Obama lies about stimulus jobs

Wow is the Whitehouse angry. Now they are going after AP. First it was Fox, now AP- who is next??

Read the AP’s specifics on how the numbers went askew.  My personal


Liar Liar tell the truth!

favorite?  A Florida day-care center claimed to have saved 129 jobs, but the stimulus money went instead to raises for all of its employees.  Do many day-care centers employ 129 people?  How difficult would it have been to double-check the payroll figures?  After all, the company has to report income to the IRS, doesn’t it?

However, the Recovery.gov site still uses the 30,083 figure.  More numbers will come tomorrow, when states file their reports and more jobs “saved or created” get calculated.  Will White House math improve?


One Response to “Obama lies about stimulus jobs”

  1. comradematrix Says:

    Overblown figures… what a surprise!


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