FTC shuts down Netflex Prize

First it looked like a spoof- but the addy appears to be the Netflex site.. so as a happy Netflex customer, I am  pleased to learn that the FTC has now caused Netflex to no doubt spend zillions of bucks on lawyers which no doubt the costs will happily be sent on to me. And the prize? Ah Shucks@@ Amd worried about my privacy? hehehe

From Netflex:

We have reached an understanding with the FTC and have settled the lawsuit with plaintiffs. The resolution to both matters involves certain parameters for how we use Netflix data in any future research programs.
In light of all this, we have decided to not pursue the Netflix Prize sequel that we announced on August 6, 2009.

About five months ago we announced that Netflix would sponsor a sequel to the Netflix Prize. We’ve given a lot thought to how to sponsor a contest that discovers more about the predictability of Netflix members’ movie watching behavior while always ensuring we protect Netflix members’ privacy.

In the past few months, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asked us how a Netflix Prize sequel might affect Netflix members’ privacy, and a lawsuit was filed by KamberLaw LLC pertaining to the sequel. With both the FTC and the plaintiffs’ lawyers, we’ve had very productive discussions centered on our commitment to protecting our members’ privacy.


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