Bunkerville and Bundy – the real story about the fight and timeline

Mark Levin last night gave a superb explanation and history of the Bundy and Bunkerville showdown.  For anyone who really wants to understand, do take the time to listen to his explanation of how there is more than one kind of BLM land, and it was the re-classification of this land that started this mess.

In short, Levin calls it an abuse of power and believes the BLM should stop referring to the land as a conservation area and allow Bundy’s cattle to continue grazing on the land just as it has for the last 100 years or so.

He cites the Washington Post as doing a “pretty good outline” of giving the history.

Excerpts from the Washington Post:

Everything you need to know about the long fight between 

1989: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists the desert tortoise as an endangered species. A year later, its designation was changed to “threatened.”

March 1993: The Washington Post publishes a story about the federal government’s efforts to protect the desert tortoise in Nevada. Near Las Vegas, the Bureau of Land Management designated hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land for strict conservation efforts.

“Among the conservation measures required,” according to the Post’s coverage, “are the elimination of livestock grazing and strict limits on off-road vehicle use in the protected tortoise habitat. Two weeks ago, the managers of the plan completed the task of purchasing grazing privileges from cattle ranchers who formerly used BLM land.”

Many people were not impressed by the new conservation plan. “Cliven Bundy, whose family homesteaded his ranch in 1877 and who accuses the government of a ‘land grab,’ are digging in for a fight and say they will not willingly sell their grazing privileges to create another preserve.” People who use the desert to prospect for minerals and to race motorcycles and jeeps also feel shortchanged. “‘It was shoved down our throat,’ said Mark Trinko, who represents off-road vehicle users on the committee that oversees the plan.”

April 1995: The fight between the Bureau of Land Management and the ranchers who want to use the federal land without fees or oversight is growing more tense, according to a story published in USA Today.

The reason that things were ramping up? Counties were starting to challenge federal ownership of land. In 1991, Catron County in New Mexico passed an ordinance that claimed state ownership and local management of public land in the state. Thirty five counties followed suit. Nye County, Nevada, became the first to act on its legislated threat. The county commissioner bulldozed his way down a closed national forest road. Forest rangers soon followed, who the county commissioner threatened to arrest if they interfered.

At this point, Cliven Bundy had racked up $31,000 in fees for grazing on federal land without a permit. Helicopters often hover over his herd, counting up the cows so he can be fined appropriately. “They’ve taken their authority and abused it,” Bundy said. “I’m not being regulated to death anymore.”

March 18, 1996: The federal government, which owns 87 percent of the land in Nevada,  is still worried about potential violence if they try to remove illegally grazing cattle from protected land. Two more pipebombs had exploded in Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management offices in the past two years. The Justice Department has 12 lawsuits pending against Nevada cattle ranchers. A federal court in the state struck down the Nye County ordinance that caused trouble the year before. Not that ranchers took that as reason to stand down, however. One local resident told USA Today,”A single district court decision in one district doesn’t settle it. It’s just a single day in the year of a revolutionary war. We’re going to continue on with the fight.” Bundy is also continuing to graze on federal lands. “I’m still saying the state of Nevada owns that land, and the federal government has been an encroacher. I’m not moving my cattle. We have … rights.”



EPA mandates reducing cow fart emissions

Never underestimate the absurdity of this regime in destroying any viable industry in America.  Mark this down as a big one. Can you only imagine what this will cost farmers? What the cost of milk and milk by-products will cost? It apparently is not bad enough to destroy the automotive industry with their new standards. Let us go after the poor cow.

As part of its plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama administration is targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions in their operations.

“Of all domestic animal types, beef and dairy cattle were by far the largest emitters of [methane],” according to an EPA analysis charting greenhouse gas emissions in 2012. Cows and other animals produce methane through digestion, which ferments the food of animals.

“During digestion, microbes resident in an animal’s digestive system ferment food consumed by the animal,” the EPA notes. “This microbial fermentation process, referred to as enteric fermentation, produces [methane] as a byproduct, which can be exhaled or eructated by the animal.”

