Communist Van Jones will appear alongside Sen. Gillibrand

It is now so flagrant, that there is no shame anymore in appearing with a radical marxist and with main stream politicians.

Take a look at an earlier post our ours: Van Jones, He’s back. Extremely troubling.

Van Jones, the controversial former Obama administration official, will speak on the same panel as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) at a New York City forum next month, according to media reports this week. 

Jones, who served as green jobs czar, resigned his advisory position last year after it was revealed he signed a petition that suggested the Bush administration deliberately allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen as a pretext for war.


4 Responses to “Communist Van Jones will appear alongside Sen. Gillibrand”

  1. genna Says:

    A forum for white/right winged nuts


  2. genna Says:

    Bunch of nuts on this website huh?


  3. Mandy Williams Says:

    Now that is beautiful!! I guess we can add Kirsten to the list of GONERS!!


    • Lockandload Says:

      Its amazing….one more down.


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