PA Trooper killer still on the loose, thousands of students at home, roads blocked UPDATE

Shelter in place issued for Barrett and Price Townships Pennsylvania State Police are asking all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.

Canadensis, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Police in Pennsylvania appeared to be closing in Friday night on the suspect in the slaying of a state trooper.

Police have surrounded a home where Eric Matthew Frein is believed to be hiding, a local government official told CNN. The home, which was broken into, is not far from Frein’s family home in Canadensis, in the Poconos Mountains.

Police exchanged gunfire in the area with an individual believed to be Frein, the official said. Video over at CNN


The Pennsylvania State Police are asking all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.

Please do not go outdoors and remain away from windows or openings to the outside.

Police are in the process of searching the area.

Please stay tuned to media outlets for further information.

Monroe County Communications confirmed a report of shots fired 7:15 p.m. Friday night. Officials could not say specifically where the shots were reportedly fired. State Police issued the warning at about 7:30 p.m. Friday night. They said the warning was “due to police activity in the area.” The public is asked not to travel to this area.


In one of the most unreported stories, a potential mass shooter Eric Frein who has threatened to kill more, has been on the loose for a week after shooting two Pennsylvania State police officers, killing one. Thousands of school children are still required to stay home again today, roadblocks have been set up not permitting hundreds of people to go to their homes. What about pets and needed medications? Isn’t this a choice as to risk taking? (Roads have since been reopened). Who ordered the closing of the roads? Under what order? I first reported this story earlier in the week. Check out the link below for the original post.

PA Police shooter portrayed as right-wing nut job, he was anything but. UPDATES

They are spinning the shooting of two State police officers in Northeastern Pennsylvania as perpetrated by a right-wing survivalist. This from a local newspaper which cannot resist bringing up twice in the same story that he was involved in the school’s rifle team. It turns out he was anything but a right-wing nut case. Fox news is still spinning it as a “sharp shooting survivalist”, whatever that intends to mean. Picture just added by the Pocono Record newspaper. Updates as they come available. Why isn’t the media covering this?

PA Trooper Shooter Suspect Has MySpace Reference To Che Guevara, 13th Guards (Soviet Red Army Rifle Division)

Some stories have identified him as a “survivalist”, which some immediately are translating to “right wing nut”.

As with most things, best not to jump to conclusions till all the evidence is in.

In this case, it is clear from Frein’s MySpace account that he was an active participant in an Airsoft group, practicing shooting. There are a lot of connections to other Airsoft players.

There is also a connection to Che Guevara and 13th Guards. 13th Guards was a Soviet Red Army rifle division, also referenced on Call of Duty.

State police are searching for Eric Matthew Frein, who they say is armed with a high-powered rifle, extremely dangerous and the man they suspect in the fatal ambush shooting Friday at a Pike County state police barracks

Some people said they were more anxious about being unable to get home than Frein himself.

Piper said she was hoping to be able to change her clothes before heading to see her boyfriend perform a poetry reading Friday night.

“I’d like to get a little dressed up, not be in a sweatshirt and jeans,” she said.

Update: The search for Eric Frein at 6:40 a.m. today9/19/2014

Here is the latest on the search for suspected state police killer Eric Frein, 31, of Canadensis.

Friday September 19, 201

Lsit of schools closed today All Pocono Mountain School District schools

All East Stroudsburg School District schools

Monsignor McHugh School in Cresco

Notre Dame of East Stroudsburg

Evergreen Community School

UPDATES:Some Barrett residents can’t get to their homes tonight because of search9/18/2014

Many residents of Barrett Township were unable to reach their homes Thursday night as the search alleged for Blooming Grove shooter Eric Frein intensified.

“I was just coming from work,” said Gabby Piper, who said she lives near the Frein home. “I was following it on Facebook and I was like ‘well, guess I’m not going home tonight.’”

Barrett township firefighters set up a temporary shelter at their fire house for the displaced residents.

Firefighters whipped up grilled cheese sandwiches and residents donated hoagies and pizza to the shelter.

“This is so nice of them to provide this,” Sue Terry said.

“I’d rather be home, but I am glad this is here,” Gil Barreto said.

Shelter set up for Barrett/Price residents displaced by police activity9/18/2014

Barrett Township Fire Department has set up a shelter at the fire house for any Barrett and Price Township residents who have been displaced or cannot get to their homes due to the police activity in the area tonight, the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management says.

The Salvation Army Canteen has also been dispatched to the area of search.

ES North students at after-school activities evacuated to Middle Smithfield Elementary9/18/2014

Students who were at the East Stroudsburg North High School this evening for after-school sports practices are being evacuated from the area and…

Roads shut down in Barrett Township near home of Eric Frein’s parents- 9/18/2014 5:30pm

Police have shut down Route 447 from Lower Seese Hill Road to Bear Town Road and where Lower Seese and Bear Town intersect.