This comes despite falling methane emission levels across the economy since 1990.

The White House has proposed cutting methane emissions from the dairy industry by 25 percent by 2020. Although U.S. agriculture only accounts for about 9 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it makes up a sizeable portion of methane emissions — which is a very potent greenhouse gas.

Some of these methane emissions come from cow flatulence, exhaling and belching — other livestock animals release methane as well.

Read more: BREIBART

Obama and Feinstein helped create an artificial drought in California

Obama deliberately denied water to the San Joaquin Valley. Now he wants to give Billions to his faux Climate Change after he and the EPA created the problem. Here is an old post that should put your hair on fire. During the Bush administration, Feinstein went nuts that she was not informed that she was not in charge of denying water to the much-needed agricultural region.

Barack Obama to Veto Bill That Will Provide Water To California Drought Region

March 1, 2012 — bunkerville

Let us now start in on our food supply. create artificial droughts, bankrupt farmers so that Con Agra can come in. Makes sense, the Obama method of changing our form of government.So the Dems were against the water before they were for it, and now against it. They were for it when they needed some important CA House Dems to vote for Obamacare Brazen Boxer Feinstein reverse now want water for California farmers:

 …All for Obamacare and getting two more votes. Sorry Delta Smelt, you lost to Obamacare and our corrupt government. What could not be done by a vote is now done by a dictatorship. And that is what we have.

The video of Feinstein is  before she was for  water  but then again, maybe the smelt is worth a vote or two.

A federal judge ruled on in December 2010 that the liberal study that forced California officials to cutback on water to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta was based on faulty science.

Despite this Barack Obama said he would veto any Congressional bill that would “reverse the progress” (drought) in the San Joaquin Valley. Investor’s reported, via HotAir:

The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 1837, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act because the bill would unravel decades of work to forge consensus, solutions, and settlements that equitably address some of California’s most complex water challenges.

Uploaded on Sep 23, 2009

Senator Dianne Feinstein votes against sending water to California Farmers because of  two inch delta smelt fish saying it’s like Pearl Harbor.

Obama making U.N. climate agreement that doesn’t need congressional approval

There was a about a minute of Fox’s news time spent on this story that should be making everyone madder than hell. Most of the report was spent on Podesta, the architect of this nasty Executive Order coming down. Apparently Podesta has been at the U.N. for over at decade working on his plan of redistributing America’s wealth. Podesta, now one of the most dangerous people in the administration. He worked for Clinton, so if anyone has any illusions of what a Hillary Presidency would look like, look no further. This is not the first we heard of him. Recall

Obama’s Podesta wants to give the U.S oceans to the U.N. December 12, 2013 — bunkerville

President Obama’s new staff adviser, senior progressive strategist John Podesta,  is a key player in an initiative seeking more government regulation of the  oceans and the ceding of U.S. oceans to United Nations-based international law.

That background could inform Podesta’s agenda in the White House, where he is to  serve for one year as a “counselor” to the president. The New  York Times reported he will focus on executive orders and so-called climate  change issues along with Obamacare.

Last year, Obama’s Interagency Ocean Policy Taskforce, created in 2010 also  by executive order, recommended the U.S. join the U.N.’s Law of the Sea  Convention.

Here we go: with today’s disturbing news

The Obama administration is quietly forging ahead with plans to offer up an international commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming — without congressional approval.

Reuters reports that the U.S. submitted its vision for a new international global warming agreement to the United Nations on Wednesday, suggesting a “bifurcated approach” of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol — placing different emissions targets for rich and poor countries.

“So this is just the latest example of President Obama’s contempt for obeying the Constitution and our laws,” Myron Ebell, director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “In the past, rulers who act as if the law does not apply to them were called tyrants.”

“CEI has warned for several years that the Obama Administration would follow advice from environmental pressure groups and try to sign a new U.N. agreement that ignores the Senate’s constitutional role,” Ebell said.

“It is also worth noting that any agreement Obama negotiates will not take effect until after he leaves office, so that a future President and Congress will be stuck with the damage it does to the economy,” Ebell added. “But without Senate ratification, it should be fairly easy for a future President and Congress to dismantle.”

