Dunn Done Daschle’s Dan In

IdiotWhite House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who’s been leading the Obama administration’s charge against Fox News , will be stepping down at the end of the month.  But don’t think we’re  gonna have to miss all the Maoist influence in the white house.

Not to worry, the  ‘Pointing out Pinheads’ game continues with Tom Daschle lackey, Dan Pfeiffer.   Pfeiffer’s wife, Sarah Feinberg, is a longtime aide to Representative Rahm Emanuel , White House chief of staff.

Dan also goes by Howard D. Pfeiffer.   Résumé includes: Born Dec. 24, 1975 in Wilmington, Del. … graduated from Georgetown University. … lives with Ms. Feinberg, communications director for the Democratic Congressional caucus, in Washington.

3 Responses to “Dunn Done Daschle’s Dan In”

  1. KingShamus Says:

    So it’s the usual statist cluster-fuck in Obama’s White House.

    Jeez, can these people refrain just once from digging up a fossilized Stalinist to fill out their toady positions? I guess the answer is no.


  2. comradematrix Says:

    Didn’t the BO Admin just hire Anita Dunn’s husband, Bob Bauer? I guess one could call that a Mao-ral equivalency.


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