Obama: ‘I’m messy and need someone to keep track of my papers’

Can you imagine the CEO of Ford Motor Company, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs at an interview and stating to his potential employer that one of their major problems is being messy and disorganized? Or anyone for that matter saying these things at an interview. And this isn’t the only time he said it. For some reason, I recall a different time he said it, but couldn’t find the clip. It shows how brazen he is and thinks its ok to say this. How naïve Americans are to think this is anything than a community organizer.

“My greatest strength, I think, is the ability to bring people together from different perspectives, to get them to recognize what they have in common and to move people in a different direction,” said Obama in 2008.

“And as I indicated before, my greatest weakness, I think, is when it comes to — I’ll give you a very good example. I ask my staff never to hand me paper until two seconds before I need it, because I will lose it. (Laughter.) You know. The — you know. And my desk in my office doesn’t look good. I’ve got to have somebody around me who is keeping track of that stuff. And that’s not trivial. I need to have good people in place who can make sure that systems run. That’s what I’ve always done. And that’s why we’ve run not only a good campaign but a good U.S. Senate office.”

H/T:Weekly Standard

Oprah: Racists Have to Die for Racism to End

Nothing like rounding out the week’s posts with someone playing the race card. This time of course, it is Oprah. What I find most offensive is she goes abroad to spout her negativity and psychic knowledge of what all of us have going on in our heads. Forget that she made literally Billions off of these racist, bigoted, bitter clingers who were more than happy to embrace her. Forget that Americans did indeed elect at least half a black man to President. Our reward? The Blacks who have come to resent the Middle Class. Their racism is being paid by all of us, as they seek to destroy our wonderful country and our Middle Class that most of the world would love to make as their home and live our lifestyle. Looks like she wants to get back in Obummer’s good graces. Bye Bye Oprah.

During an interview with the BBC Friday, she not only said that President Obama  is treated with disrespect because he’s black, but also that entire generations  of racists are going to have to die for racism to end

So in Winfrey’s view, it’s older white people who are the problem, and once  they die, racism ends.

It is patently absurd to suggest that racism is caused by old white people  when racism and religious bigotry cut across all generations and  ethnicities.

But folks such as Winfrey don’t want to look at it that way, for they have a  different agenda Read more: NewsBusters which has the transcript and a good analysis.

“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

Obama Wants Libyans to Come Here, Work in “Aviation Maintenance” and “Nuclear Fields”

As  Front Page Mag  says, I can’t think of a single possible thing that could go wrong with this plan. I only wish there was some way to get the Saudis, Iranians and Pakistanis involved to really improve our national security.

Have they lost their minds? Does this regime really hate us that much? Don’t answer. Over 40 percent of leadership positions at DHS are vacant. Great, the latest nominee, who is nothing more than a lawyer, will have as his first priority to fill vacancies. First from News Yahoo just to tune us up for the story:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s pick to be the Homeland Security secretary said Wednesday that filling key leadership vacancies and improving morale is more critical currently than the department’s core counterterrorism mission.In answers to questions leading up to his Senate confirmation hearing, Jeh Johnson deviated from his predecessors’ stated priorities by listing counterterrorism third instead of first, among priorities.

Johnson’s priorities may say less about his commitment to fighting terrorism and more about the struggling state of the massive department created in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, however. Roughly 40 percent of the senior leadership positions are vacant at the department responsible for enforcing immigration and trade laws, securing the nation’s borders, protecting the president and countering drugs and terrorism. And it has long been ranked among the federal agencies with the lowest morale.

The long-time Obama supporter and former Defense Department general counsel testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee. Johnson is expected to win Senate confirmation and would be the fourth Homeland Security secretary, if confirmed

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have obtained an internal Department of Homeland Security draft final regulation that would lift a 20 year ban on Libyans coming to the US to work in sensitive fields.

The document — highlighted Thursday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz — shows that DHS is working to amend its regulations to eliminate the restrictions on Libyan nationals and foreign nationals acting on behalf of Libyan entities from coming to the United States to work in aviation maintenance, flight operations, or to study nuclear-related fields.

“It is shocking that the Obama Administration is turning a blind eye to real terrorist threats that exist in Libya today,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “Just over a year ago, four Americans were killed in the pre-planned terrorist attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi.”  (Ed. Thanks for reminding us.)