Read more:  Daily Caller

Al Gore: ‘We need Fertility management to fight global warming’

On the face of it, this story could easily slide down into, so what else is new with the Goricle. Promoting once again, his Global Warming, Climate Change posture. Let’s take note though. These are simply de-sensitizing statements that are used to accustoming us to the Progressive logic. Of course Gore isn’t called a racist. And the trick to this is in the end, the method by which the Progressives wish to control population growth.

Former Vice President Al Gore raised eyebrows last week when he suggested that “fertility management” was the key to fighting global warming and promoting economic development in poor countries. Gore’s comments drew criticism from free-marketeers who said his remarks amount to “eco-imperialism.”

“Gore’s agenda for saving the world from global warming has always included population control,” Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Advocating population control specifically for Africa is just another form of imperialism.  Gore’s eco-imperialism is uncomfortably close to the original racist goals of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who advocated population control in order to control the number of black and brown people in the world.”

Read more: Daily Caller

Here is a refresher on Margaret Sanger

The Smithsonian is honoring one of the 20th century’s most notorious eugenics proponents, Margaret Sanger. American Life League exposes Sanger’s racist plan to create a “master race.”

EPA to ban lead bullets – will end sportsman shooting

Earlier I posted Last U.S. lead ammo company shut down by EPA November 4, 2013 . Now the update. One small detail the news report fails to mention. From EPA wanted to ban ammo,  December 2012

Remember this is a no-win situation for us, because bullets made of materials other than lead are often considered armor piercing by law. Copper is your basic material, and copper is expensive, and has much poorer performance properties than lead.

From The Wahington Examiner:

Here’s an astounding bit of government overreach:

NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation] is springing into action, as the public comment period opens on EPA considering a regulation that will ban all traditional lead ammunition. This would basically end the shooting sports as we know it. Remember this is a no-win situation for us, because bullets made of materials other than lead are often considered armor piercing by law. Copper is your basic material, and copper is expensive, and has much poorer performance properties than lead.

You can read the petition in favor of banning ammunition here, and if you can leave a public comment on it here.

(Comments closed, approved.)

Now to the latest news from Right Scoop

Whether by state or federal regulation, or by market forces, lead bullets will be all but phased out within a few years in favor of so-called green bullets, experts say. While many believe that this will help the environment by keeping lead from contaminating groundwater, others say switching to copper-based bullets will cost hunters and sportsmen more and have little effect on the environment.

“Whatever the EPA’s motivation when creating the new lead air quality standard, increasingly restrictive regulation of lead is likely to affect the production and cost of traditional ammunition,” the National Rifle Association said in a statement.

Jim Yardley a retired financial controller and blogger for americanthinker.com, estimated it would cost $18,431,000 to replace the lead with copper.

“Nearly $20 million, not to improve the effectiveness of the ammunition used by our troops, but to protect the environment,” Yardley wrote.

Read more at Right Scoop

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Obama’s Podesta wants to give the U.S oceans to the U.N.

While the MSM has been touting the addition of John Podesta to the Obama crime syndicate as a political strategy move, it appears he only intends to solidify the totalitarian power. His focus? Executive orders, and giving the oceans to the U.N. Here we go:

President Obama’s new staff adviser, senior progressive strategist John Podesta,  is a key player in an initiative seeking more government regulation of the  oceans and the ceding of U.S. oceans to United Nations-based international law.

That background could inform Podesta’s agenda in the White House, where he is to  serve for one year as a “counselor” to the president. The New  York Times reported he will focus on executive orders and so-called climate  change issues along with Obamacare. In addition to his mind-set?

In mid-November, Mr. Podesta announced that he was establishing the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a nonpartisan organization within the Center for American Progress, and that he would be its chairman.

The new group will study the growing inequality in incomes and economic opportunity, and promote policies to close a gap that has worsened to levels last seen in the 1920s.

Podesta, a former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, is founder of the  highly influential Center for American Progress.

He is also a member of the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, which seeks to  ratify U.S. laws and regulations governing the seas.