The Lower Seese Hill and Bear Town intersection is about 300 yards from the home of Eric Frein’s parents, which is on Seneca Lane, which runs into Mohican Road which leads to Bear Town Road.

Frein is wanted in the ambush at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove on Sept. 12. He is accused of killing state police Cpl. Bryon Dickson II and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass.

Traffic heading north on Route 447 is being around by police at the entrance to Alpine Mountain.

Eric Matthew Frein has been added to the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.

He is known to be a heavy smoker, a weapons enthusiast, and a survivalist, and has studied the Russian and Serbian languages.

H/T and video over at :WFMZ

More at the Pocono Record. Check their front page “Top Stories box” section for continuing updates.


Corker and Chaffetz at hearings and socks it to the government- Video

After watching yesterday’s various hearings, I have attempted to put together three of my favorite hits. Guaranteed to give you a lot of fireworks, display the contempt this government has for us, and to otherwise be worthy of your time.  First, the most explosive with our man Kerry. (This is a duplicate that I offered as well with the vote to arm the Syrian rebels today). What would be a hit without Lerch. Lerch suggests that ISIS has been put on their heels by the Free Syrian Army. Then Chaffetz gives it to DHS, and finally a rather obscure clip when this DHS fellow is shown mocking us. Put your feet up and Enjoy!

Wednesday at the Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on U.S. strategy for combating ISIS, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) criticized President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry as “three senators” exercising “terrible judgment” on the U.S. strategy against ISIS. A written portion follows.

Kerry got into a heated exchange with Corker who said, “I want to say as I said personally, we have three senators, president, vice president, secretary of state, that are exercising terrible judgment right now. And to say that you’re going to do this regardless of what we say, you’re not going to ask for buy-in by the United States Senate or House of Representatives on behalf of the American people in a conflict that’s going to be multiyear. Some people say a decade. Taking us into another country with a different enemy, is exercising the worst judgment possible.”

“I’ve said this to you as strongly as I can personally, that in essence what you’re saying to the chairman right now, saying if Congress wants to play a constructive role, we would welcome that, to me, this is a political game and I’m disappointed that you as secretary of state, being chairman of this committee, espousing the views you have espoused,” he added.

Chaffetz to DHS Sec.: Do you know of any known terrorists apprehended at the southwest border.

Hearing: “Worldwide Threats to the Homeland”
House Homeland Security Full Committee
Sept. 17, 2014



During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing today focused on worldwide threats to America, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), asked DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson whether he is “aware of any apprehensions of suspected or known terrorists” who have attempted to enter the U.S. illegally during his tenure as homeland security chief.  Johnson was sworn in as the fourth DHS secretary on December 23, 2013. When asked if he was aware of that situation, Johnson said, “I’ve heard reports to that effect. I don’t know the accuracy of the reports or how much credence to give them, but I’ve heard reports to that effect.”

“I do agree with you that the challenge of those coming from countries other than Mexico particularly into the Rio Grande Valley sector [in Texas] is one I’m very concerned about. It’s something I’ve been concerned about since I took office in January,” the DHS secretary told Rep. Chaffetz. “I’ve seen it myself at our detention center in Brownsville when I visited there in January, there was something like 80 nationalities of illegal migrants present there.”

The congressman from Utah, citing an “internal” DHS document as the source, said that so far this fiscal year (Sept.1 thru October 30), the U.S. has apprehended aliens from 143 different countries trying to illegally enter the U.S., including 13 individuals from Syria, 6 from Iraq, and 4 from Iran. 

Those countries have been identified by the U.S. government as having ties to terrorism.

Rep. Chaffetz noted that although nearly 466,000 illegal aliens have been apprehended so far in fiscal 2014, an estimated 157,012 have been identified as “got-aways” and 142,630 as “turn-backs.”

Finally this clip where we are mocked.

During this interview, Mr. Johnson opines that everyone here illegally will willingly come forward and that will make for a safer America. Mr. Barletta takes him to task and asks whether drug dealers will come forward as well. Note the smirk.


Published on Sep 17, 2014 

Bill Bennett gets paid to shill for Common Core Standards

To say I am disappointed to learn this is an understatement. For many years I listened to Bennett as I drove to work. When I weary of Fox, I will flip and go online and catch him there. I wrote off his over covered topic of Education due to his earlier career in Government as Secretary of Education under Reagan. A position this very man frequently dismissed as a Dept. that should be done away with. Lately, though I have found myself tuning him out when this topic came up, now I know why. What is the matter Bill? Not enough money in the bank? That is a joke. No just another paid hack like the rest of your ilk. Bye Bill.

