Judge wants more than talk on Michigan militia group

Now wouldn’t this be an embarrassment for our fearless leader’s SS Officers if this goes no where? Let’s wait and see how bad these boys were. Lots of film of “Paintball type” activity, but not a crime yet.

The members of a southern Michigan group called Hutaree have been in custody for a month. An indictment accuses them of weapons violations and a rare crime: conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the government by first killing police officers.

Judge asks feds to show militia did more than talk.

“It’s now time to strike and take our nation back so that we may be free again from tyranny. Time is up,” Waterstreet said, quoting a transcript. So is that the standard for sedition?

‘What if’ is not the standard. … None of these words are an instruction to anyone to commit a crime,” said Stone’s attorney, William Swor, as held up a stack of transcripts.

Arthur Weiss, a lawyer for Thomas Piatek, 46, of Whiting, Ind., said disgust with the government as recorded by the undercover agent is similar to what’s said daily by radio and TV talk-show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

“Millions of people” are talking about “taking our country back,” Weiss said.

A federal judge challenged prosecutors Wednesday to show that nine members of a Michigan militia accused of plotting war against the government had done more than just talk and should remain locked up.

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts heard nearly 10 hours of testimony and arguments over two days. She did not make a decision about whether the nine will remain in custody, saying only that a ruling would come soon.


As San Francisco prepares to boycott Arizona, the city itself issues identity cards, intended to prove residency.

Only in America- the infamous papers that no american leaves home without! Otherwise known as I.D. (Except when you vote) Do leave at home-Vote early, Vote often this way.

As San Francisco prepares to boycott Arizona, the city itself issues identity cards, intended to prove residency.

Papers? In San Francisco? How oppressive!

Hat tip: John Grigorian


Obama Nominates Yellen as Fed Vice Chairman

Janet Yellin

Janet Yellin

Ever suspicious, it’s hard to find any info on the latest picks from our imperial President. Time will surly unearth the reason and the method of choosing these folks. A dove? A bit more perhaps? I remain cynical.

Putting a bigger stamp on the Federal Reserve, President Barack Obama on Thursday chose Janet Yellen as vice chairwoman of the central bank and filled two other vacancies on the board, which has enormous power over Americans’ pocketbooks.

Yellen was a top adviser to President Bill Clinton and is considered a dove on monetary policy. That means she would be expected to be more concerned about high unemployment, currently holding at 9.7 percent nationally, than about rising inflation.

With a propensity of more dovish members, however, it is of some concern that one who has been one of the most consistent would be considered as the Vice Chair.  Generally, upon the retirement or failure to reappoint the Chair, the Vice Chair is likely to assume this influential post.

At a time when deficit spending is so high, the national debt is ballooning and the nation only recently stepped back from the brink of Depression, is it wise to choose a member who is so dovish about inflation that she stated last February, “If it were possible to take interest rates into negative territory I would be voting for that.”?

Janet Yellin is described as an inflation “dove.”  That means that her decisions have been “growth and employment” oriented and less focused on containment of inflation.  You may think, that with unemployment rates hovering in the double-digits, this is just what we need.  Certainly, that political opinion would be currently popular.  But, would it be a good long term policy?

Perhaps a candidate with a more balanced approach to the Fed’s dual mandate would be a more reasonable decision.

What do you think? A good analysis over at Vibrant nation http://www.vibrantnation.com/our-blog-circle/financial-planning-for-todays-woman/should-janet-yellin-be-confirmed-as-fed-vice-chair-/ I will take a less than wait and see.

She would succeed Donald Kohn, who plans to depart at the end of June. Kohn has been a member of the Fed board since 2002.

Yellen and Diamond, who is an authority on Social Security, pensions and taxation, are Ph.D. economists. With Kohn’s departure, the Fed would have just one professional economist, Bernanke.

If the Senate confirms all three nominees, Obama will have appointed five of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board.

The Fed is steering the economy out of the worst recession since the 1930s, and legislation to overhaul the financial system would eliminate some of the Fed’s authority while giving it new responsibilities. Some lawmakers think the Fed overstepped its authority by bailing out some big financial firms during the 2008 financial crisis.

Obama also nominated Sarah Raskin and Peter Diamond to the Fed board. Raskin is the Maryland commissioner of financial regulation. Diamond is an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.http://www.cnbc.com/id/36848537

Muslim prison conversion leads to murder of family members

We are spawning a generation of native born terrorists within our prison system. The statement: “Most recent statistics available show that one out of three African-American inmates in U.S. prisons convert to Islam while incarcerated–the type of Islam to which they convert teaches the same ideology as the 9/11 hijackers”–should be a chilling reminder of what is to come”.

