Coakley refused to press charges against Creepo Priest

Brown- Coakley Mass Senate Race could get closer with this slow leaking story getting out into the media.This no less from the Daily Kos– Surprising this isn’t hitting the charts by now. story posted started back in Nov. Tax and Spend is the least of it– Protect our children!

Mass. Senate race: Coakley made deal with Father Geoghan in 1995

Today’s Boston Globe reported that Coakley declined to press charges against notorious pedophile Father John Geoghan, despite allegations that he fondled three underage boys.

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Coakley in 1995 was serving as the head of the Middlesex County sex crimes unit. She opted to give Geoghan one year of probation even though three boys told investigators that the priest fondled them and made threatening phone calls to their homes.

Over a 30-year career in six parishes, Geoghan was accused of sexual abuse involving more than 130 children. Charges were brought in Cambridge concerning accusations of a molestation that took place in 1991. Geoghan was defrocked in 1998. He was found guilty in January 2002 of indecent assault and battery for grabbing the buttocks of a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool at the Waltham Boys and Girls Club in 1991, and was sentenced to nine to ten years in prison.

Advocates for victims of clergy abuse ripped Coakley’s behind closed doors secret agreement:

“What Martha Coakley did in 1995 I would consider negligent from the point of view of the public good,’’ said A.W. Richard Sipe, a former priest and psychotherapist who has written extensively about clergy sexual abuse. “Even if it was a misdemeanor, once you put it in the public eye, that’s what starts people coming forward.’’

Indeed, that is exactly what happened. A year after Coakley’s secret deal, the mother of the three boys filed a civil suit. According to reporter Michael Rezendes, news stories recounting some of the details of the suit, including the allegation that Geoghan asked the boys if they had sexual contact with their mother, prompted additional victims to step forward with similar stories.


5 Responses to “Coakley refused to press charges against Creepo Priest”

  1. I have a mispelling for you, Martha: CROAKLEY! « Temple of Mut Says:

    […] Add to this a post sent to be by a cherished reader (Bunkerville) regarding the Mass. Senate race: Coakley made deal with (child rapist) Father Geoghan in 1995. […]


  2. KingShamus Says:

    I guess Coakley is easy on kid touchers. I doubt she’s gonna be easy on my wallet. Or my health care.

    Go Scott Brown.


  3. silence2tyranny Says:

    From the Daily Kos no less. Don’t expect ABC to pick it up anytime soon.

    Lookin better and better. Kennedy will be rolling in his grave when this happens. I wonder how hot Hell is for him these days?


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