While in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday, former Reagan Secretary of Education Bill Bennett put out what was described as the “Conservative Case for Common Core,” he admitted he is paid by a lobbying firm for his continued work in support of the controversial standards.

Bennett’s admission, reported by Politico, that the public relations, lobbying, and business consulting firm DCI Group paid him to write the op-ed perhaps explains why it doesn’t sound much like the writing of the Reagan appointee who agreed with his president that there was no real necessity for a federal Department of Education.

But not only does Bennett not adhere to true conservative principles in his piece, he also doesn’t seem to know much about the Common Core standards that he’s being paid to sell to the American people.

Bennett seems to be either just towing the pro-Common Core line (that’s his paid job), or doesn’t understand the Common Core 101 connection between the Core and the textbooks and the testing. Students will take Common Core-aligned multi-state standardized, federally-funded tests, and their school districts have chosen Common Core-aligned textbooks and instructional materials that tell them what they will read and learn in order to pass the consortia’s tests.

Unfortunately, Bennett’s piece is steeped in the same old, same old pro-Common Core talking points.

“Governors, state education administrators and teachers used these principles as a guide when they developed a set of common standards that were later presented to the country as Common Core,” he writes. “Forty-five states signed up originally.”
More at Breitbart

D.O.D. gives 12,000 fixed bayonets to local Police

Rand Paul asked some interesting questions during a hearing on Tuesday. Say what you want about Paul, he is one of a few willing to hold this administration’s feet to the fire. Just why do the police need bayonets? Anyone recall Kent State? Bayonets were at the ready on that day. Just saying.

Tuesday in Washington D.C. at a Senate Hearing from the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on the Department of Defense selling military grade weapons to local police forces, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled Alan F. Estevez, the Assistant Secretary of Defense and from Homeland Security, and FEMA Brian Kamoie, over local police being suppliedwith armored personnel carriers and thousands of bayonets.

Partial transcript as follows:


But confronting those with armored personnel carriers is thoroughly un-American and for 150 years, we’ve had rules separating the military, keeping the military out of policing affairs. But you sort of obscure that separation if you allow the police to become the military.

In FEMA’s authorized equipment list there’s actually written descriptions for how the equipment should be used and it says it’s specifically not supposed to be used for riot suppression. Mr. Kamoie, is that true, that it’s not supposed to be used for riot suppression? And how do you plan on policing that since the images clearly show us large pieces of equipment that were bought with your grants used in that riot suppression, or protest suppression rather?”

KAMOIE: Sen. Paul, that is accurate. The categories of personal protective equipment that include helmets, ear and eye protection, ballistics, personal protective equipment. There’s a prohibition in the authorized equipment list not to be used for riot suppression.


So I think by supplying all of this free equipment, much of which is, frankly, inappropriate, really shouldn’t be on anybody’s list of authorized equipment. Mr. Estevez, in the NPR investigation of 1033 program they list that 12,000 bayonets have been given out. What purpose are bayonets being given out for?

ESTEVEZ: Senator, bayonets are available under the program. I can’t answer what a local police force would need a bayonet for.

PAUL: I can give you an answer: None. So, what’s President Obama’s Administration’s position on handing out bayonets to the police force? It’s on your list. You guys create the list. Are you going to take it off the list or are we going to keep doing it?


GOP leads in eight races for Democrat-held Senate seats

Hot Air has a great post covering the Senate races and worthy of a full read for those needing a bit of good news. Anyone ever hear of Jim Oberweis? Looks like he is closing the gap on Dick Durbin. Now that would be a coup. Even to cause Dick a sweat is worthy of a report. Video at end of post on the unbelieving media. Other reports out there indicate additional House seats should be picked off. Here we go.

Hot Air was leaked an advance copy of last week’s much-anticipated Politico/GWU Battleground poll, which was packed with more than a few hopeful morsels for conservatives. This weekend’s polling volley applies those national trends to roughly a dozen contests across the 2014 Senate landscape — the contours of which are outlined here.  An overview of the fresh data:

Republicans remain poised to net three additional open seats with relative ease, holding commanding leads in Montana (16 points), South Dakota (14 points) and West Virginia(24 points) — where Shelley Moore Capito is on the brink of becoming the state’s first Republican Senator since the 1950′s, and its first-ever female Senator of any party.  The two most closely-watched Senate races for GOP-controlled seats appear to be inching toward the “safe” category for Republicans.  David Perdue leads Michelle Nunn by six points in Georgia, while Mitch McConnell is ahead of Alison Lundergan Grimes (47/42) in Kentucky.  NBC’s new poll shows McConnell opening up an eight-point lead in the race; CNN’s recent poll gave the Senate Republican Leader a four-point edge. Big picture, Republicans appear favored — for now — to retain all of the seats they currently control; they’re also leading, at least nominally, in eight contests for Democrat-held seats.  Plus, they’re very competitive in at least three others.  The GOP needs to net six seats to regain control of Congress’ upper chamber in November.  If the current polling snapshot were to hold up (a big if, of course), Harry Reid would be facing a demotion.
Full story over at  Hot air