Obama Gov shut down plan? Put Americans at risk

While we were captured by the visuals of the WW II memorial shut down, a much more evil and sinister process was underway at our intelligence agencies. One can only conclude that the furloughing of a majority of those who dedicate their lives to protecting us was an intentional act to make us less secure. If one accepts this premise, then one has to conclude that any attack would have been well received and could have been used for political purposes. In other words, we are expendable for the good of the Obama agenda. One also has to wonder how much intelligence was lost, never to be able to be recaptured. Here we go. Our man Clapper.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted that furloughing “nearly three-quarters of the workers at the government’s intelligence agencies” due to the shutdown “put the United States at greater risk of terror attacks.”

According to McClathcyDC, “lawmakers, former intelligence officials and national security experts say they were shocked that the administration furloughed the bulk of federal workers at 16 intelligence agencies, many of them tasked with the most important job in government: safeguarding lives.”

It’s difficult for me to understand,” said Leon Panetta, who served as the director of the CIA and the secretary of defense under President Barack Obama. “People that are involved in our intelligence are critical. You can’t possibly put 70 percent on furlough and not harm national security.”

H/T” Breibart and full story over at According to McClathcyDC,

For those who want to have a recap of the purpose of our man Clapper, an interview with humor. ABC interview : The Director of National Intelligence lacks some “intelligence”… (I mean “intel”, of course…) Diane Sawyer is confused.

Gallup sued by DOJ – Funny, GOP poll numbers tank

I was happily moving along last night, getting my post ready with the good news polls that reflected that things were moving our way, when out of nowhere I hear O’Reilly on the tube. Puffed up and preening how the Gallup poll out today demonstrates his acumen that the Right Wingers were crashing the GOP and he of course had foretold all of this.

Republican approval rating falls to lowest point in Gallup poll history Houston Chronicle (blog) ‎- 5 hours ago

Wait, wait I said. This poll is an outlier from all I have looked at. The wheels started turning. Into my way back machine I rolled. Did Eric Holder’s Jackboots stop by Gallup again? What is the status of the multi-million lawsuit brought against Gallup by the DOJ?

First the good news from two polls:

AP Poll: Obama Approval Plummets to 37 - this from the AP no less.

BreitbartPoll: Democrats Lose Lead in Congressional Generic Ballot 

In another edition of the polls the media won’t cover, between September 29 and October 6, Democrats have lost a four point lead in Rasmussen’s generic ballot that asks voters if they would vote for a Democrat or Republican in the upcoming midterm elections. That poll is now tied at 40% – 40%. At the end of last month, Democrats led 42% – 38%.

Now from an earlier post. Keep in mind this was at a time when the Presidential race was in full swing. Obama was behind Romney.

What Axelrod and his  co-conspirators are really worried about are Gallup’s jobless numbers.

Holder jackboots Gallup – sues company to silence them  August 28, 2012

First, I was surprised to learn that they have a number of polling contracts with the government. How can one remain independent with this nefarious regime? How can they do Presidential political polls and yet retain their “objectivity”. Here we go:

Twice this summer, Gallup has published a report calling into question discrepancies between its unadjusted research and what is being tallied in the adjusted Official statistics. In reporting in its latest jobless numbers — in a commentary titled August Unemployment Not Looking Good — Gallup noted (emphases added):

Regardless, barring heroic adjustments or a sharp change in direction, Gallup data suggest the seasonally adjusted U.S. unemployment rate for August will increase — possibly substantially — when announced in early September.

In other words, Gallup said the only way unemployment numbers don’t go up next month is if someone in Obamaland puts a finger on the scale.

Within days of the Gallup Organization issuing, essentially, a veiled warning to the Obama gang about tinkering with unemployment numbers, Obama’s DOJ jumped, jackboots first, into a multi-million dollar legal action against Gallup, in a case initiated by a former Obama operative. Ed: David Axelrod. Anyone surprised?

A few days later, Eric Holder dropped the fifty-pound sledgehammer on Gallup, joining in a “whistleblower” action. The original complaint alleges that the Gallup organization inflated the number of hours required to do polling projects for the U.S. Mint, the State Department, and other federal agencies. (Why federal agencies even think they need to do polling is another subject for another time.)

Full story at Atlas Shrugs

Comments from Trapshooters thread:

Date: Sat, Sep 08, 2012 – 07:36 PM ET Website Address:   

Anyone else noticed the sudden shift in Gallup’s poll results?

