive free market systems. Given my druthers, I would take my chances in the free market every time.  Anyone recall the price of their first VCR?  If you’ve priced one lately you’ll know that is one market government has managed to stay away from.   All things considered the health care legislation seems quite short on hope and jam-packed with change of the unintended and undesired sort.  Sadly, some in the administration still consider these revelations a good thing.

Obama: New Entrepreneurial Exchange Programs with Muslim-Majority Countries

This man will not quit. We are “going to learn from your country”? Huh? Two billion bucks because you are sooo nice to be around? Oh yeh, lets exchange all of your terrorists while we are at it. Hard to read this sorry stuff- and we have not had an outrage yet?

President Obama today kicked off a two-day Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington, DC.

“We know that over the years, despite all we have in common, the United States and Muslim communities around the world too often fell victim to mutual mistrust,” Obama said from the Ronald Reagan building this evening, “That is why I went to Cairo nearly one year ago and called for a new beginning between the United States and Muslim communities—a new beginning based on mutual interest and mutual respect.  I knew that this vision would not be fulfilled in a single year, or even several.  But I knew we had to begin and that all of us have responsibilities to fulfill.”

The president announced a series of new partnerships and initiatives with this goal in mind, including new exchange programs that will bring Muslim-majority countries and the United States together.

“We will bring business and social entrepreneurs from Muslim-majority countries to the United States and send their American counterparts to learn from your countries.  Women in technology fields will have the opportunity to come to the United States for internships and professional development.  And since innovation is central to entrepreneurship, we’re creating new exchanges for science teachers.”

The president touted $2 billion in private capital from the Global Technology and Innovation Fund he first announced in that same speech last June in Cairo to, “unlock new opportunities for people across our countries in sectors like telecommunications, healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Store Sign: Bible Thumpin’ Gun Totin’ Capitalist Pig Owns this Joint

Sounds good to Bunkerville!

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