A man who converted to Islam in a U.S. prison before he was freed has confessed to killing his wife and three others in Chicago because she refused to wear Muslim garb and adopt his new-found faith.

The confessed murderer is James A. Larry, 31, who confessed to the crime and expressed no remorse. During his most recent prison term, between 2002 and 2007, he began receiving visits by imams through the Islamic prison outreach program. “He became increasingly radicalized with orthodox Islamic beliefs,” a detective on the case said, “ultimately demanding compliance to fundamentalist Islam by his wife and family. He [allegedly] killed his wife because she would not wear Muslim attire, and would not follow his beliefs. It was an honor killing, pure and simple…”

In addition to shooting his 19-year-old pregnant wife to death, Larry also stands accused of murdering three other relatives, all aged 16 and under, as well as injuring his mother and nephew and shooting at his niece.

Douglas J.Hagmann, Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, has written of “extensive” Islamic infiltration into American prison systems. Excerpts from his most recent article on the topic:

“Most recent statistics available show that one out of three African-American inmates in U.S. prisons convert to Islam while incarcerated. The type of Islam to which they convert teaches the same ideology as the 9/11 hijackers, which is the ‘Wahhabi’ or ‘Salafi’ form of Islam that originated in and is continually being exported from Saudi Arabia… [T]he ideology behind this ‘fundamentalist’ form of Islam is completely incompatible with the culture, politics, and social fabric of the West. Nonetheless, it is being embraced by numerous groups, agencies and individuals inside the United States

“Prisons are Recruiting Grounds for Islamic Fundamentalism”
“This didn’t have to happen,” the detective said. “But it did, and it will probably happen again in another community, to another family. The reason it happened here and the reason it will happen again is that we’ve allowed our prisons to become recruiting grounds for Islamic fundamentalism that teaches this twisted [expletive deleted]. And our system has become too lenient, too ‘PC,’ and too afraid to confront this problem, so now we have nearly an entire family murdered by a guy quoting Allah and the Qur’an.” http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/137265

Clinton’s niece living on food stamps

Daddy Roger Clinton not helping out

Daddy Roger Clinton not helping out

Let me think about what she said. She uses a “Government Benefit Card”…a rose by any other name. How about Welfare– on the dole.. oh, and of course Obama’s Auntie Dearest is living in public housing in Boston- what did happen to her deportation?? With one in eight getting “THE BENEFIT”, no wonder my wallet  is getting microscopic in size.

While Chelsea Clinton has been spotted flashing her bling (her engagement ring, of course), it seems that her cousin Macy is struggling to make ends meet.

Former President Clinton’s niece, Macy Clinton, said she is in such a rut, she uses a government benefit card to get food from her local grocery store. She blames her financial trouble on former President Clinton’s brother, Roger, who she says abandoned her.

“It’s hard, because I’m a Clinton, too, but I have to be on food stamps, and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day,” Macy Clinton told “Inside Edition” in an interview that aired Tuesday.

Clinton has an estranged relationship with her father, whom she has met only twice.

Yeas & Nays called Clinton’s camp for comment, but did not hear back.


Vote for Statehood for Puerto Rico UPDATE APPROVED!Vote Tally

Yea: 223 (52%)
184 39 0
Nay: 169 (39%)   41 128


Dems Push For Puerto Rico To Become 51st State…This Is Why Obama Is So Confident He’ll Win In 2012

2 Senators and 7  Reps.

We must stand up as one united front and fight this. Please, call, write, fax, e-mail. They vote tomorrow . .

We posted this last September, they were waiting to spring this–now up for a vote!

Don’t think that political maneuvering stopped with ACORN.   Party expansion is major plank of the democrats and any form of gerrymandering looks good.

Take HR 2499


As reported by the NY Post;

Since 1967, Puerto Ricans have voted three times against becoming a US state and in favor of maintaining their status as an independent commonwealth in association with America. The last time was 11 years ago.

But now a bill moving in Congress would have Puerto Ricans vote on the issue of statehood yet again. And this time, the process is rigged to favor statehood.

“Behind this innocuous bill lies a fully thought out assault on Congress to designate the island the 51st state.”

The bill creates a two-stage plebiscite.  Stage One would be a yes-or-no vote on whether to maintain the “current political status.” The clear hope is that those favoring full independence — which normally draws at most 5 percent of the vote — will combine with those favoring statehood, and outpoll those who want to remain a commonwealth.

If State One passes, we’d move to Stage Two — a second vote in which Puerto Ricans would have only two choices: statehood or full independence.

As Hernandez-Mayoral puts it, “With the commonwealth option out of the ballot, statehood is finally, albeit crookedly, assured a victory.”


