Surgeon ‘cut off patient’s testicle by mistake’

Doctor Balls

Ouch– with Obamacare coming round the bend, hey guys, best keep track of whats happening…. maybe post a little sign when going into surgery?

A patient lost a testicle during an operation after the surgeon accidentally cut it off, the medical watchdog was told today.

Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was only supposed to cut out a cyst on the patient’s right testis, but instead he ‘mistakenly’ removed the whole testicle, the General Medical Council (GMC) heard.

Ms Prichard said the mistake was made as one nurse helping the surgeon turned her back to get a stitch and when she turned around the testicle had been removed.

‘Literally as the nurse turned away to get a transfixion stitch the incident occurred and the testicle removed.

Dr Al Hourani, who worked as a locum surgeon at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Greater Manchester, is accused of misconduct over the error and faces further charges of injecting himself with a drug meant for a patient and stealing tablets.

The medic, who is now practising in Jordan, is not present or represented by lawyers at the Fitness to Practise Panel which is hearing his case at the GMC in Manchester.

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Roman Polanski enjoys a sunny lunch with friends

Hard to keep up with our boy Roman. Looked like he was on his way back to the USA… you may wonder why I keep up with this bad boy- well, we get Lots and Lots of hits. So to you folks- here tis:

The sun is shining, there’s food on the table, and he’s surrounded by laughing friends.

This is shamed Hollywood director Roman Polanski enjoying a warm al fresco lunch at his chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland – where he is currently under house arrest.

The former fugitive appeared happy and animated, and was clearly the centre of attention at the meal.

Polanski is under house arrest while authorities seek his extradition from Switzerland to the U.S. so that he can be sentenced on the charge of sex with a minor. 

Polanski, now 76, was accused in 1977 of plying Samantha Geimer, then 13, with champagne and part of a Quaalude pill, then raping her at actor Jack Nicholson’s house.

He was indicted on six felony charges, including rape by use of drugs, child molesting and sodomy. He later pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse.

But he fled the U.S. on the eve of the sentencing in 1978, and remained a fugitive for 32 years. Less we forget these memorable comments.

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”this quote from an interview Polanski gave to Martin Amis in 1979 in which the director made his finest remarks
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Whitehouse Propaganda Office buys “Goldman Sachs SEC”

Oh yes, the WH knew nothing about this little gem? Great rant from Rush

From the “Right Scoop”:

Rush said yesterday that there is no coincidence in politics and today he uncovers the little detail of the White House’s political arm buying keywords in Google to direct people to when they type in “Goldman Sachs SEC”. Try it yourself, and you’ll see a sponsored link at the top just as Rush has said:

Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi- Happy together on Global Warming

Sorry Newt– you almost had me. You and Nancy are the odd couple on this bad boy.You did good back when. A good plan, helped us survive a Dem Prez. Now, your wheels just came off. A little bit of this and a little bit of that… time to slide back under the rock.

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