Iranian Valerie Jarrett – Getting to know you.

Iranian of the Day


Valerie Jarrett

Obama’s closest aide is Shirazi

 Jarrett is a member of African-American and Chicago royalty. But her story and her life begin in the Middle East, not the Midwest. She was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran, Hospital, where Jarrett was born, and spent her early years. “Every memory from Iran is a very happy memory,” Jarrett told me in an e-mail. . Jarrett speaks Persian-Farsi and French.

“I had the honor of being in Shiraz and was student and later friend of Professor and Mrs Bowman (Valerie parent).
This Family is highly exceptional and Dr Bowman loves Iran and Shiraz and had been in touch with Shiraz ever since Valerie was in Shiraz and she is a brilliant and superb individual who belong to entire world”

That and her ties to Chicago politicians and her Iranian background, and you have a potential nightmare,” says a Democrat media consultant who worked for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Jarrett may be to Obama what James McDougal was to Bill and Hillary Clinton. She is Iranian-American, for one thing, and the Obama campaign has sought to keep her ties to Iran from press views, as it has also sought to keep her political background and deep and tangled business and personal relationship to the Obama family from sight.

Valerie Jarrett is widely promoted as President Barack Obama’s “Ultimate Insider” according to the New York Times, and “barack’s rock”, according to Vogue Magazine. She currently serves as our President’s closest White House advisor, just as Karen Hughes assisted President George W. Bush. She was one of three Obama transition co-chairs, Jarrett joined Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s incoming chief of staff, and David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist expected to become part of the administration, in making 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. a “Chicago White House.”

When Karl Rove worked for President Bush, he had so much influence that some called him “Bush’s Brain.” Valerie Jarrett is the woman known as the other side of Barack Obama’s brain. Jarrett, a 51-year-old business leader and single mother, just may be the most powerful woman in Chicago. And she’s earned the complete confidence of Barack and Michelle Obama.
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 Why Was Obama’s “Brain” Valerie Jarrett So Happy to Hire Communist Van Jones? Was it Fate? It seems that Valerie Jarrett is simply following a family tradition–one of promoting up and coming radical politicians. Why all of the radical Czars? A familiy tradition. Thats for another day.



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  9. Cara Says:

    Most likely you will not approve this comment, but it does not hurt to try… Open up your mind and see the big picture…
    I Work For ACORN –


    • Lockandload Says:

      Why would we not post your comments? I believe in Freedom of Speech? Still possible. Your Bio is impressive. Its not Acorn itself, but rather the corruption that is troublesome. Under discussion are Jarrett’s Housing projects. Look at some of the clips of poor people living under horrific conditions she supervised. She had to or should have known about the conditions. Good wishes in your endeavors. Please look at the orginal documents outlining her problems. Open minds work both ways.


      • Cara Says:

        I apologize for assuming you would not post my comment. You are correct, that is not cool. I am not sure about ACORN’s involvement in Jarrett’s Housing. What I do know is you should see the some of the buildings we have in NYC area. I mean they are better than my place and cost a lot less. :]



    • Mandy Williams Says:

      Cheers to LockandLoad – freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our great Republic – all comments are welcome! Fortunately, we are seeing the big picture and it is horrifying. Making the Olympic bid, a minor event, as big as it was this week is a sad statement to the ultimate legacy of our President. We are struggling in many areas, i.e., economy, war on terror, unemployment, the list goes on. Our Dear Leader DOES NOT need to sell a sporting event at this time! Acorn is embedded in many facates of this Government and it is time the chickens come home to roost. The People need to know what is really going on!


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