“I am delighted to be joining the Global Ocean Commission, which I see as one  of the most dynamic initiatives developing commonsense ways to manage fully 45  percent of the globe that remains common property, outside any national  jurisdiction,” said  Podesta when he joined the commission.

Last year, Obama’s Interagency Ocean Policy Taskforce, created in 2010 also  by executive order, recommended the U.S. join the U.N.’s Law of the Sea  Convention.

Read more at WND

Radical Apollo Alliance Named to Obama’s Climate Task Force

Recently I posted Obama signs new lawless Executive Order regarding Climate change. Now we find out more about who and why now the move. Tides foundation, Apollo Alliance funded by George Soros are among those who have their nasty fingers behind this. But first, a few seconds from our “Constitutional” professor regarding our founding document. Just remind us what is ahead of us.

The co-founder of the Apollo Alliance and supporter of wealth redistribution was named this week to Obama’s Climate Task Force. The Bell News reported:

Even while Climate Scientists are backing off from the dire predictions on Global Warming, President Obama has decided to double down on the junk science with an Executive Order.

…… So expect more Federal Land seizures in the near future), one of the most disturbing realizations to come from this latest Executive Order is that one of the “Advisers” on the President’s Task Force is a Co-Founder of the Communist Affiliated Apollo Alliance, Co-Architect of the President’s current “Green” economic plan and is a known supporter of Wealth Redistribution.  That man is Governor of Washington State Jay Inslee.

According to Key Wiki, Jay Inslee Co-Founded the Apollo Alliance (Funded by the Tides Foundation who is Funded by George Soros and is now apart of the Blue Green Alliance) which housed a number of radical leftists such as the former Green Jobs Czar, and self described Communist, Van Jones as well as  a former founder of the Communist Terrorist group The Weather Underground, Jeff Jones.

Bell News:

In 2007, then Congressman Jay Inslee Co-Authored a book with Apollo Alliance Executive Director and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Bracken Hendricks, titled Apollo’s Fire.   Apollo’s Fire is the blue print (Which President Obama has been following to the letter) on how to fundamentally transform the United States into a “Clean Energy Economy” in order to save the world from the effects of Global Warming.  This plan is known as The New Apollo Project.

On page 114 at the bottom of the 2nd to last paragraph in Apollo’s Fire, Mr. Inslee and Mr. Hendricks admit (by quoting fellow Apollo Alliance Co-founder Joel Rogers) that their New Apollo Project is not just about creating a Clean Energy Economy, but about redistributing the wealth:

“A new Apollo Project for energy is appealing because it is part of a class of investments that pay for themselves—it is not merely redistribution of wealth—and it makes our whole country better off.”

More from Bell News:

From pushing the Smart Grid, to the seizure of GM through the bailout, President Obama has been following The New Apollo Project as it is laid out in Apollo’s Fire to the letter.  Which brings up the question.  Why now, in his 2nd Term, has the President suddenly decided to create this new Climate Task Force, especially since he has been executing the Apollo plan so well on his own?

The only answers I can come up with is that the President created this Task Force to draw attention away from the new directives he has given Federal agencies in the Executive Order.  Also as he increases the speed of the “Fundamental Transformation” which is called for in The New Apollo Project before his 2nd term runs out, and people begin to complain about losing their freedoms and property in the name of saving the planet, he will have someone to point to and blame it on.  Instead of taking the heat and admitting that he is acting on a plan created by a George Soros Foundation he will just point to the Task Force and say, “We Democratically voted on it”.

H/T:Gateway Pundit. And of course, nothing like our gal Val and Van Jones to close out the post.

Last U.S. lead ammo company shut down by EPA

Apparently we are going to lose our Second Amendment rights without a fight, not even a whimper. The EPA now shutting down the last ore to lead producer has been shut down by the EPA. Now we are dependent on China. It is clear why the government has been buying up so much ammo.

The Examiner and James Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com detailed new importation restrictions set forth in a Presidential Executive Action following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which bans the importation of military surplus items that include magazines, firearms accessories and, of course, foreign ammunition.

