FEMA, DHS planning for what if anything on October 1?

Chalk this down to my conspiracy theory Thursday post. I have been picking up various parts of this for the past several months, and I can confirm the purchases by the government from the government website. Most of the various pieces of the story have been reported from reliable sources elsewhere. Some sources have postulated that the Japanese reactor is deteriorating to a dangerous point and work will begin on October 1 with potentially dangerous consequences. Doubt that one. Not so long ago, I would not have even considered doing a post like this. Now? Times have changed. The Purchase Orders were marked urgent for purchase within 30 days.

Do I believe the “bread crumbs” trail goes where it is suggested? No. But do I think it is a worthy effort to inform others that many of what is reported is going down? Yes. So take this for what it is, and come to your own conclusions. Keep the tin foil at the ready.

Here we go:

Following the bread crumb trail of FEMA orders, retired State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad of South Dakota issued an “Emergency Fema Region 3 Alert!!!,” on August 13th.

Region three is composed of; Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Songstad’s research turned up some very interesting facts. Each item on its own could go unnoticed, but the collective facts may be worthy of your attention and scrutiny. The U.S. government appears to be preparing for a major event. It appears that this event is being staged for approximately Oct. 1st. Let’s look at the numbers and dates.

Story over at Free Patriot

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32 Responses to “FEMA, DHS planning for what if anything on October 1?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I think we can infer that it was preparation for the government shutdown

    • bunkerville Says:

      Let us hope so.

  2. Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, urgent warning concerning the convergence of events taking place on or around the first of October. | Hidden Agendas Says:

    […] FEMA, DHS planning for what if anything on October 1? (bunkerville.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Matt Ross Says:

    Here is your set up…http://conservativehideout.com/2013/09/27/deadly-virus-mers-striking-muslim-haj-60-death-rate/

    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks Matt. I mentioned over at your place, buy N95 3M respirators. A couple of hundred should be in any goo preppers bag of goodies. I have about three cases and would be as good as gold at the right time. Buy them while you can. Last scare, Hospitals had a hard time finding them.

  4. Always On Watch Says:

    I don’t know what to think of this — particularly the video.

    MERS, however, has been working a bit of havoc in the Middle East. Will of MFS-The Other News has blogged quite a bit about MERS.

    • bunkerville Says:

      Something is going down it would appear, but who knows.

  5. Matt Ross Says:

    I’ve been seeing this too, Took particular interest because the CH 2.0 Bunker is located in that particular region. All seems normal here, so I’m not quite sure what’s ip. It smacks of being tin foil hat territory, but the many pieces of otherwise circumstantial evidence is kinda alarming.

    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree. This homeland thing is way out of whack. Not securing our borders, but all of this.

  6. Steve Dennis Says:

    People may right this stuff of as conspiratorial but when you look at everything that is going on it is hard to come to any other conclusion.

    • bunkerville Says:

      We can stay in denial so long. Something is afoot. What all it entails only time will reveal.

  7. Brittius Says:

    I copied the video title, and went over to youtube.com, and got the link directly from their site. Then I telephoned Congressman Peter T. King’s office in Massapequa, NY. I spoke with one of his personnel and told him that I am a blogger and this video is all over the blogging world, and many people have fears about the government using violence against the citizens. They were surprised and interested. The matter is being brought to Pete King’s attention. I did not want to get into blogs, etc., so that’s why I went to youtube.com, for the link.
    A Jackie Gleason moment? “I know, that you know, that I know, that you know!”??
    The People.., know.

    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, I don’t want the FBI visiting me!

      • Brittius Says:

        Send me a few cartons of Camels. I will take up cigarettes again.

