Hamas bans women dancers – and scooters too

It is stunning how the women’s groups remain silent on the steady march of the Islamic movement to put women back into the stone age. Where is the outrage? Have we forgotton the Afghan women in their Burkas? The video of the Isalmic women receving public beatings? A woman shot in a soccer field?

Besides keeping women from being tempted with hellfire and damnation, the progressives in Hamas have also banned…folk dancing! Apparently, Palestinian folk dances are quite suggestive – if you’re an Islamist nutcase, that is.

The government’s Islamic Endowment Ministry has deployed Virtue Committee members to preach at public places to warn of the dangers of immodest dress, card playing and dating.

The opening of the Palestinian Heritage Museum on Oct.7 was meant to include a rendition of the dabke, a line dance performed by girls and boys. Except that no girls were allowed.

Black-shirted men from Hamas carrying AK-47s appeared at the gates of the museum, on Gaza’s waterfront, said Jamal Salem, the curator. They said girls shouldn’t dance because it wasn’t religiously proper. Nor could they share the stage for the inaugural speeches, said Salem.

And just how is Israel suppose to deal with this?

It will be interesting to see if Obama mentions once, the odious oppresion of the Afghan women. From our earlier posting:

Have we forgotten the oppression of the women? Have we no caring that we would turn back the clock and allow the Taliban once more to abuse them in the most hideous manner? Condemn them to Sharia Law? To appeal to  Karzi’s conservaties during the recent election, Karzai re-instituted many of the earlier sub-human treatments of women, including forcing women to remain in their homes.

Check out our earlier post: Have we fogotton the Afghan women for a trip down memory lane.https://bunkerville.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/have-we-forgotton-the-afghan-women/

One Response to “Hamas bans women dancers – and scooters too”

  1. comradematrix Says:

    What was NOW’s stance on this?? Haven’t seen them send out a statement! (won’t hold my breath either)


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