Sadly, I could not attend but what I saw on the Fox and various websites was amazing.  Here is a shot from a 912’ers and near and dear, the bagpipes in the background seal the deal:

The people are speaking and the MSM (as well as our Government) ARE NOT listening.  President Obama’s choosing to hold a rally opposite of this phenomenal March will prove to be a very poor decision.  A man of the people would have acknowledged such an outpouring of Americans from all over the land.  Truly disappointing and if we are to believe the buzz from Hill on the Sunday talk shows, we’ll probably have to eat this awful legislation.  The only hope we may have are the upcoming elections ; two important Gubernatorial (NJ & VA) this November, 2010 and of course 2012.  All Government representatives NOT standing with their constituents, be they Democrat or Republican, should be voted out.  The legislation offered in the 111th Congress will take decades to reverse.  We must continue to speak out, continue to call our Senators and Representatives and be present.

Mandy Williams

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