Here we go with a clip of the Durbin – Oberweis race

Natasha Korecki is joined by Mary Mitchell, Madeleine Doubek and Dave McKinney to discuss Jim Oberweis closing the gap on Dick Durbin and the contrast of Bruce Rauner’s $140,000 wine club and Pat Quinn living on $79 for a week.


Obama: ‘ A supporter suggests I proclaim a State of Emergency”

Did a supporter suggest Obama  proclaim a State of Emergency or was it Valerie Jarrett to have his way? Or was it a stream of consciousness running through his head? At least not for now Mr.President?

“I was in a meeting earlier today and somebody asked, you know, Mr. President, what can you do, these folks, they just — all they do is just oppose whatever you propose even if they used to be for it, now they’re against it; if you said the sky was blue, they’d say it was green; they deny the facts, they don’t have any ideas for growing the economy or helping the middle class — maybe you just need to announce a state of emergency. I said, well, now, I’m not going to do that, that’s not how the Constitution works.”

In 2014, President Obama has made much of his pen-and-a-phone strategy to accomplish his goals in the face of what he calls an “unprecedented pattern of obstruction” from Republicans in Congress. Apparently the president’s supporters are on board with the idea of unilateral executive action. At a meeting last Friday, a supporter of the president asked about the possibility of “a state of emergency.” The president relayed the story to another groups of supporters at a Democratic National Committee event later in the day at a private residence in Purchase, New York.

Of course, “how the Constitution works” is at the heart of the dispute between the president and Republicans in the House who recently voted to move forward with a lawsuit against the president for overstepping his constitutional authority. Interestingly, regardless of how seriously President Obama took his supporter’s question, he went on to tell his audience “there’s actually a solution to this that our Founders envisioned.” Ed: Of course we know he prefers the pen and phone.

More over at the Weekly Standard

Candidate remarks that are most remarkable!

Here is something on the lighter side for a Saturday. A couple of candidate’s remarks and ads that, well, are interesting to say the least. Here we go.

The Montana Senate race has been perhaps the most interesting contest thus far in the 2014 Senate election cycle. Original nominee, and sitting interim Senator, John Walsh was busted for plagiarism on a 14 page (!) Master’s thesis*. Sensing that this might be a liability on the campaign trail, he was replaced with single term Montana State Representative Amanda Curtis. She’s already come under fire for some rather unfortunate statements from her days as a Blogger.

There are a lot of things Ms. Curtis doesn’t seem to know, such as her positions on major issues.  From a CNN profile:  “When asked her position on the situation in Iraq, Curtis told CNN, ‘Give me a little more time.’ On the border crisis, ‘I’ll need more time, you know only 11 days ago I was painting my storm windows.’”  What she does know is that she’s against “the one percent” and hates Paul Ryan’s budget.

…she’s the kind of Leftist who has no problem with Revolutionary Socialism, even if it means roughing a few people up and destroying some property along the way, and at one point, her Facebook profile photo was of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the head of the Communist Party USA and recipient of a state funeral from the Soviet Union.

H/T: and more at RedState 


In case you haven’t caught this one from Amanda, I will throw it in as well. We might just catch this Senate seat!

I have added A Day at the Races to my blog located at the upper right hand corner called Looking Ahead 2014. They carry posts on some of the little covered races as well as some of the major ones. I caught this one from them. Wander over for the full read.


Out of Africa, Into Arkansas

About Ebola: it’s not just Republicans playing that card.

In Arkansas’ increasingly contentious Senate race, Democratic incumbent Pryor’s campaign is out with a new tv spot tying his Republican challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton, to the West African scourge.

Pryor’s not accusing Cotton of carrying the disease, per se. Actually, it’s more like being an enabler — for being one of 29 House members in January 2013 to vote against HR 307, aka “The Pandemic And All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act” (actually Cotton voted in favor of final passage of the bill).

The Cotton campaign’s response: “Senator Pryor’s desperation is comical. In Senator Pryor’s world, he doesn’t have to take responsibility for rubber-stamping the Obama agenda over 90% of the time, but wants Arkansans to believe Tom Cotton is responsible for everything from Ebola to crabgrass and male-pattern baldness.”

Makes you wonder when and where we’ll hit bottom in this election cycle.

Here’s Pryor’s ad (no surgical mask required to watch it):


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