From: Brian in Oregon Email:    Date: Sat, Sep 08, 2012 – 10:46 PM ET Website Address:

Note the improved poll numbers, click on the link for the numbers:

“Got my mind set right, boss. See? Obama’s numbers are up, boss, way up”, Cool Hand Gallup.

After Gallup declined to change its polling methodology, Obama’s Department of Justice hit it with an unrelated lawsuit that appears damning on its face. …

Gallup has been a thorn in Obama’s re-election efforts since it began to publish polling numbers showing Romney leading the incumbent Democrat. The polling organization has also, according to the American Thinker blog, published employment data which, unlike numbers from Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, does not set aside statistics which are not politically helpful to the president.

Twitter shuts down ‘Truckers Ride for the Constitution’

UPDATE:   Background Maggie’s Notebook Has more on what’s going down:

Truckers Ride October 11, 12, 13 – No Freight Hauling, Flags Flying – How You Can Help Locally, Where to Meet-up

Having just learned that Government shutdown: The National Mall will be open for a pro-amnesty rally from America’s Watchtower:

But as sickening as all of this is, what is even more sickening is this story:

    While the National Mall is closed to most of the American people there is one group which is going to be allowed to hold a rally on that site tomorrow. While denying WWII veterans the chance to view their monuments the Park Service has given the green light to a pro-amnesty rally at the National Mall.

The “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” sounds like a great idea. How about throwing in some Bikers to take a look-see at the World War II monument?  Of course, Obama’s boys from Twitter and Facebook are now shutting down access to their Social Media sites. Sounds about right for this regime.

Enraged by low wages, fuel prices, regulations, the government shutdown, the debt ceiling, President Obama and  “the corruption that is destroying America,” the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” aims to tie up three lanes of Interstate 495 circling the nation’s capital, with big rigs traveling 55 mph, an organizer told U.S. News & World Report.

UPDATE: Twitter account back up and running!

Twitter has suspended the account belonging to ‘Truckers for the Constitution’, a group that has received national media attention over its plan to roadblock traffic in DC and arrest members of Congress later this week.

Twitter reacted to the news by almost immediately terminating the group’s account.

Attempting to access the organization’s https://twitter.com/T2SDA page brings up the following message:

Twitter Shuts Down Truckers for the Constitution 071013sus

Although the group’s Facebook page currently has nearly 50,000 likes, its previous incarnation was also permanently deleted.

Facebook and Twitter’s targeting of ‘Truckers for the Constitution’ is yet another reminder that the social media giants have total contempt for the First Amendment and any form of political activism that is anti-Obama.

Despite the fact that Twitter routinely fails to shut down accounts that directly threaten violence, and is even slow in removing accounts belonging to terrorist groups (it took 5 days for them to shut down an Al-Qaeda account), its targeting of Truckers for the Constitution is ruthless in comparison.

Within hours of the group’s planned protest appearing in U.S. News & World Report and being linked up on the Drudge Report, the account was terminated. H/T: Prison Planet

Although the event, scheduled for Friday, has been public for around a week, it went viral this morning after being covered in a lengthy piece by U.S. News & World Report which was also linked on the Drudge Report.

“We are not going to ask for impeachment,” the group’s organizer Earl Conlon said. “We are coming whether they like it or not. We’re not asking for impeachment, we’re asking for the arrest of everyone in government who has violated their oath of office.”

Last week, one of the promoters said 3,000 truckers had said they planned to participate in the holiday-weekend rally. Two convoys reportedly will leave from the Doswell Truck Stop in Doswell, Va.

The “general strike” seeks to enlist sympathetic motorists — and will let them pass if they display the group’s calling card: T2SDA, which stands for “Truckers to Shut Down America,” the original name.

The group behind the rally, “Ride for the Constitution,” said in a news release that the “stage is now set for what we now consider the last peaceful defensive stand in a war that has been declared by Wall Street, Washington, and the Whitehouse upon the American people.” More at  USA Today

Elderly couple thrown out of home thanks to ‘shutdown’

Anyone who has visited the Lake Mead area knows how expansive it is. Not mentioned are the hundreds of House Boats that are located on the lake as well as the many homes that dot the shoreline. So these folks are plum out of luck. How about this couple of old timers? In their home they have owned for over 40 years.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

They weren’t even able to grab Ralph’s pants.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land.

Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going home isn’t an option.

The Spencers never expected to be forced out of their Lake Mead home, which they’ve owned since the 70s, but on Thursday, a park ranger said they had 24 hours to get out.

