Did White House push Dobbs from CNN?

Lou seemed be a bit tippled last night?? Anyone notice? Hard to miss that last second of broadcast, when he clearly raised a glass. Well, thirty years at CNN could just put him over the edge. First Fox gets Imus and John Stossel — and now Dobbs to join? Did the Whitehouse put pressure on CNN? Anita Dunn- calling Anita! His contract’s not up; he negotiated a release with management, effective … immediately. What’s going on? The cryptic money line:anita dunn

“Some leaders in the media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond my role here at CNN and engage in constructive problem-solving” Well, we will just have to stay tuned.

Anita– were you up to your old tricks with Axelrod again???????  


4 Responses to “Did White House push Dobbs from CNN?”

  1. Trent Westcoat Says:

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  2. Dinah Thompson Says:

    Shame on guttless CNN Ted Turner. Lou Dobbs presented news that was going on around the country.Remember guttless channel 7 with Dan Rathers. I guess America is doomed to go down when all you guttless people cop to politics and greed and money. One less CNN viewer and I hope many more.


  3. silence2tyranny Says:

    Who knows what went on behind the scenes with this one?

    It was apparent that Dobbs was clearly agitated with the political correctness and Obama administration asskissing that’s been going on with so called “journalists” today. Journalists that are being true to themselves, true to their profession are moving to organizations that will not handcuff them with the left’s ideology. This very well could be just the beginning of a mass journalist wake up call.


    • Lockandload Says:

      Worrisome that we are getting down to just one network that isn’t a propaganda machine. It was a hoot last night,seeing poor Lou sputter along. I am sure he was upset. Wonder why he sprung it at 7:10 and not at the end of the show??


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