PA Police shooter portrayed as right-wing nut job, he was anything but. UPDATES

They are spinning the shooting of two State police officers in Northeastern Pennsylvania as perpetrated by a right-wing survivalist. This from a local newspaper which cannot resist bringing up twice in the same story that he was involved in the school’s rifle team. It turns out he was anything but a right-wing nut case. Fox news is still spinning it as a “sharp shooting survivalist”, whatever that intends to mean. Picture just added by the Pocono Record newspaer. Updates as they come available. Why isn’t the media covering this?

Well, they are now covering the story since they can try and work it out to fit their agenda. Be sure and check out his MySpace page. These are leftist organizations that he supported. Just saying.

UPDATES:Some Barrett residents can’t get to their homes tonight because of search9/18/2014

Many residents of Barrett Township were unable to reach their homes Thursday night as the search alleged for Blooming Grove shooter Eric Frein intensified.

Shelter set up for Barrett/Price residents displaced by police activity9/18/2014

ES North students at after-school activities evacuated to Middle Smithfield Elementary9/18/2014

Eric Matthew Frein has been added to the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.

He is known to be a heavy smoker, a weapons enthusiast, and a survivalist, and has studied the Russian and Serbian languages.

H/T and video over at :WFMZ

Roads shut down in Barrett Township near home of Eric Frein’s parents- 9/18/2014 5:30pm

Manhunt for Eric Frein: What we know at 8:55 a.m. today- 9/18/2014

Pocono Mountain schools closed Thursday; no outdoor recess, PE at Stroudsburg9/17/2014

Poconos on edge as accused gunman Eric Frein remains on the loose9/17/2014

Frein, who was on the rifle team at Pocono Mountain High School, is still on the loose and considered armed and extremely dangerous. (The most important info comes first) Kiss the Girls and Boys rifle teams goodbye.

ABC News  Accused Cop Shooter Eric Frein Played Soldiers in War Films

The suspect in the shooting of two Pennsylvania state troopers has spent years reenacting military history and has shaved the sides of his head into a bizarre Mohawk as “part of the mental preparation” for his alleged attack, police said today.

Eric Matthew Frein, 31, is charged with killing one trooper and wounding a second last Friday and there is a massive manhunt underway for him. He is considered dangerous, possibly armed with a rifle and an AK-47. Schools in the district were closed today because of the search.

Lt. Col. George Bivens said today that Frein “belongs to a military simulation unit” that focused on Eastern European armies. More ABC News

Eric Frein is on the far right. He was a sophomore on the rifle team when this photo was taken in 2000.

Eric Frein is on the far right. He was a sophomore on the rifle team when this photo was taken in 2000.

Being a “survivalist”, if in fact he was one, doesn’t by itself qualify him as “right-wing”. Being on a school’s rifle team doesn’t turn one into an assassin.

Here is the header from Weasel Zippers:

PA Trooper Shooter Suspect Has MySpace Reference To Che Guevara, 13th Guards (Soviet Red Army Rifle Division)

Some stories have identified him as a “survivalist”, which some immediately are translating to “right wing nut”.

As with most things, best not to jump to conclusions till all the evidence is in.

In this case, it is clear from Frein’s MySpace account that he was an active participant in an Airsoft group, practicing shooting. There are a lot of connections to other Airsoft players.

There is also a connection to Che Guevara and 13th Guards. 13th Guards was a Soviet Red Army rifle division, also referenced on Call of Duty.

State police are searching for Eric Matthew Frein, who they say is armed with a high-powered rifle, extremely dangerous and the man they suspect in the fatal ambush shooting Friday at a Pike County state police barracks

Now how the local media portrays him:

Frein, 31, lives with his parents in Canadensis, about 20 miles from the Blooming Grove barracks.

Police say Frein, who was on the rifle team at Pocono Mountain High School and whose father describes him as an excellent marksman who “doesn’t miss,” is an extreme survivalist who has expressed a desire to kill law enforcement and commit mass murder.