      • zip Says:

        I doubt if you have to set up ‘tea & cookies’ for them Bunker, sounds like they won’t have the time or ‘need’ to visit. : / Good Points too Brittius! Found this similar vid that has the text description (underneath vid) and mentions about kids being removed from schools w/out parents knowing (that’s why they’re give the 3 day pack). Posted Aug 2, 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc2R7FmSr7Q If parents know this they might want to keep their children home? or let them go and ‘live’ under that system without them? Makes ‘oboma-Uncare’ piddly – won’t be any oldies around (exc. those in gov.). More specifics: http://mcfriction.blogspot.com/2013/08/fema-region-3-stocking-up-foodwater.html ['climate change' hoax being pushed for reasoning]
        Dumping stocks: http://www.moneynews.com/Outbrain/billionaires-dump-economist-stock/2012/08/29/id/450265?PROMO_CODE=FE8A-1

      • bunkerville Says:

        Thanks for the links zip. The money one is scary stuff and they pull the strings.

    • Petermc3 Says:

      We know Peter King is too busy with Ted Cruz bashing. Surely he is only one of many who recognize that 21 hours on the senate floor was a threat to national security. His rotund ex-boss sack of shit Janet Napolitano must be proud of his efforts to safeguard the republic from all threats from his own party.

      • Brittius Says:

        I have spoken to Pete, face to face. He never divulges anything, and the side of the story he gives is always much different than what we, the people, hear on the news.
        Despite having contributed to his campaigns on first and second appeals, I believe that he is still anti-gun, and wants a pathway to citizenship without amnesty by, a pathway would be, amnesty. If Allen West runs for President in 2016, I will give him my full support.

  8. Petermc3 Says:

    What about the cheese and powdered milk for the dependency class? If there are no checks in the mailboxes on 10/1 then we will see some whoops upside the head going on…..

    • bunkerville Says:

      And they want hot meals! I recall the complaint they were getting mres and they wanted hot meals.

  9. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com.

    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks. A troublesome post. One can only imagine what the real story is.

      • Brittius Says:

        Keep an eye on moon phases. Optimum operational deployment will be at the New Moon phase.
        There must also be a consideration of delivery date, quartermastering dates to distribute, and operational commencing dates. Organizational dates then become modified. The window will be, of six weeks as weather and other contingency delays may play a role.
        If the material is in fact true, they intend to kill law enforcement personnel. A dictatorship would then be established with not only the government but with complicity of the United Nations. A guerrilla warfare would ensue and that would mean retribution against non-combatants in torture and mass executions but, do NOT go running wild as the true reason(s) for anything are yet unknown and yet unfounded as fact.
        I doubt if any leaders would wish to become targets for retaliations therefore I remain suspicious as to whether there is validity in the implied intent. Overzealousness must be avoided and nerves remain calm until time will indicate exactly what is going on. Anticipate a collapse of the US Dollar as that would be the most likely indicator for unrest and only the government has a true picture. Think about this, maybe all of the wild ammunition purchases were because the government knows for a fact that the Dollar would not be around. DHS training personnel raises an immediate red flag and if so, no prisoners could ever be taken. That is why I have difficulty believing it is anything beyond a fear inducing tactic. People will not offer their families and homes as sacrifice when they go out to terrorize the citizenry.
        Just remember, everything that Dictator Barry Soetoro has done, always BACKFIRES!

      • mcnorman Says:

        Well, I’ll be on jury duty. Wonder if they will let us go?

    • bunkerville Says:

      They sure spend a lot of time working on whatever contingencies. Benign? The dollar is tanking, few are aware.

      • Brittius Says:

        Mind mapping is always a time consuming effort and many administrators will justify their existence by doing this. Before 9/11, when I spoke of similar things, people said that I was crazy. Today, they say that I am behind the curve. They can have a plan or two. The People must voice their concerns to Congress, now, as the element of surprise is gone and many angry people out there will be waiting. I will wager that Congress knows nothing and, get back to me, because I will present this to Peter King’s office, if you like.

  10. Ray's Mom Says:

    Scary times we are experiencing.

    • bunkerville Says:

      Indeed. I trust none of them.

  11. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Whoa! What do they have planned?

    • bunkerville Says:

      Shut down the government I guess, declare martial law. Set up the GOP? Far fetched it seems, but who knows.

      • Cheryl Pass Says:

        I’m thinking martial law. False flag to set it up. Could also be confiscating retirements and savings which would set off a panic. Thanks for the heads up….not ready for it here. Yikes!

      • bunkerville Says:

        They will leave no stone unturned to get their way. Three more years. Wow.

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