Opie & Andy Who is SEIU Andy Stern?

Today’s buzz on Acorn – It has been doing a little house cleaning on its website. Whoops.  All of a sudden all information relating to its connections to SEIU have been ‘scrubbed’.   A look behind the curtain reveals there might be some real cleaning up going with Andy Stern.
Andy SternWho is Andy Stern?
– SEIU Boss
– Spent $60 million to help elect Obama
– Brags he visits with the President Weekly ( oh yeah that General McChrystal, once…nice huh?)
– Close ties with the Dems to get the Public Option into HealthCare
“We have suspended all contracts and active work with ACORN,” pending the results of a panel of inquiry looking into ACORN. SEIU boss Andy Stern sits on that supposedly independent panel.
Who Gets the House?
ACORN may have been trying to cover up which organizations are part of ACORN by scrubbing its website. Not only did ACORN and SEIU share board members, but until a month ago they appeared to share the same headquarters address in New Orleans: 1024 Elysian Fields Ave. This is, of course, the same address from which Barack Obama received his first out-of-state donation (from the SEIU Local 880 Political Fund) back in November 1995 (with the exception of what appears to be a September 1995 donation from his college roommate or his family in New York).
In his memoir, SEIU czar Andy Stern revealed , union operators will quickly abandon “the power of persuasion” for “the persuasion of power.”  Nice huh?
The Days of Wine and Roses!
The Obama-Stern relationship has emerged as one of the most curious within the young administration.The SEIU spent $60 million to help elect Obama, according to the union. Stern said the group deployed 100,000 volunteers during the campaign, including 3,000 who worked on the election full time. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/jun/28/nation/na-stern28
What Andy Got for his Bucks
Steps away from the Finance Committee markup, SEIU Chief Andy Stern ducked into a private meeting Thursday with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).
Stern told Pulse colleague Manu Raju that he was working with the senators and “trying to improve [the bill] as we speak.”
On Sen. Tom Carper’s proposal to allow states to opt into a government plan, Stern said states should be allowed to opt out of the government plan.
“I’m in the fourth way option,” Stern said. “If Alabama doesn’t want a public option, they should consider that question. I don’t think the citizens of Alabama will want out. … I think we need a public option. I don’t think it needs to be triggered. The question is if there are certain state legislators who think it’s not appropriate for their state, they should have a right in some fashion to deal with it.”





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