Hated police

Police interviewed his father, Michael Frein, who told them that an AK-47 and a .308 rifle with a scope were missing from the home.

Michael Frein told police he is a retired major with 28 years in the Army, and that he had trained his son in shooting skills.

Michael Frein is quoted in a 1999 Pocono Record article advocating to keep the rifle team intact when the school considered abandoning the program.

At a press conference Tuesday, Noonan said Frein had for years expressed his hatred of police both in person and online.

More at the Pocono Record. Check their front page “Top Stories box” section for continuing updates.

Kerry wanted U.S. boots on the ground in Syria, has anything changed?

This was published 2013. Has anything really changed?

SYRIA John Kerry Wants Option To Place “Boots On The Ground” For Phony Limited Strike

Just for the record from these lying weasels. Of course Kerry doesn’t want to limit boots on the ground because our boots are already there.  Just for the record. This administration talks out of both sides of their mouth. Below are notes from the clip.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday that a resolution in Congress on the use of military force in Syria should not remove the option of using U.S. ground troops, although he stressed there was “no intention” of inserting American soldiers into Syria’s civil war.

At the first public hearing in Congress on potential military action in Syria, Kerry said “it would be preferable” not to preclude the use of ground troops to preserve President Barack Obama’s options if there was a potential threat of chemical weapons falling into the hands of extremists.

“I don’t want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to a president of the United States to secure our country,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Kerry: We’re not looking for any countries to put boots on the ground

Regardless what the news reports are, there is no denying what Lerch said on Face the Nation. Huh? Not asking anyone for boots on the ground? But this is not the first time he acted like a you know what. Almost to the day last year when ratcheting up for war. I was stunned when I saw this yesterday. Anyone still wondering what we have going on in the WH? At least last year the WH admits we have zero allies for Syria attack September 9, 2013.

I guess this time we are not even going to ask. Here we go:

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Secretary of State John Kerry when asked if any nations have volunteered to supply combat troops to fight ISIS on the ground said, “We’re not looking to put troops on the ground.”

Bob Schieffer asked, “Mr. Secretary, you’ve gotten any specific commitments for military help? For example, have you found anybody that is willing to put troops on the ground in to this fight?”

Kerry answered, “We’re not looking to put troops on the ground. there are some who have offered to do so. but we are not looking for that at this moment anyway. The answer is, yes, there are some that have said that. There are some that are clearly prepared to take action in the area alongside the United States, and to do airstrikes if that’s what they’re called on to do.”

He added, “There are troops on the ground that don’t belong to us they’re called syrian. the syrian opposition is on the ground. one of the regrettable things is, it has been fighting ISIS by itself over the course of the last couple of years.”

Video over at Breitbart

Bill Bennett gets paid to shill for Common Core Standards

To say I am disappointed to learn this is an understatement. For many years I listened to Bennett as I drove to work. When I weary of Fox, I will flip and go online and catch him there. I wrote off his over covered topic of Education due to his earlier career in Government as Secretary of Education under Reagan. A position this very man frequently dismissed as a Dept. that should be done away with. Lately, though I have found myself tuning him out when this topic came up, now I know why. What is the matter Bill? Not enough money in the bank? That is a joke. No just another paid hack like the rest of your ilk. Bye Bill.

While in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday, former Reagan Secretary of Education Bill Bennett put out what was described as the “Conservative Case for Common Core,” he admitted he is paid by a lobbying firm for his continued work in support of the controversial standards.

Bennett’s admission, reported by Politico, that the public relations, lobbying, and business consulting firm DCI Group paid him to write the op-ed perhaps explains why it doesn’t sound much like the writing of the Reagan appointee who agreed with his president that there was no real necessity for a federal Department of Education.

But not only does Bennett not adhere to true conservative principles in his piece, he also doesn’t seem to know much about the Common Core standards that he’s being paid to sell to the American people.

Bennett seems to be either just towing the pro-Common Core line (that’s his paid job), or doesn’t understand the Common Core 101 connection between the Core and the textbooks and the testing. Students will take Common Core-aligned multi-state standardized, federally-funded tests, and their school districts have chosen Common Core-aligned textbooks and instructional materials that tell them what they will read and learn in order to pass the consortia’s tests.

