Oil Drilling OK? You gotta be kidding!

POTUS apparently thinks we are as foolish in mind as our Southern charmer, Lindsey Graham. To think that Zero intends to let oil drilling proceed, is to suspend intelligence. In fact, a two-year study is to be conducted to determine the impact. Meanwhile the court cases just pile up. Hello?? Yo Lindsey, you gonna be a good ole boy and suck it up??

The announcement also comes a day before the Obama administration is set to firm up sweeping regulations on U.S. auto manufacturers. 

The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation on Thursday are expected to sign the final rule establishing emissions and fuel economy standards for the U.S. auto fleet. Those standards call for new vehicles to average 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. It will cover model years 2012 through 2016, and is estimated to cost up to $1,300 per new vehicle.  

Obama also has urged Congress to complete work on a climate change and energy bill, which has remained elusive. The president met with lawmakers earlier this month at the White House about a bill cutting emissions of pollution-causing greenhouse gases by 17 percent by 2020. The legislation would also expand domestic oil and gas drilling offshore and provide federal assistance for constructing nuclear power plants and carbon sequestration and storage projects at coal-fired utilities. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/03/31/obamaunveil-offshore-oil-drilling-plans/

Moe Lane, blogging at RedState

The White House is implying the promise of jam tomorrow – in reality, it’s just a study to revisit the denial of jam yesterday – in exchange for jam today. Only the jam today is actually a swarm of angry wasps. Try again, Mr. President. Start with rescinding your interference with the Bush drilling permits, and expect to give up more. A lot more: your opponents are not interested in indulging the Greenies’ quaint, somewhat primitive religious sensibilities.



Code Pink Pinked Out Over Karl Rove

Code Pink not so happy with Karl? Well, Freedom of Speech is not so Free anymore for the Pinko’s

Where were the rights of those attending for freedom of assembly, to hear Rove exercise his freedom of speech?  This was a private event where people paid not to hear what the protestors had to say, but to hear what Rove had to say.  The goal of these leftist protestors then and now is certainly not to engage in dialogue, but to disrupt events and ruin it for those who dare to disagree with them.

My feelings are best summarized by Karl Rove who stated this right before he left, “This goes to show the totalitarianism of the left.  They don’t believe in dialogue.  They don’t believe in courtesy.  They don’t believe in 1st Amendment rights for anybody but themselves.” http://www.frumforum.com/code-pink-crashes-roves-book-tour

State Debts Too Large To Hide

Enjoy your free college!

Enjoy your free College!

If anyone else did the accounting that our State and Federal Governments are doing, they would be locked up. This no less from the NY Times:

California, New York and other states are showing many of the same signs of debt overload that recently took Greece to the brink — budgets that will not balance, accounting that masks debt, the use of derivatives to plug holes, and armies of retired public workers who are counting on benefits that are proving harder and harder to pay.

Joshua Rauh, an economist at Northwestern University, and Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Chicago, recently recalculated the value of the 50 states’ pension obligations the way the bond markets value debt. They put the number at $5.17 trillion.

After the $1.94 trillion set aside in state pension funds was subtracted, there was a gap of $3.23 trillion — more than three times the amount the states owe their bondholders.

“When you see that, you recognize that states are in trouble even more than we recognize,” Mr. Rauh said.

“When an accident is waiting to happen, it eventually does,” the two economists wrote in their book, titled “This Time Is Different” — the words often on the lips of policy makers just before a debt bomb exploded. “But the exact timing can be very difficult to guess, and a crisis that seems imminent can sometimes take years to ignite.” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/30/business/economy/30states.html?hp

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