‘Obamao’ frenzy in China

For those of us who thought White House press liaison Anita Dunn was just obamamao250another Obama moonbat, here is the evidence proving she was simply ahead of the Chinese Communist curve:

“The Chinese internet has been flooded with pages and pictures praising Obama and comparing him to Mao Zedong.”

It seems Obama is huge in China, with comparisons between America’s dear leader and the ruthless mass murderer who destroyed the Chinese economy and cultural institutions during his absurdly misnamed Great Leap Forward and subsequent Cultural Revolution.

Just never can have too many new best friends!

See the link to the Polish news service    of Chinese Obamao posters here.


You can’t make up stuff this good.


3 Responses to “‘Obamao’ frenzy in China”

  1. reinaldos Says:

    Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.


  2. Lockandload Says:

    You must take a look at the pictures from the Newspapers of Dear Leader– scary scary scary…Rush just said a purge of all Republicans is to begin from government.-Lost the site.


  3. comradematrix Says:

    And what’s going on with this?

    Obama aide who guided Guantanamo policy resigns (Reuters): Reuters – White House Counsel Gregory Craig said Friday he was resigning… The move had been expected – and written about – for more than a month as details leaked out there was inner-White House tension over Guantanamo Bay. Today White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters in Asia that had nothing to do with the departure.

    Probably off to defend Husan.


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