Unfortunately, Bennett’s piece is steeped in the same old, same old pro-Common Core talking points.

“Governors, state education administrators and teachers used these principles as a guide when they developed a set of common standards that were later presented to the country as Common Core,” he writes. “Forty-five states signed up originally.”
More at Breitbart

D.O.D. gives 12,000 fixed bayonets to local Police

Rand Paul asked some interesting questions during a hearing on Tuesday. Say what you want about Paul, he is one of a few willing to hold this administration’s feet to the fire. Just why do the police need bayonets? Anyone recall Kent State? Bayonets were at the ready on that day. Just saying.

Tuesday in Washington D.C. at a Senate Hearing from the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on the Department of Defense selling military grade weapons to local police forces, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled Alan F. Estevez, the Assistant Secretary of Defense and from Homeland Security, and FEMA Brian Kamoie, over local police being suppliedwith armored personnel carriers and thousands of bayonets.

Partial transcript as follows:


But confronting those with armored personnel carriers is thoroughly un-American and for 150 years, we’ve had rules separating the military, keeping the military out of policing affairs. But you sort of obscure that separation if you allow the police to become the military.

In FEMA’s authorized equipment list there’s actually written descriptions for how the equipment should be used and it says it’s specifically not supposed to be used for riot suppression. Mr. Kamoie, is that true, that it’s not supposed to be used for riot suppression? And how do you plan on policing that since the images clearly show us large pieces of equipment that were bought with your grants used in that riot suppression, or protest suppression rather?”

KAMOIE: Sen. Paul, that is accurate. The categories of personal protective equipment that include helmets, ear and eye protection, ballistics, personal protective equipment. There’s a prohibition in the authorized equipment list not to be used for riot suppression.


So I think by supplying all of this free equipment, much of which is, frankly, inappropriate, really shouldn’t be on anybody’s list of authorized equipment. Mr. Estevez, in the NPR investigation of 1033 program they list that 12,000 bayonets have been given out. What purpose are bayonets being given out for?

ESTEVEZ: Senator, bayonets are available under the program. I can’t answer what a local police force would need a bayonet for.

PAUL: I can give you an answer: None. So, what’s President Obama’s Administration’s position on handing out bayonets to the police force? It’s on your list. You guys create the list. Are you going to take it off the list or are we going to keep doing it?


John Kerry gets Zero support for Syrian non-war from ‘our’ Middle East ‘Allies’

Lerch has been once again tooling around the Middle East, searching for “the willing” to support Obama and his almost plan. The Brits, Germany and Turkey were quick to say “count us out”. They have had enough of this foolishness. The Libya and Egypt fiasco should have taught all of “the willing” how far throwing in with a loser will take them. Still looking for someone to put those ole boots on the ground. Why would Egypt and the UAE even be involved after just a few weeks ago, Obama and the EU reamed them out for trying to save the Tripoli airport from the Terrorists. Recall this nonsense?

Obama’s wacko Libyan policy. Attacks UAE and EGYPT for trying to save Tripoli? August 26, 2014

The New York Times, citing unnamed American officials, reported that neighboring Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have launched airstrikes against Islamists in Libya twice over the past week.

The US and EU governments “strongly condemn the escalation of fighting and violence in and around Tripoli, Benghazi, and across Libya, especially against residential areas, public facilities, and critical infrastructure, by both land attack and airstrikes,” the statement said. (They tried to save the Airport from the terrorists)

But I digressed.

To understand and to try and figure out who these “willings” will be and how Lerch is making out, I turned to the foreign news sources. So let’s take a look at what the Turkish media has to say about how the so-called coalition is working out. How are our friends stacking up?

The header reads:  Arabs back anti-ISIL statement as Turkey abstains. Let’s look at how the words are parsed. Grab this one first:

Squabbling among Washington’s allies in the region has complicated efforts to present a united front to beat back the militants.

Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Egypt are at odds with Qatar and Turkey because of the latter two countries’ support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups in the region.

Egypt’s foreign minister, Sameh Shukri, emphasized that rift in his opening remarks, saying regional chaos is the result of a number of factors, including the tolerance of some in the region and the West with “so-called political Islam” – a clear dig at supporters of the Brotherhood.

Salman Shaikh, the director of the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar, said the Sept. 11 meeting was important because it signaled a U.S. reengagement in the region – something many Mideast allies feel has been lacking under the Obama administration.

“How the U.S. can play this role will be absolutely crucial,” he said. “It has to act as a keen leader for its friends and allies, but also act as a referee between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, particularly when it comes to the issue of Iraq and the issue of Syria.”

Key Arab allies of the United States agreed Sept. 11 to “do their share” to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL),promising to take action to stop the flow of fighters and funding to the insurgents and possibly to join military action.

NATO member Turkey refused to join its Arab neighbors in their public pledge, however, signaling the struggle the West faces in trying to get front-line nations to set aside political feuds and work together against a common enemy, according to the Associated Press.

The announcement followed a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his regional counterparts in the Saudi Red Sea coastal city of Jiddah. His visit, on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, was aimed at pinning down regional allies on what support they are willing to give to U.S. plans to beat back the ISIL, which has seized large chunks of Iraq and Syria.

The meeting ended with Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon pledging in a joint statement to stand against terrorism. They promised steps including stopping fighters and funding, repudiating the ISIL’s ideology, providing humanitarian aid and “as appropriate, joining in the many aspects of a coordinated military campaign.”

More at Hurriyet Daily News

The first clip gives us a flavor of the meeting and a view of the lying characters involved. The short second clip is even better. No wonder no one wants to get involved in this nonsense.

John Kerry to CNN: U.S. Is Not ‘at War’ with ISIS

Published on Sep 11, 2014

CNN’s Global Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott caught up with Kerry during a summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Thursday and asked him if America is “at war” with ISIS, “because it sure sounded in President Obama’s speech that we were.


John Kerry: No need for “war fever” in ISIS operations


Obama plays the tune again, “We will hunt down terrorists”

Let us hear about the partners who are going to help out our “lead from behind” President. I give you last year’s post, almost to the day. But first-

Adrienne’s Corner about said it all.

Obama: Little man sock puppet president ribbon cutter doing the bidding of his masters…

wondering when his next tee time is. 

“We will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are,” Obama declared in a prime-time address to the nation from the White House. “This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.”

They’re walking across our Southern borders unimpeded because of your orders.

Has anything changed since September 9, 2013 when I did this post?

WH admits we have zero allies for Syria attack

Too bad Candy Crowley wasn’t as concerned about the truth when she moderated the debate between Romney and Obama. There are zero countries that will stick their neck out to support our one man band Syrian war event. Get off your horse Lurch, and go back and enjoy your rowboat. We are tired of being played as fools by fools.

Recently WSJ reported on John Kerry’s claim that the number of countries supporting a U.S. attack on Syria reached “double digits” but Kerry failed to name any.

JihadWatch noted the following:

Liechtenstein? Luxembourg? Andorra? San Marino? Monaco? Seychelles? Tuvalu? Tannu Tuva? No, not even them. Kerry didn’t name them because he doesn’t have them. He is bluffing.

Apparently, McDonough has a similar problem. In a CNN interview with White House Chief of Staff, Dennis McDonough was repeatedly pressed by Candy Crowley to provide examples of countries that will endorse or provide personnel or equipment for a military intervention in Syria. McDonough emphasized other nations condemnations of Syria but no specifics on support for intervention. The key WH strategy seems to be the repeated memo phrase:  ”Holding him [Syria] to account,” and vague references of “support.”

H/T:Gateway Pundit

Published on Sep 8, 2013

Appearing on CNN on September 8, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough couldn’t provide one example of a country currently offering military support for an intervention in Syria.

McDonough Admits It’s a Coalition of One


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