And things aren’t so rosy down there… Laying off Government workers? We can’t have that!!

Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s currently rate Puerto Rico Bonds a notch above junk level.

Government Development Bank President Carlos Garcia told a news conference that 16,970 workers would be let go across many agencies and departments but other people would be hired for finance and educational jobs.

Governor Luis Fortuno said earlier this year that the government would have to lay off as many as 30,000 employees in order to cut government spending by $2 billion annually. Some 7,816 government workers were laid off in late May.

The administration has also cut spending on contracts, instituted a hiring freeze, levied temporary taxes and announced measures, such as increased public infrastructure investment and low-cost financing, to jump-start the economy, which has been in recession for more than three years


More info and UPdate: HAT TIP http://weaselzippers.us/2010/04/28/unbelievable-dems-push-for-puerto-rico-to-become-51st-state/


We will say goodbye to you this November, 2010

Yes we can– a must see– We must rid ourselves of all that would destroy that which we cherish. VOTE Novmber 2010. Join your local Tea Party.Bye Bye Nancy, Harry, Barbara, et al.

Hat Tip: Lucianne

Mayors against the U.S. gun industry — Looking at World Court in the Hague

Here we go- hang on to the 2nd Amendment with all you have. Endless assault on our constitution. Sedition? This is Sedition.

Since the Mayor’s getting very little done in Springfield or Washington or in the courts to expand gun control, now he wants mayors in other countries like Mexico to drag American gunmakers into the World Court in the Hague.

Daley says, “We are shipping guns there by the truckload to people to kill each other. They’re not manufactured there. And we want the drugs that come from other countries that is a conduit, like a highway through Mexico, into the United States! And we sit like we have no responsibility. We should not ship any guns to Mexico.” 

Backing up Daley is Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, one of more than a dozen mayors — including the Mayor of Mexico City — who signed a resolution to pursue this tactic. Read more: http://www.wlsam.com/Article.asp?id=1786071&spid


Save “Are” Teachers

Nice to know our kiddies are getting a good lesson in community organizing. A bright future in this profession.

Terry Hoffman, a language teacher, organized the kids.

It might behoove Hoffman to spend more time teaching grammar.

Fortunately she is retiring.
In Massachusetts, teachers were telling kids that they would lose their homes if they did not get more money.

Teachers have no business organizing kids to promote their personal agendas (pay raises for themselves). I believe such actions should be grounds for dismissal.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Peter Orszag touts the wonders of powerful rationing board

Let us not forget for a nanosecond what we are in for if we are not successful this fall and repeal this monstrosity of a Healthcare bill.

Via Breitbart and Naked Emperor News 
It’s stunning how the truth has found its’ way to the light of day once the massive health care legislation finally passed. When Sarah Palin talked about “death panels” she was then, and is now, scoffed at by the media and members of the Democratic elite. Now we see the President’s Budget Director touting the wonders of the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will be ultimately responsible for denying treatments they deem excessive and setting Medicare reimbursement rates. This the group with the power to decide the pain killer vs. the operation question.  Members of the panel will not be accountable to the electorate as they will be appointed by the President.  As Orszag makes clear in the video at Breitbart this board will be very powerful.

The IPAB drew significant opposition from the health care industry though this was not made widely known to the public during the debate. The powerful IPAB advisory board represents a significant shift in decision making away from your doctor and towards Washington:

Medicare providers and suppliers could be subject to significant payment cuts if the proposed IPAB is enacted and overall Medicare spending continues to increase at its current rate. A group of providers and advocacy groups, including the American Hospital Association, joined in a January 11, 2010, letter opposing the IPAB, noting that it would not be accountable to anyone but the president (who appoints its members). Shifting payment authority from Congress to an independent commission would be a significant change, and is viewed as one of the most meaningful measures in health reform legislation with respect to bending the cost curve in health spending.

In spite of the power invested in the IPAB, a recent report by the President’s own Medicare Advisory cautioned costs will continue to rise under the new health care law. The report further predicted cuts to hospitals and other care providers could force some into the red while others will be driven from the Medicare market entirely.

There can be little doubt, a shortage of providers faced with increased demand for services will lead to rationing and/or higher costs. While advocates of health care legislation argue there is rationing in our current health care system, this rationing is done primarily by the insurers driven by free market forces.  There is a distinction between rationing by political bureaucracies and rationing by competitive free market systems. Given my druthers, I would take my chances in the free market every time.  Anyone recall the price of their first VCR?  If you’ve priced one lately you’ll know that is one market government has managed to stay away from.   All things considered the health care legislation seems quite short on hope and jam-packed with change of the unintended and undesired sort.  Sadly, some in the administration still consider these revelations a good thing.



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