HERCULANEUM • About 145 employees of the Doe Run lead smelter have learned they will lose their jobs at the end of December because of the plant’s closure, the Doe Run Co. said Wednesday. An additional 73 contractor jobs also will be eliminated.

The job cuts were expected. The plant, which has operated for more than a century and is the lone remaining lead smelter in the United States, announced in 2010 that it will cease operations at the end of this year.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the company “made a business decision” to shut down the smelter instead of installing pollution control technologies needed to reduce sulfur dioxide and lead emissions as required by the Clean Air Act.

The Doe Run Co. announced last year that it had dropped plans to build a new lead processing facility in Herculaneum that would have used a new, cleaner lead production technology. The company cited the

$100 million project as too financially risky.  More at St.Louis Dispatch

The government’s most recent efforts to reduce open market availability through taxation, individual purchase restrictions and a massive stockpiling effort by the Department of Homeland Security has forced ammunition prices to nearly triple, while also dwindling supplies of many popular calibers.

The all-out attack on Americans’ gun rights is now being taken to the next level.

The goal is to regulate all forms of ammunition out of existence, and they’re starting with Doe Run, which is the last of America’s domestic lead processing and manufacturing facilities.

Now, the only ore-to-lead producer in America… the largest in the Western world… has been shut down by EPA regulation.

EPA’s regulatory uncertainty and an estimated $100 million to convert [to non-smelter manufacturing] caused the company to finally throw in the towel.

Lead’s still going to be manufactured in China, but it’ll be done without any environmental oversight, it’ll be scarce, it’ll be expensive, and we’ll have fragile supply lines.

H/T and more over at: SHTF Plan:…

It’s party of multi-pronged attack on ammunition.

  • Drying up the market by hoarding billions of rounds
  • Shutting down the market with background checks, registration, and banning of online sales
  • Environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead

And after we can no longer manufacture ammunition domestically we have the UN Arms Trade Treaty to stop the importation of ammunition.

Obama signs new lawless Executive Order regarding Climate change

Another Friday night news dump. Another Executive Order. Is anyone  going to stop this lawlessness? Wasting our tax money on this total nonsense to reward his cronies. Enough of this. Impeach this dictator.

At a speech at Georgetown University  in June, Mr. Obama outlined executive  actions he would take to require  government and private industry to prepare for  the effects of climate  change. Read more: Washington Times

Though laws dealing with the issue are often criticized by those who do not  ascribe to leftist environmental policies, this order is especially dangerous  because Obama completely circumvented congressional oversight in its  implementation.

The fiat decision, entitled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of  Climate Change,” will have far-reaching effects on the lives of Americans,  despite mounting evidence that human activity has no measurable effect on the  environment.

The order says to “identify opportunities to support and encourage smarter, more climate-resilient investments by States, local communities, and tribes, including by providing incentives through agency guidance, grants, technical assistance, performance measures, safety considerations, and other programs.”

Here is the Executive Order

The task force is comprised of seven Democratic governor of states, and one Republican governor of a territory, Gov. Eddie Calvo of Guam.

The Democratic governors are Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, Jerry Brown of California, Jay Inslee of Washington state, Jack Markell of Delaware, Martin O’Malley of Maryland, Pat Quinn of Illinois and Peter Shumlin of Vermont. The task force also includes local officials, including 14 mayors, two county officials and two tribal officials.

The order also tells federal agencies to identify changes to land and water policies and regulations “to strengthen climate resilience.” Additionally, it requires federal agencies to increase the amount of information with local communities to be prepared for climate problems. The Blaze

Obama called for the creation of a “Council on Climate Change Preparedness  and Resilience,” which will be headed by officials from multiple federal  agencies, including the Council on Environmental Quality and the Office of  Science and Technology Policy.

Combating these perceived problems, according to Obama’s executive order,  “requires deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning by  the Federal Government, as well as by stakeholders, to facilitate Federal,  State, local, tribal, private-sector, and nonprofit-sector efforts to improve  climate preparedness and resilience.”
Read more at Western Journalism


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