Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi – “High on a Mountaintop”

More heat is being placed on Susan Rice. While we may have made progress in getting a reality check on who she really is and what she is about, we hear little about the failure to make any effort to save the brave men who died in Benghazi. Even less about those who were critically injured and sent to Germany. This song should move even those who are most cynical.

Tribute to the heroes of the Benghazi attack on our embassy: Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens…and a rebuke of the treason that let them die. All proceeds (that’s ALL…except the Bandcamp 15%) will go to the SEAL NSW Family Foundation. Downloads at

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11 Responses to “Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi – “High on a Mountaintop””

  1. Chris Cassone Says:

    Thanks to all of you. Remember, the proceeds go to the SEAL Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation. Keep RT-ing!

    • bunkerville Says:

      A wonderful tribute Chris. Thanks, and much success.

    • Steve Dennis Says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for making this. Great job!

  2. Doctor’s Orders — Rest « Catholibertarian Says:

    [...] Bunkerville – Tribute To The Heroes of Benghazi – “High on a Mountaintop”  [...]

    • bunkerville Says:


  3. silverfiddle Says:

    This will not move the liberals and the dim bulbs who enable them. I thought Rice was cooked, but I now sadly predict smooth sailing as Obama’s minions in the press continue to bury this story.

    If the GOP were a competent political party, they would have taken the senate and had a power position to get the facts out on this, but they are not.

    • bunkerville Says:

      Feinstein was on a Sunday talkie, and not ready to give her a pass. Not so sure it is cooked in, but hope springs eternal.

  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Great find, Bunker! I will put this up as a second post tomorrow. Starting right now I will link it at every blog I visit today. This video needs to go viral. Wouldn’t it be great if Fox News closed all their programs with a piece of this video. Thanksfor the find!

    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks Jim. A nice tribute to the forgotten.

  5. Steve Dennis Says:

    Great song and video, thanks for sharing it and I hope that someday we get to the truth behind this scandal.

    • bunkerville Says:

      We may be at least getting through the lies.

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