“I had to go to town today and buy Ralph undershirts and jeans because I forgot his pants,” Joyce Spencer told Action News.

The Stewart’s Point home sits on federal land, so even though the Spencers own their cabin outright, they’re not allowed in until the government reopens.

Park officials said property owners can visit only to retrieve belongings; they sent Action News a statement which reads in part, “Unfortunately overnight stays are not permitted until a budget is passed and the park can reopen.”

Joyce Spencer said she’s alright in the meantime, staying with nearby family, but the move was a lot to handle as a senior citizen.

“I had to be sure and get his walker and his scooter that he has to go in,” Spencer said. “We’re not hurt in any way except it might cost me if I have to go buy more pants.”

Just one rental location

Obama and his Kenya politics – another war in the making

What with the new terrorist attack in Kenya, one has to reflect on the U.S. role in the region.

Looking back, why is Obama determined to unsettle just about every region in the world?  What are his motivations? He shares few internal concerns for the infiltration of terrorists into our country, but loves his drones. A puzzle isn’t it? For starters, from an earlier post:

Drones Away – more kinetic Actions – here, there, everywhere October 25, 2011

A Somali government official, who spoke on the condition of unanimity, told Press TV that there are secret US bases in Kenya mainly used for flying American pilot less drone bombers.

He also said that there are secret US jails in Kenya where hundreds of young people, captured in Somalia, are being held.

The US has increased the number of its attacks by unmanned surveillance aircraft in Somalia. Many civilians have died as a result.

Washington claims the airstrikes target militants, though most of such attacks have largely resulted in civilian casualties.

Somalia is the sixth country where the US military has engaged in unauthorized aerial bombing campaigns through the use of its remote-controlled aircraft. Press TV Ir

Now with Kenya back in the news with the new onslaught of violence, bet he will be in the situation room with this one. My “older readers” got their fill of my Kenya stories back a couple of years ago. Here is a bit of a refresher on our mixing into Kenya politics.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged Kenyans to embrace constitutional reform during a speech here last week. But prominent politicians and Kenya’s church leaders want the draft defeated because of allowances for abortion and Islamic courts that deal with family matters, issues opposed by conservative U.S. groups.(here)

Our earlier post: Obama supporting Cousin’s radical agenda in Kenya

Most Americans don’t realize that Barack Obama campaigned across Kenya while a US Senator to get his cousin Raila Odinga elected Prime Minister. Just last month he sent Biden over to Kenya to shill for this Terrorist. For more on this Obama supports Sharia Law and Constitutional change in Kenya  Snopes disputes the notion that they are cousins, but states, “even so, it would only be genetic”.

Odinga is a radical Muslim who’s pushing a new constitution on Kenya that requires all Muslims in the country to obey Sharia law. It also forbids any public displays of Christianity. Odinga cut a deal with radical Islamic groups to get it passed and Obama continues to support him behind the scenes with millions of tax payer dollars.

Odinga burned 50 Christians in a Church seeking refuge.

Get this: Odinga’s campaign slogan was “Vote For Change.”

Members of Congress are beginning to question the Obama administration’s full throated support for a radical Islamic constitution in Kenya. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is calling for an investigation and says the administration may be violating federal law.

This is really rich. Move the vid up to about 2:45 to hear how he tells Kenyans to have transparency when he was campaigning for Odinga. No need to watch the adoring fans prance about.

Michelle says Barack’s Home country is Kenya – full statement. Talking during the LGBT Delegate (The World as it Should Be), Michelle is talking about HIV testing. Her statement is that she and Barack Hussein Obama tested for HIV, when they took their trip to Kenya and visited his ‘HOME’ country

Obama? Are we to be your Lemmings?

May 6, 2012. The day Obama kicked off his campaign for his next term. His slogan?  Way Forward. Forward off the cliff is what it has been. Here is a Saturday re-do of my post video done then that is even more appropriate today. Forward like lemmings, off the cliff he would take us.

The ending? It is up to us.

OBAMA Said The Day He’s Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease

A Saturday reflection. Recall our traitor’s words. But first, Cicero gives us the warning.

Cicero,  Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, and writer who vainly tried to uphold republican principles in the final civil wars that destroyed the Roman Empire

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero, English byname Tully    (born 106 bce, Arpinum, Latium [now Arpino, Italy]—died Dec. 7, 43 bce, Formiae, Latium [now Formia]),

And we bought the traitor’s words.

OBAMA Said The Day He’s Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease.


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